Top 14 Best GoXLR Alternatives for Streamers in 2024

The popularity of streaming content is on the rise. Twitch streamers have basically become the big internet celebrities of our time. They deliver audio and video content in a live format to people all around the world. Most of them deliver content related to the gaming universe, but there are also other niches like reaction videos, literature, music, etc.

Popular streamers are constantly trying to improve their content and, consequently, the viewers’ experience. They can do that through several activities, including by seeking to upgrade their equipment. And if you’re a part of the streaming world, as a creator or consumer, you’ve probably heard about a little tool called GoXLR

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What is the GoXLR?

The GoXLR is, essentially, an audio interface that provides you more control over the audio broadcasting of your streams. The main functions that the equipment allows you to fulfill include:

  • Control the volume of all your audio sources in real-time
  • Customize controls to suit your specific needs
  • Mix sounds and edit voices
  • Use several of the sound effect options available (reverb, echo, robot, megaphone, etc)
  • Record samples or load your own audio to play around with

Doing streaming work while having one of these at your disposal can help you make your stream more entertaining, and also avoid any technical errors in your audio broadcasting.

Why is the GoXLR So Expensive? Can I Use a Cheaper Alternative?

Well, the reason why the GoXLR is usually sold for between U$500-U$550 is because it’s one of the best audio interfaces available out there.

It has a 4-channel mixer (that allows audio mixing to be done very quickly), offers excellent sound quality to your broadcast, a great number of quality sound effects, a great-looking, and intuitive design, and has the overall durability of a product that is extremely reliable. 

Having this in mind, should I go for a cheaper option instead?

Going for a more affordable audio interface option wouldn’t hurt your audio broadcasting that bad. There are plenty of solid (and cheaper) options out there that would be able to fulfill, in basic terms, just about all of the main functions that a GoXLR would offer.

We all know not everybody has U$500 just lying around ready to be spent. However, let’s think positively: You can acquire a cheaper option, become an expert of audioboards with it, attract more viewers in your streams, receive more donations, and then finally acquire your GoXLR. How about that? A nice thought, isn’t it?

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who appreciate this optimistic line of thinking, and that’s why we decided to select the best alternatives to the GoXLR available on the market right now. We’re going to talk about the main pros and cons, outstanding features, what comes with the product, and more.

Pay close attention in order to make the right choice according to your needs and the type of streaming content you make.

Let’s start!

1) GoXLR Mini

TC Helicon GoXLR MINI Online Broadcast Mixer with USB/Audio Interface and Midas Preamp, Officially Supported on Windows

The Good

  • Very fast audio mixing
  • Provides great sound quality
  • Studio quality EQ
  • Very simple and intuitive controls (with light meters)
  • A lot cheaper than the standard GoXLR

The Bad

  • Only one mic XLR input
  • Doesn’t work with wireless mics

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The mini version of the GoXLR comes with most of the important features present in the standard version, except it costs less than half the price of its superior. 

The most notable difference between the two versions is that the standard GoXLR has a sample pad and voice effects engine and the mini version doesn’t.

Aside from that, we can stand out a lot of nice features in this compact version. To start off, we have a very nice product design with changeable colors on the board that can also serve as meters for the volumes of the main sources available (mic, system, chat, and music). Every source also has its own mute button.

The knob controls on the board are also really smooth, allowing you to make alterations during streams easily and not producing any inconvenient noises.

The gate, compressor, and EQ all make sure that your voice is coming out as clearly as possible to your viewers. You’re also free to customize these three features in order to better suit your particular needs. 

The noise gate settings are also set for minimum interference, enabling your audio broadcasting to operate as smoothly as possible.

Although full of advantages, the GoXLR still has some characteristics that could be displeasing to some people, like having only one XLR mic entry (making it difficult to use it for podcast formats, for example) and not being able to function through Bluetooth with other devices.

