10 Best YouTube Name Generators

best youtube name generators to grow a youtube channel faster

You’ve got your camera. You know the content that you want to share with the world. Now you need to setup your YouTube channel.

And while I am a firm believer that content is king and is the key ingredient in making a channel successful, the YouTube channel name is also important.

For this reason, I’ve put together a list of the top 10 YouTube name generators.

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Why Is A YouTube Name Important?

A YouTube name is just a name. Does it really matter that much? 

Yes—it does matter.

If you are planning on regularly posting content to YouTube, your aim is for people to see it, enjoy it, and come back for more. But how can they come back if they don’t remember your name? 

Or what if they see your name under a potential video and avoid clicking on the video because the name has nothing to do with the content topic or looks spammy with a bunch of numbers or strangely spelled words?

If either of these is the case, you’ve lost views. For those who want to monetize, or even just share their content with as many people as possible, this is a loss and it can add up quickly.

Important Considerations When Developing Your YouTube Name

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to YouTube names, there are a few smart guidelines to at least take into consideration.

This video sums it up pretty well:

Make sure you take into account the following:

  • Short names: Shorter names tend to be easy to remember, making them a more ideal choice for any vlogger wanting to grow their audience.
  • Personal name vs. alias: Either of these works, unless your personal name is difficult to pronounce or spell. Additionally, it can be a good choice to use an alias because it gives you more freedom if you want to expand to different products, services, and niches.
  • Numbers: In most situations it is best to avoid numbers and symbols. A single number or symbol may work if it is used judiciously and creatively, though.

In the end, you should only spend so much time and stress choosing your YouTube channel name. The most important part of your YouTube channel will always be the content you post—great content will make up for even the worst YouTube names.

Comparison of the Best YouTube Name Generators

1. namegenerator.biz

This YouTube name generator will likely be the top result if you do a Google search. And yes, one of the reasons is obviously the website name and keywords used across the page. 

But the truth is, it is just a good name generator. There are plenty of other tools with site names that include ‘name generator’ in some form or fashion, but many of these don’t even crack the first results page.

The reason that this tool does is because it provides a quick and easy-to-use tool. It’s not complex, it doesn’t require scrolling down past lengthy text, and it produces quality results.

The tool itself has been specially created to generate names that often relate to what any given YouTube channel would be about. It offers a random adjective and then pairs it with a word like ‘channel’ or ‘TV’ or ‘videos’.

The page then keeps a list of all the names you’ve generated and provides a tool to allow you to pick and choose your favorite ones, making the deciding process that much easier.


  • Easy to use
  • Provides results that are relevant
  • Has a comprehensive library of options


  • Not personalized
  • Always a combination of adjective and a YouTube channel-related word

2. SpinXO

This YouTube name generator may be the most often used among YouTubers. It has a more welcoming interface and site design than the alternatives, which likely convinces many visitors to stay on the site and trust it.

While this generator is more complex than the previous one, it is also more personalized. Users can truly find a YouTube name that fits their vlogging creations perfectly.

It allows you to input specific words that help it mix together the perfect concoction. More specifically, there is an input box for ‘Topic(s)’, ‘Focus or niche’, ‘Any other keywords’, Things you like’, ‘Important words’, and ‘Numbers or letters’.

For example, if I include words like ‘animals’, ‘pet toys’, ‘dogs’, ‘cats’, and ‘turtles, it offers me results like BirdsScan, DogsCoverage, PetShow, PetTv, and DeviseMice, among many others. All of these are excellent names, that I can expand on by adding in additional keywords.


  • More personalized results
  • Offers multiple results at once
  • Users can enable a rhyming feature


  • May not be random enough for some vloggers
  • Requires more input from users
  • Slightly more complicated to use

3. BNG: Business Name Generator

I really like BNG name generator. However, it is important to note that this generator was not specifically designed for YouTube—just business names in general.

I don’t think this fact should disqualify it from the list, though. It’s just too good to not try out.

Like SpinXO, it has a beautiful and smooth design. It also provides a tool that checks the names against domains—so if you wanted to expand your channel into a website, you can see if the domain is already taken.

And then there’s the fact that it lets you enter as many keywords as you want, choose a specific industry, decide how many characters should be included in the name, and choose where you want your keyword to be placed in the name phrase.


  • Great user interface
  • Produces thousands of quality results off of a few keywords
  • Useful additional features


  • Not made specifically for YouTube
  • Will only use one keyword in any given title

4. Kparser

Kparser is one of the more complex YouTube name generators. In my opinion, this is a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, it takes a little more time to use. But on the other, you can get specific with the type of name you are looking for.

