Vlogging on a Budget: How to Start for Under $25

vlogging on a budget

We’ve all seen the vloggers who have the latest and greatest gear, live in the McMansion, and have intricate lighting setups that make their faces glow and their rooms bright and vibrant. However, when you ask them for tips for starters, they never say that having the most expensive equipment is the key to success. … Read more

My Top 25 Vlogging Tips for Beginners

When I first started vlogging, I thought it was just about recording your daily life, uploading it to YouTube, making millions, and cashing out. Easy. Boy, I was wrong. Surprise surprise, it happens to be that the inner workings of a successful vlog are much more complicated than that. Sure, you can stick with shoving … Read more

The 6 Best Vlogging Apps for Your Smartphone

best vlogging apps

Let’s face it: vlogging is tough! We’ve all read those condescending profiles about millennials and their habit of pointing cameras at themselves for a living. But has anyone actually tried to make a vlog filled with attractive content that people actually watch and share? It takes many hours and a lot of thinking to create … Read more

7 Vlogging Platform Alternatives To YouTube

Vlogging and YouTube have become synonymous. It is the birthplace of many of the most famous vloggers out there. The main reason for this is that the suggested videos, easy monetization, and mass daily site visitors give the platform notable advantages. The truth is, though, to grow a strong following with a dedicated fan base, … Read more

Is the Sony a5100 Good for Vlogging?

Sensor APS-C Image Quality 1080p60 Weight (no lens) 9.983oz / 283g Flip Screen  Yes External Mic Port  Yes Stabilization  No Our Rating  4/5 I owned the for several years and used it for almost anything: from travel photography to recording videos and vlogging. Here I’ll tell you about my experience and answer the question: is … Read more

Top 60 Vloggers You Should Follow in 2024

Top vloggers you should follow

Video blogging started as a hobby for a small group of people. I’m sure most of them didn’t imagine how this kind of content would evolve and become something so popular and important a few years later. Whether you want to become a vlogger, or just love good entertainment, hopefully this post will help you … Read more