225 Get to Know Me Questions

Have you ever met someone for the first time, and suddenly both of you click?

You feel like the two of you have been close friends for decades. 

Your aura attracts much strongly that knowing this particular person becomes an intense wish? 

In this kind of situation, you may find yourself urging to know this person better. Now, this is the point where people often get confused when it comes to recognizing an individual personally.

Don’t worry if you are someone dealing with the same issue. We understand entirely; knowing someone who just met can be challenging. Especially if you are an introvert. 

You do not need to search for robotic articles teaching about human behavior. It all starts with some interesting questions that help in building an immediate connection. 

This is not about changing the conversation into an interrogatory. It’s just a way to break the ice and find if you share the same interests. 

To make it easier for you, we have gathered some specific topics for the questions. These topics may include personality, hobbies, career, personal life, likes, goals, values, and much more.

These “Get to know me” questions are categorized in the following  categories for your ease:

  • Personal life
  • Family
  • Career
  • Hobbies
  • Likes
  • Goals
  • Entertainment
  • Favorites
  • Random/Casual
  • Deep

If your are in need of even more questions you can check our list of Q&A Questions for YouTube Videos. These can be useful to start a conversation too. 

Below are some of the questions that also act as conversation starters and describes a person well. They are more of personality-interrogation type questions that are comfortably answered by anyone.

  1. What would be the name of your autobiography?
  2. Name some songs that would be your life soundtrack?
  3. Do you follow your heart or your brain for making significant decisions?
  4. Name a few things that you are most grateful for in your life?
  5. Anything that you want to change in your current life?
  6. What is the craziest stuff you have ever done in your life?
  7. Do you have any favorite childhood memory?
  8. How do you react when you are angry?
  9. A lesson from your childhood?
  10. What type of person are you, early bird or a late owl?
  11. Name one thing in your life that you want to rate 10/10?
  12. Are you a type-A personality?
  13. Is there anything you are master in?
  14. What is your favorite age?
  15. What is your morning and night routine?
  16. Tell me any place where you love to go when you are feeling sad?
  17. What makes you feel sad?
  18. Do you have any regret in your life?
  19. What was the best finding in your life?
  20. Tell me something unique about the place where you spent your childhood?
  21. What is the hardest stuff you have ever carried out?
  22. Do you believe in soulmates, Yes or No?
  23. Do you have any day-to-day mantra?
  24. Are you conscious about your health?
  25. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?


Questions related to the family may seem very general. Still, somewhere, they tell a lot about the mentality, emotions, and standards of a person. You can easily judge someone by how he feels about his family and how he behaves towards relations.

  1. Tell me any story that your family always tell about you.
  2. Which member of your family serves as a role model for you?
  3. How your family members will describe you in five words?
  4. What was the worst phase of your family life?
  5. What kind of parents do you think you have?
  6. Name one thing that makes you most thankful to your family?
  7. What would you like to do for your family if you knew you had only one day to live?
  8. Describe your favorite family party.
  9. How will you describe an actual family life?
  10. What relation-type do you have with your parents?
  11. If you had to choose one among family and friends, what would that be?
  12. Do you believe online-dating ends up in successful family making?
  13. What type of life partner, according to you, will help in making an ideal family?
  14. Are you a family-building person or a free-soul?
  15. Would you relocate for your family?
  16. Do you wish you had no sisters/brothers?
  17. Do you ever think your appraisal was not good enough?
  18. How much time do you really spend with your family?
  19. Do you like expressing your love to your family?
  20. Do you like participating in family arguments?


Career is another most important aspect of anyone’s life. Discussing the occupation of a person exposes his ambitions, planning, maturity, and state of responsibility. These questions are also easy to ask and tell a lot about a person.

46. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
47. Do you have any regret related to your career?
48. Would you like to quit your current job and start over in a new country?
49. What was your dream career when you were a child?
50. Tell me about your best career advice?
51. If career and money don’t exist, what your current life would have looked like?
52. Do you have good relations with your colleagues?
53. Tell me something that makes you feel accomplished in your career life?
54. Are you happy with your job?
55. What is one thing about your current job that you hate the most?
56. Do you have any dream career?
57. Tell me anything that motivates you to work hard?
58. How it feels; a typical day at your job?
59. Best career decision you have ever made?
60. Worst career decision you have ever made?
61. How do you make your career decisions?
62. What part of your job is the most challenging for you?
63. How do you describe the toughest times of your job?
64. What was your first job, and how you felt about it?
65. How do you balance your work life and home life?
66. Do you have any opinions about workaholics?
67. Do you have any best friends at work?
68. What qualities do you miss in your boss?
69. Would you like to convey any career advice to your younger self?
70. Do you have any particular office spot?