The tool itself comes in different versions. It can create names for a variety of uses, but does offer a special version just for YouTube. It also allows users to choose their country and language.

And then there’s the advanced settings that it offers.

These advanced options allow everything from limiting how deep the generator will scan to providing an ‘exclude’ list so that users can avoid certain words that they do not want in their channel name.


  • Divides channel names options into subsections
  • Provides a rank for name strength
  • Offers deeper insight into names through an optional upgrade


  • Creates longer names
  • Only offers straightforward naming options

5. Wordlab

This is another name generator tool that isn’t specifically for YouTube. It is instead designed to help you name a business.

But when you think about it, naming your business is kind of what you’re doing when you choose your YouTube channel name.

Out of all of the name generators, Wordlab is the most basic. There is no keyword entry—you just hit the ‘Get Name!’ button.

This means that the names you end of up getting are extremely random and will likely have nothing to do with what you vlog about. 

But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Just think about many of the most popular YouTube influencers. Often, their channel names are meaningless.


  • Very quick
  • Offers a good mix of real and made up words
  • Quality user interface


  • You are at the mercy of the name generator—it could come up with something perfect or something quite the opposite
  • Requires outside research to identify whether the name is available

6. Shopify

This tool will likely have the most name recognition. Shopify offers a variety of tools for internet-based brands and one of them happens to be a name generator. 

All the tool requests is one word that you want included in the business name. It then combines that word with another random word and you’ve got a potential YouTube channel name.

This tool, like a few of the others on this list were not built specifically for YouTube, but it does produce the same result. It also allows you to check the domain availability of the name, in case you’d like to expand your YouTube channel brand into a website.

While this tool doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles that some of the others do, it still produces quality results through a smooth and clean user interface. 


  • Easy to use
  • Results always relate to vlog topic
  • All results appear after one click (rather than popping up one at a time)


  • Limited customization
  • Inability to select more than on keyword at the same time
  • Simplistic

7. Names4Brands

This name generator is, by far, the most creative. It allows more customization than all of the other tools put together. 

There are three main categories—’Ending Words’, ‘Starting Words’, and ‘Random’. 

With the ‘Ending Words’ category, you can select a word that you want at the end of the name and select the language, starting letter, and number of characters that the first word should be created out of. 

The opposite scenario takes place in the ‘Starting Words’ category.

With ‘Random’, you second the language, starting letter, and number of characters for both the first and last word and then the tool chooses. 

For example, if I select ‘English’, the letter ‘b’, and ‘5’ characters for the first word, then I select ‘Spanish’, the letter ‘b’, and ‘4’ characters for the last word, I get results like ‘beastbeso’, ‘birthbase’, and ‘bondsbajo’ as name suggestions.


  • Impressive customization
  • Ability to use the generator in a random way or in a more directed way
  • Offers additional tool to check domain availability


  • Can be limited in the results it offers
  • User interface is a little more cluttered
  • Takes more time to get results

8. Jimpix

This name generator is for the vlogger who wants to play around to find their name. It’s one of the more complicated to use, simply because you’ll likely need to try out the various options to see how you can best use them.

I like Jimpix because of the categories it provides. Now, it definitely doesn’t have a comprehensive list of categories, but it does have very interesting ones (i.e. old english words, rivers, and silly words).

The main downside of this tool is that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find the name you want after the first press of ‘Go!’. On the other hand, you will get names that you just wouldn’t have ever thought of or found anywhere else.


  • Creative customization
  • Unique results
  • Ability to check name availability on different platforms


  • Takes more effort to get the best results
  • The userinterface is lacking

9. Name Generatoroid

This name generator is on the simpler side. At its core, it simply creates a new random name with every click.

If you want to include a specific word at the beginning or end of the phrase, you can through the ‘Prefix’ and ‘Suffix’ functions. Otherwise, though, you are left at the mercy of the generator.

But while the tool has its limitations, I really like the names it comes up with—they are memorable and fun.


  • Generates very unique names
  • Simple design and functionality


  • Offers very little customization
  • Not ideal for vloggers who want to avoid using a random name

10. Name Mesh

This tool allows you to put in either 2 or 3 keywords or longer keyword phrases where you can decide the starting and ending phrases you may want. 

Once you type in your words, Name Mesh gives you as many results as you ever could have wanted. It also divides the names up into helpful categories for you, such as shorter names, names built for SEO, and fun/random names.

When the results come up, they are in domain format, allowing you to identify available domains and choose the perfect name at the same time.


  • Provides several customization features
  • Transforms the names into available domains
  • Offers helpful categorization of the names


  • The name suggestions are more straightforward than random or creative
  • More dedicated to selling domain names