2) G-MARK GMX1200 Professional Audio Mixer

G-MARK GMX1200 DJ Mixer 12 Channel Professional Audio Mixer USB Mixing Console Music Studio 8 Mono 4 Stereo 7 Band EQ 16 Effect Podcast Streaming Audio Interface

The Good

  • Provides good sound quality 
  • 8 mono mic entries
  • 60mm high-precision attenuator
  • Built-in digital effects
  • Bluetooth connection

The Bad

  • Big number of knobs onboard can be overwhelming
  • Quality control could be better

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This G-MARK audio mixing unit would be a particularly great choice if your streams involve more than one content creator and/or happen in a podcast format.

Mixing options of this product can vary extensively, with the help of 16 internal digital effect processors, a 60mm high-precision and handspike attenuator, 4 stereo group inputs, and 3-band frequency inputs.

The use of this audio interface is particularly advisable for people who intend to work with two microphones or more on their streams. It has 8 high-quality mono mic amplifier entries that you can play around with.

The G-MARK GMX1200, as you see, comes full of configuration options. However, this has a price. The great number of control knobs onboard can leave the whole mixing experience quite overwhelming, especially for beginners. Watching tutorial videos and spending a considerable amount of time practicing would definitely be required.

Also, there are some user complaints reporting one function knob or more not operating correctly. On most occasions, it’s not a very relevant control knob. But, depending on how you use the interface, it could harm a bit of the experience. 

3) Mackie ProFX6v3 Series 6-Channel Mixer

Mackie ProFX6v3 6-Channel Mixer with USB and Effects with Pair of EMB XLR Cable and Gravity Magnet Phone Holder Bundle, (2)

The Good

  • Provides good sound quality 
  • 24 sound effects available 
  • 2 band EQ 
  • 100Hz low-cut filter in all channels
  • Comes with accessories

The Bad

  • Customer support could be better

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This Mackie audio mixer is a top market choice that also comes with some interesting accessories.

This 6-Channel mixer has a simple yet attractive design with really well-organized control knobs. Its GigFX engine offers 24 sound effects options that include reverbs, choruses, and delays.

The 2 mic preamps deliver crystal clear signal and a gain of up to 60dB and the 2-band EQ offers consistent sound quality, with the assistance of a 100Hz low-cut filter.

The product also comes with some useful accessories. 2 EMB XLR cables are included in the package, as well as a gravity phone holder bundle that enables you to easily check your phone while streaming.

4) Pyle 6 Channel Mixer

Pyle 6 Channel Mixer DJ Controller with Bluetooth, Professional Sound Digital Mixing System with LED Illumination, Slider Controls, Speed Control, 10 Band Equalizer 5U Rack Mount System

The Good

  • Provides good sound quality
  • Enhanced voice manipulation feature 
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Fast mixing
  • Multiple sound effects are available

The Bad

  • Bluetooth connection is a bit problematic

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This Pyle mixer has many important features to diversify your stream content and on top of that, a great-looking design with blue LED lights that manages to be quite intuitive.

The DJ mixer controller feature on this enables you to manipulate voice with bass and mid adjustments while canceling specific frequencies of any of the two mic inputs, if necessary. You can have some real fun with your viewers by using this feature, trying many types of different voices on the go.

Sound mixing can be achieved pretty fast, and the digital mixer allows you to move any source to any channel or even the same source to several channels. 

The amount of control you have over sound is pretty vast as well. You have a 10-band EQ, speed controls over preconceived audio, and sound effects at your disposal that include echo, delay, and repeat. 

You’re also free to connect other devices (tablets or mobile phones) via Bluetooth and transfer external audio into the mixer to have a bigger collection of samples and materials to experiment with.

However, it’s important to mention that some troubles were reported regarding Bluetooth connectivity. In some cases, connection with other devices may be hard to establish. The lack of a volume control knob for the Bluetooth devices also tends to get mentioned. The controlling has to be done on the external device itself. 

