Why the 5D Mark III is One of the Best Cameras for YouTube

Is the Canon EOS 5D Mark III Good for YouTube Vlogging?
The Canon EOS 5DMark III has been one of the most important DSLRs for photographers from all fields since 2012. After all these years have passed, the 5D Mark III still remains as one of the best cameras in the market. It’s not crazy to think that this camera is also great for YouTube vloggers. Here’s why.

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Why the 5D Mark III is One of the Best DSLRs for YouTube

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III is a full-frame camera, which means that has as full-size sensor. This makes this camera capture more light and it’s also capable of capturing a wider area.

This means that if there’s a really wide area you want to capture, you won’t always need to get a wide-angle lens to do it. This is important because you will depend less on using a wide-angle lens, which has some disadvantages.

This allows you to capture shots that you wouldn’t be able to take with an APS-C camera. This is the main thing that makes the 5D Mark III stand out from the rest.

Still, it doesn’t only come down to its sensor size:

A camera needs to be excellent to serve for professional photography and filmmaking. And let’s just say that the Canon EOS 5D Mark III has been the benchmark for high-end DSLRs for almost 4 years.

There are various reasons why:

Precise, accurate and fast autofocus- This isn’t the main reason to get it for vlogging, but it’s partly why many filmmakers like this camera.

Sharpness and great colors – One of the main reasons people are sticking to this camera over the newer generations is that they can’t match the 5D Mark III’s colors.

It’s also important that these colors don’t change much as ISO goes up.

Great Dynamic Range – One of the main troubles you find as a photographer and filmmaker happen when you need to take a shot that includes different levels of brightness.

The typical dark background behind a bright subject, or the overexposed sky when you’re in the middle of a hot day is a common problem.

This camera has a dynamic range that allows you to fix these shots in post-production. You can appreciate both the bright and dark sides of your image if you do some work on them. This ability is necessary for filmmaking and professional photography.

Great low-light performance –We already talked about its sensor size helping in low light. Yet, this camera also presents a great performance in higher ISOS. Your image won’t show too much noise unless you film inside a cave without any kind of light source.

Best lenses from Canon available – It’s no secret that Canon has the best glass on the market. They got a lot of fast lenses with silent motor that help a lot when making videos.

You also can have a wide variety of lenses to use according to your particular needs for a specific video. Here’s a guide on Canon’s and other brands’ lenses so you know which one to get.

Good battery duration – It’s not the best in the market, but it gets close. Canons have lower battery life than others, but they’re often better for video.

The Main Question Before Buying the 5D Mark III for Vlogging

This is an expensive camera that will get you the best quality, but it has a downside: it’s already an old camera.

It’s true that this camera is the plateau of DSLR technology. 4 years have passed and still there’s no better DSLR out there.

Still, this might change thanks to the new Sony mirrorless cameras.

Mirrorless cameras are much smaller and easier to carry around. This makes them better for vlogging on the streets or a trip, and you can get one for the same price that can also record 4k.

The 5D Mark III, being an old camera, lacks basic stuff like WiFi and 4k recording.

This is why you should ask yourself first if you want the safety of a camera with good records, or you prefer to follow the road of what seems like the future of cameras with a mirrorless.

Bear in mind that mirrorless cameras have small batteries and might be slower than the 5D Mark III.

There are advantages and disadvantages for both kinds of cameras. My advice is that if you want to take your camera around a lot, get a mirrorless like the Sony A7SII or A7RII. But if you plan to record a lot with a tripod or don’t need to take your camera out too much, the 5D Mark III might be better. After all, the 5D Mark III is heavy and bulky.

If you got the money, it doesn’t matter if you go for the 5DMIII or a Sony A7SII; both cameras are excellent and have that price for good reasons. They both will be more than enough to give your vlogging channel the best image quality. They just have different advantages that you should measure with your channel’s needs.