Hobbies are all about the major interests of an individual. There are some hidden hobbies and even dangerous ones. It is important to dig out the person about his/her hobbies so that you can better get to know him.

71. Do you like adopting the hobbies of others?
72. Tell me some of your favorite hobbies?
73. Is art your hobby or you do it for fun?
74. Are your hobbies on the safe side or dangerous side?
75. Do you spend money on your hobbies?
76. Are there any popular hobbies in your family?
77. How much time do you dedicate to your hobbies?
79. Do you ever let your friends choose your hobbies?
80. Do you monetize your hobbies?
81. Do you like hanging out with people that have similar hobbies?
82. What makes you come up with a new hobby?
83. Does your family know about your hobbies?
84. How serious are you for the sake of your hobby?
85. Do you like hiding your hobbies, or you keep them open?


When you are planning to build close relations with someone, the most crucial thing is to know their likes and dislikes. This also helps you to decide whether the two of you own more similar likes or an entirely different liking and disliking mechanism.

86. What type of TV shows do you like?
87. Favorite drink/cocktail.
88. Tell me those terms upon which you like or dislike a person?
89. What type of movies do you love to watch?
90. Favorite book author
91. Is there any city you like to live in?
92. Is there any fictional place you want to visit?
93. What is your favorite book?
94. Tell me something you would like to carry out in an old-fashioned manner?
95. What do you like more; hang gliding or whitewater rafting?
96. Which book series do you like the most?
97. Dog person or cat person?
98. What music genre do you generally like?
99. How do you like to spend your weekend?
100. What type of ice-cream toppings do you like?


What can be better than knowing; the person you are gaining interest in, is passionate about the future, goals, and overall better life? You may experience completely opposite as well; hence, it is helpful to interrogate.

101. What things you have in your bucket list?
102. Do you have any personal business goals?
103. Do you have any dream destination where you can spend your future life?
104. Any moment you love to relive in your life?
105. Are you passionate about your goals?
106. Do you have any fitness goals?
107. How do you plan if you want to achieve any nearby goal?
108. How many languages do you wish to speak?
109. Do you carry any biggest regret about your goals?
110. Describe your biggest accomplishment?
111. Is there any strangest goal on your list?
112. What makes you feel uneasy or anxious about your goals?
113. What movie or TV character you wish to be?
114. What was your major failure while working towards a goal?
115. Have you ever cried on any of your accomplishments?


Entertainment also plays a vital role in one’s life. You may end up knowing better about the fun-loving or tedious nature of the person. Some people love to talk about similar interests when it comes to entertainment (music, movies, etc.).

116. What type of movies or shows do you generally watch?
117. Do you like fictional films?
118. What fictional character do you like the most?
119. How long does it usually take to understand a complicated series?
120. What do you like to do to relax?
121. What was your favorite romantic moment in a show or movie?
122. Who would be the first person you would call for a movie night?
123. What do you watch when you are lacking some inspiration?
124. Do you use social media for entertainment?
125. Tell me your biggest entertainment?
126. Is it dating entertainment or you take it as a serious matter?
127. Can you name your top five movies?
128. Have you ever had a crush on an artist?
129. Name any drama or series that you want to re-write completely?
130. What are some of your all-time favorite songs?
131. Do you play any instrument?
132. How much time do you spend on the internet?
133. Do you have any favorite beer?
134. Do you agree, food is entertainment?
135. Do you like karaoke?
136. Do you like going to concerts?
137. Do you like late-night parties?
138. Do you like watching movies on your smartphone or laptop?
139. What do you like more, comedy videos or serious ones?
140. What do you prefer, sad endings or happy endings?


Getting to know the favorite stuff of an individual dramatically helps with building closer relations. This is because you know exactly how and when to make them happy if you are really into a long-term relationship.Enter your text here...

