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Review: Why the Panasonic HC-V770 is a Great Deal for a Vlogging Camcorder

Max. Recording Quality: 1080p60 | Min. Illumination: 1 lux |Flip Screen: Yes | Touchscreen: Yes| WiFi: Yes| External Mic. Port: Yes | Video File Format: AVCHD (28Mbps), MP4 (50Mbps) | Sensor: Back-Illuminated MOS Sensor | Internal Memory: No | Battery: About 2 hours of continuous recording | Slow-motion: 120fps | Focal Length: 29.5 – 615mm | Max Aperture: f1.8 (wide) – f3.6 (tele) Panasonic’s is one of the best offers you will get for a camcorder. […]

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Review: Why the Canon EOS 70D is Good for Vlogging

Camera Overview SensorAPS-CImage Quality1080p30Weight (No lens)1.66 lb / 755gFlip Screen External Mic Port Stabilization Our Rating buy on amazon The  is a DSLR that is one of the best vlogging cameras that require excellent video quality. The reason is its great video recording quality combined with having Canon’s video lenses available. It has one of best DSLR […]

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Review: Is the Canon VIXIA HF G30 Good for Vlogging? (Discontinued)

Max. Recording Quality: 1080p60 | Min. Illumination: 1.2 lux |Flip Screen: Yes | Touchscreen: Yes| WiFi: Yes| External Mic. Port: Yes | Video File Format: AVCHD (28Mbps), MP4 (35Mbps) | Sensor: HD CMOS Pro | Internal Memory: No | Battery: Between 1 and 2 hours continuous recording | Focal Length: 26.8 – 576mm | Max Aperture: f1.8 (wide) – f2.8 (tele) This model is now discontinued. The new version is the and it comes with a faster […]

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Review: Is the Canon EOS Rebel T5i Good for YouTube Videos?

Camera OverviewSensorAPS-CImage Quality1080p60Weight (No lens)18.52oz / 525.04gFlip Screen External Mic Port Stabilization Our Rating buy on amazon The Rebel lineup from Canon has been the favorite YouTube camera for quite some time, and they’re often the first DSLR regular people choose to start recording professional video. The new comes with some improvements to replace the older […]

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Why You Should Forget YouTube Red is a Bad Idea

After Google announced their new YouTube Red subscription idea, everybody went mad. How could they charge $10 monthly to watch amateur videos? Well, YouTube Red has been completely misunderstood from the beginning. Here is why you should stop thinking YouTube Red is a bad idea. Why Does People Think YouTube Red is a Bad Idea? […]

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How Much Do Vloggers Make?

How Much Money do YouTubers Get Paid featured

If you’re wondering how much money YouTubers get paid to post videos on this platform, you’re also probably looking to start your own channel. The truth is that having the best camera is not enough to have a successful YouTube channel. In fact, you’re not going to like what you’re about to read… Most people […]

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The 5 Best Vlogging Cameras in 2015

We’re already in the fourth quarter of the year and let me tell you the truth: the list of the best cameras for vlogging in 2015 doesn’t seem much different from the previous year. This is not a surprise, as the camera market is not like others. The technology these gadgets need lasts for many years […]

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