5) Elgato Wave XLR

Elgato Wave XLR - Audio Mixer and 75 db Preamp for XLR Mic to USB-C, Control Interface with 48V Phantom Power, Tap-to-Mute, Digital Mixing Software for Streaming, Recording, Podcasting on Mac and PC

The Good

  • Up to 75 dB of noise gain
  • Selectable filters that remove lower frequencies 
  • Protection against distortion

The Bad

  • Considering its price, could have more features
  • Mute button placement
  • Only one XLR mic input

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This Elgato device is, in physical terms, a very simple and small device that also enables you to do all your mixing work through digital software.

The device has, onboard, a control dial that can adjust both mic gain and headphone volume and a separate capacitive mute button. It’s nice to have these functions as the ones present in the physical device since they’re arguably the most important ones, but any further configurations aside from these will be made through the device’s digital software. 

Through this software, you can do things like mixing your mic audio with multiple other audio sources and also create two independent mixes. The device also favors you if you have a weak microphone. With an ultra-low-noise gain feature, the product helps to boost the volume of the most insensitive mics out there.

The presence of dual selectable filters that help you to remove unwanted low frequencies and a 3.5mm headphone jack that has an anti-noise feature for clear monitoring also deserve to be highlighted.

Regarding the cons, many claim the mixer is a little more expensive than it should be. The location of the physical mic button (behind the device) and the presence of only one XLR mic input are also things frowned upon by some buyers. 

6) Alesis MultiMix 4 Channel USB FX

Alesis MultiMix 4 USB FX | 4 Channel Compact Studio Mixer with Built In Effects & USB Audio Interface for Home Studio Recording

The Good

  • 15 sound effects available
  • Dual-band EQ on all channels

The Bad

  • Trouble with voice monitoring
  • Might produce a little noise on the headphones

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The Alesis mixer option looks very good and comes with 2 ¼” stereo outputs.

All of the XLR inputs have their respective gain trims and switchable high-pass filters, as well as a dual-band EQ. There are also 15 sound effects available to experiment with, including reverbs, delays, phasers, chorus, and more. 

There are also LED lights available onboard that act as meters to the most important controls, providing real-time, visual feedback.

However, complaints regarding voice monitoring are rather common. Many claim that you wouldn’t be able to monitor your voice without the audio from the PC/notebook also coming through the mic, but this is easily fixable with the proper configuration. We also found some reports of noise present on the audio feedback through the headphones.

7) Maono Audio Interface

MAONO Podcast Equipment Bundle Audio mixer All-in-One Podcast Production Studio with 3.5mm Microphone for Live Streaming, Podcast Recording, PC, Smartphone, DJ MaonoCaster Lite (AU-AM200-S1)

The Good

  • Provides good sound quality 
  • Great accessories for streaming included
  • 8 built-in special effects 
  • Voice manipulation feature
  • Compatible with iOS and Android phones (w/ OTG adapter)

The Bad

  • Hissing sounds were reported in some cases

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This Maono audio interface option was made especially for streamers, considering the accessories that come with it and the features available. It has a small and great-looking board that is extremely simple to manage. 

The mixer delivers good sound quality and has 8 different types of special effects for streamers to play around with, including applause, cheering laughter, and booing sounds. You also have the option of recording your own audio effects to use later. 

The product has two mic inputs and a noise reduction feature that works through the DENOISE button. You’re also free to use the voice manipulation feature, which enables you to switch your voice to male, female, or even robotic tones.

The accessories included in the package are simply great if you’re thinking about streaming content. It includes one condenser mic, one mic cable, one mic tripod, one windscreen, and more. Once you receive the product, you already have basically everything you need to build a nice setup for streaming. 

On the negative side of it, there are some reports that mention minor hissing sounds on the feedback transmission. 

8) G-MARK MR80S Professional Audio Mixer

G-MARK MR80S Audio Mixer Interface USB Bluetooth Mixing Console 8 Channel 48V Phantom Power Sound Board Music Reverb For PC Stage Studio DJ Sound Controller Analog Mixer

The Good

  • 8-channel mono mic inputs
  • Each channel w/ 3 segment EQ
  • Built-in sound effects
  • Bluetooth connection

The Bad

  • The big number of knobs on board can be overwhelming

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Another G-MARK on the list, the MR80S may not provide the best sound quality out there, but it’s definitely recommended to people with the intention of streaming with several mics.