141. Do you have any favorite family holiday tradition?
142. What is your preferred language?
143. Who is your favorite music artist?
144. What day time is your favorite one?
145. Do you have any favorite teachers at school?
146. Any favorite memory of your childhood?
147. Share your favorite family recipe?
148. What is your favorite picnic spot?
149. Do you have any favorite relaxing place?
150. Where is the favorite spot at your home?
151. What is your ideal vacation destination?
152. Tell me any favorite jokes?
153. Which book will you call your all-time favorite book?
154. That one song, you can listen for the rest of your life?
155. Do you have any favorite dress code?
156. Tell me about your favorite hobbies?
157. What is your ideal strength?
158. Do you have any favorite romantic spot?
159. Which fast-food chain do you love the most?
160. Can you share any of your favorite quotes?
161. What are your favorite riddles?
162. Your favorite smartphone?
163. Which clothing brand is your favorite?
164. Which shoe brand is your favorite?
165. Can I know your favorite ride?


These questions also help in getting to know the general information and casual interest of someone quickly. You may end up knowing that there are many interests or natural aspects shared by both of you, or the case may differ as well.

166. Tell me the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
167. Do you keep any role models?
168. What animal do you like the most as a pet?
169. What would you prefer, being a zombie or die?
170. Can you share any paranormal fear?
171. What do you do when you are unable to sleep?
172. Are you a spiritual person?
173. Are you able to summarize the actual purpose of your life?
174. Do you have a hero?
175. Tell me your biggest fear?
176. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
177. Tell me five things that make you angry really quickly.
178. Do you have any nickname?
179. Do you like surprises?
180. What was the best gift you ever received?
181. Would you like to have a secret admirer?
182. What type are you, clean or messy?
183. Do you like collecting things?
184. Would you like to talk about someone who knows you best?
185. Is there anything that you will never do again?
186. Do you play sports?
187. Do you have any quirks?
188. Is there anything you never hope to change?
189. Do you have any dream car?
190. Tell me about one thing that takes most of your time.
191. What do you hate the most about yourself?
192. What is the most annoying question for you?
193. What weird food combinations you like?
194. What would you prefer, eating out or food delivered to your doorsteps?
195. Which is the strangest country for you? Why?


More profound questions always make the relationship deep. If you are planning to enjoy some deep and more than just a connection with the person, ask the following questions. You may get even impressed.

196. Do you have any crush?
197. Can you share one thing you think about most of the day?
198. Do you trust people easily or not?
199. Did you ever have anything like a secret admirer in your life?
200. Who would you like to play as you in your personal life movie?
201. Do you trust your memory?
202. Remember the last time you cried? Why you cried?
203. Have you ever had a recurring dream?
204. Can you share any favorite stories about yourself?
205. How was your first kiss like?
206. Tell me about that one thing that gives you adrenaline rush every time?
207. Do you consider yourself a free spirit or worrier?
208. How do you define happiness?
209. What is beauty for you?
210. Do you enjoy dreams about your past life?
211. How do you react when you hurt someone real bad?
212. How many times have you been in love?
213. What is the meaning of life for you?
214. What is the biggest secrete you have kept until now?
215. When did you feel the lowest in your entire life?
216. How do you deal with sudden stress?
217. Can you define success in one word?
218. Do you believe in second chances?
219. Where would you like to spend your entire time if you were given a choice?
220. What is that one luckiest thing that has ever happened to you?
221. Is there anyone who has completely lost your respect, why?
222. Can you share the thing which is making you worried right now?
223. How do you like to judge a person?
224. Do you enjoy giving relationship advice?
225. What and where you lied most recently?

The Take-Away

This was our compilation of 225 questions that can be asked if you want to know someone better. You can’t ask all 225 questions in your first meeting, obviously, but asking these questions from time to time will let you know about the inside out of a person.

Whether it is a girl or a guy, no need to hesitate at all. The questions mentioned above fall into the category of comfortably answered ones. These questions are created with such technicality that brings the inner world of a person out. Many items may seem extra or uncomfortable to ask. But trust us, when you ask these questions, the answers you receive tells major stuff about the individual without letting him/her feel.

Especially when you are comfortable with someone and building better relations is the aim of both the parties, asking and answering these questions become fun. This compilation also ensures that it covers all the significant areas of someone’s life. Whether it is about their personal life, personality, dreams or goals, values, career, likes or dislikes, favorites, and even deeper things, you get to know all.

All you need is to make sure that you ask these questions smartly and don’t feel like you are behaving in a detective manner. The delivery of the items plays a significant role in receiving the right answer. If you are unable to ask the right question at the right time, the expected response maybe not what you were expecting, so be smart.

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