Best Equipment for Vlogging in Summer 2016

Summer is the favorite time of the year for most people, and if there’s something we like to do now is going out to enjoy long sunny days. This is why this is the moment to leave your main camera at home, and go out with something different that will allow you to record video without risking damaging your gear. The equipment I’m going to feature here is pretty cheap, but it will let you capture unique moments in beaches and pools. Here’s my list of the best vlogging gear for summer 2016.

If you don’t already have a GoPro for your summer videos, there are a couple of things you could use. You won’t get the same result as with one them, but they will certainly allow you to shoot good video during this season.

But before we begin, here are some tips for vlog recording in this summer 2016:

2 Quick Tips for Recording Vlogs in Summer 2016

Water is Your Best Ally

Night in summer

Night” by
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The first thing you must remember in summer is carrying a lot of water with you. You must already know how tiring a day in the beach can get. But things go a little bit further when you’re trying to work while you’re at it.

Speaking to the camera can quickly give you a dry mouth, so carrying water with you becomes really mandatory. This is the only thing you will truly need to overcome the challenge of recording good content while you’re in such a demanding condition.

Use a Lens Hood

The excessive brightness will not only make difficult for you to check the video you just recorded on your camera’s LCD screen, but can also damage your video without you realizing it.

This is one of the worst things that could happen to you. In summer, it’s common that when you try to record a video or take a photo, the excessive brightness from the sun could give your image an annoying glare or lens flare.

This is why you will want to get a lens hoodlens hood if you use an interchangeable lens camera. This can prevent your video from becoming useless after a hard day of work. It’s probably the most important thing you will need to take care of.

With these tips you should be okay if you plan to record during summer, after all this isn’t an extremely hard science. Now, let’s see the kind of equipment that will allow you to record good video in the demanding conditions that summer can bring.

The Best Gear for Vlogging in Summer 2016

JOTO CellPhone Dry Bag Pouch

The first thing you should consider getting is a waterproof case for your cellphone.

If you have a high-end phone —like an Iphone 6, Galaxy S7, or LG G4—, you will be able to record great video with your camera. And you can actually protect your smartphones and even record underwater video with it. Getting one of these will let you carry the least equipment possible, and it gives you a way of attaching it to you so you don’t lose your expensive phone.

The JOTO cellphone case is trustable, as it will protect your phone even when recording underwater for more than 5 minutes.

This will let you record great video without needing to take your camera with you and risking it.

KMASHI 10000mAh External Battery Power Bank

If you want to use your smartphone for recording, it would be a good idea to also carry a power bank to charge your smartphone. Recording video will drain your phone’s battery, and if you also want to use it for calling and texting, you want to make sure it will be able to handle it for an entire day.

Waterproof Cheap Camera: Nikon Coolpix S33

The second option is getting a camera that is waterproof. Nikon has one good model called Nikon COOLPIX S33. It is a cheap option if you don’t want to spend more in a GoPro. You can use it with a waterproof camera float like this one if you don’t want to lose it while you’re swimming.

There are a lot of advantages of using a GoPro for this purpose, for example, if you’re a surfer you could get a headstrap and record your activity. This is the kind of video that only a GoPro can achieve. But it is also much more expensive.

You might not be able to capture that kind of video with the Coolpix S33, but it will certainly allow you to record video if you don’t have a good cellphone.

This is a really small list of things, but I’ve found them very useful. Although it isn’t better than owning a GoPro, my favorite one is simply using the waterproof case for my cellphone. This way I don’t have to worry about carrying more equipment under the heavy sun.

This small list of things will help you ensure you can keep vlogging in summer. And the best thing is that after the season is over, you can just store all this and use it for next year.

It is basically a good investment that will allow you to vlog in any kind of situation for a low cost.
I hope you enjoy your summer vlogging, I’ll see you soon!

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