The mixer allows for 8 mics to be connected in it, with an EQ based on 3 segments for each. There are also some cool sound effects (delay, reverb) that you can play around with and control the presence of in your broadcasting.

There’s also a small 7-bit LED display that allows you to check feedback visually and on the go. 

Bear in mind that the big number of control knobs onboards can be quite overwhelming. The absence of an instruction manual is also part of the problem. Some extensive research would probably be needed to get things going, probably.

9) Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen Audio Interface

Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface for Guitarists, Vocalists, Podcasters or Producers to record and playback studio quality sound

The Good

  • Provides very good sound quality
  • Two low-noise outputs for playback
  • Online learning tool

The Bad

  • Quality control could be better

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This Focusrite audio interface seems to be one of the best options at a below-average price available on the market right now. I personally own one and I’m satisfied overall with it.

What this product has as its main advantage is definitely voice improvement. Both voice recording and playback processes are really smooth. 

It lacks that playful stuff like sound effects and sample buttons, but if you don’t see yourself using these a lot, then this might be the right product for you. 

The interface has high-performance converters that allow you to record and mix in high quality. And the playback is also extremely consistent, with two low-noise balanced outputs.

There’s also an online learning tool provided by Focusrite called Easy Start, that clarifies the most common doubts about how you should correctly use the audio interface.

There is a small number of reports from buyers who received defective products. However, Focusrite customer support seems to be really effective and all of these interfaces were replaced by functioning ones. 

10) Creative Sound Blaster K3+

Creative Sound Blaster K3+ USB Powered 2 Channel Digital Mixer AMP/DAC/, Digital Effects XLR Inputs with Phantom Power / TRS / Z Line Inputs

The Good

  • Aux entry for mobile phones
  • 9 reverb effects
  • Autotune effects 

The Bad

  • No mute mutton onboard
  • The soundboard is a bit confusing

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This Creative option is another simple small-sized 2-channel mixer and intuitive controls. 

First of all, with this product, you have the option of connecting a mobile phone via the aux entry and using external audio from the phone — or maybe even using the interface to improve your skills on a karaoke app. The fact that it’s an aux entry could diminish the possibility of a bad connection, which happens a lot through the Bluetooth route in some interfaces. 

You have 9 different types of adjustable reverb effects here. Bass and treble effects are also available and adjustable. Autotune effects are also possible by synthesizing your voice from the full range of C major to B.

Some cons noted by buyers include the absence of a mute button on board and the fact that the soundboard is extremely confusing to use in the beginning, but this is a common problem when you’re new to using mixers.

11) Pyle 8 Channel Professional Audio Mixer

Pyle Professional Audio Mixer Sound Board Console Desk System Interface 8 Channel Digital USB Bluetooth MP3 Computer Input 48V Phantom Power Stereo DJ Studio FX 16Bit DSP Processor PMXU83BT, Black

The Good

  • Provides good sound quality 
  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • 3 band EQ on all channels
  • Rugged steel chassis

The Bad

  • Customer support could be better
  • Instructions are poorly written

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Another Pyle option on the list, this 8-channel mixer comes with a Bluetooth connectivity option that doesn’t disappoint like other interfaces.

The smooth Bluetooth connection will allow you to connect tablets and mobile phones to be part of the music experience, by streaming music from Spotify to the board or using any other interesting sounds you see fit. 

The product has a solid sound quality powered by stereo line inputs, LED peak level indicators, and 3-band EQ available to all channels. Playback also always tends to be provided with no trouble and in clear sound.

The board is made of rugged steel chassis, making it extra resistant to dust and grime, therefore extending its physical durability. The mixer has low noise functionality to avoid any unwanted sounds, and the function knobs have different colors according to each category, seeking to help people that are just starting off with audio interfaces. 

Some reports point out flimsy customer support provided by Pyle in cases of trouble with the product. Buyers also often mention an instruction manual that is poorly written and certainly doesn’t help the beginner’s experience. A lot of practice will probably be required. 

12) Hayner-Seek Podcast Equipment Bundle

Podcast Equipment Bundle for 2, Audio Interface, Voice Changer with 3.5mm Mic,Perfect for Live Streaming/Gaming/Recording/Singing/PC/Smartphone/Tiktok/Youtube

The Good

  • 12 sound effects and 4 voice-change effects
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Flashing lights according to frequency
  • Comes with accessories

The Bad

  • Static sound on feedback
  • The quality of accesories could be better

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The Hayner-Seek Bundle option has a full-of-colors and youthful design, as well as some really fun features and important accessories.

Features include the presence of 7 sound modes (game, melody), 12 sound effects (slap, claps, laughter), and 4 voice-change effects (male, female, child, monster). A noise reduction feature and bass and treble adjustment knobs are also present. 

The Bluetooth connection seems to run smoothly according to buyers, and the same happens with the rainbow lights that flash according to the frequency of the music or movements of the buttons. The light can be deactivated by the touch of a button.

Some of the accessories included in the package are one microphone, one mic tripod, one earphone, cables, and one foam mic cover.

Regarding the negatives, we have some complaints about some static sound on the feedback through headphones, and accessories (commonly the tripod and earphone) being made out of cheap material. 

13) Sktome Sound Mixer Board

Sound Mixer Board, LED Light Voice Changer Sound Card with Multiple Sound Effects - Live Sound Card

The Good

  • 12 sound modes, 4 voice changes, 20 sound effects 
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Supports 2 mobile phones connected at the same time
  • Compatible with Android and iOS Phones and with Xbox and PS4

The Bad

  • Looping problems 
  • Low-quality samples

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The Sktome mixer has two XLR mic entries, an intuitive but colorful design, and stands out due to its high compatibility with other devices.

The product has some really interesting features. The fact that you can connect 2 mobile phones to the board at the same time is quite impressive. As well as compatibility that would allow you to connect the interface to basically any other device in your household that has a screen (and that would allow you to stream, of course).

You have the option between 4 voice changes, 12 sound modes (original, studio, concert), and 20 sound effects (kiss, laughter, applause, lightning). A drum selection with 3 different options is also included.

Function buttons and knobs have clear titles above them, making it easier for beginners to handle the streaming and sound mixing properly. The Bluetooth connectivity on this is 5.0.

On the negative end, we have to mention complaints related to looping problems with the effects and samples available, as well as the overall questionable quality of the audio samples themselves. 

14) Pyle Professional Wireless 3-Channel Audio Mixer

Pyle Professional Wireless DJ Audio Mixer - 3-Channel Bluetooth DJ Controller Sound Mixer w/USB Audio Interface, Combo Jack XLR+6.35mm Mic/Line/Guitar In, 3.5mm, RCA, AUX, Headphone Jack PAD33MXUBT

The Good

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Very intuitive and compact

The Bad

  • Only one XLR mic entry
  • Only one sound effect

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This Pyle audio mixer – unlike the other Pyle options on this list – is extremely compact but also can get the job done. 

This DJ controller mixer allows you to mix audio from MP3, mic, and devices connected via Bluetooth. You can control volume, gain, and pan, and have the option of using (and adjusting) the echo sound effect. 

Sound monitoring via headphones works just fine, with no major interference. And since this is a more compact version of Pyle mixer, the titles for the buttons are bigger and better organized, providing a better user experience, especially for beginners in mixing. 

The board also has an ultra-low design with high headroom and is made out of a rugged metal chassis, extending its physical durability and making it more resistant to accidental dropping and easier to keep clean.

Regarding the cons, it’s worth mentioning the presence of only one sound effect (echo) and only one XLR mic entry. The latter shouldn’t hurt your experience if you intend to always stream just by yourself.