Canon EOS Rebel SL2: Good for Vlogging and YouTube Videos?

Resolution: 1080p60 | Weight: 453g / 1.00 lb | Flip Screen: Yes | Stabilization: No | External Mic Port: Yes

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If you’re a new vlogger and you want an easy-to-use and affordable camera that also provides great image quality, the Canon EOS Rebel SL2 might be for you.

This camera (also known as EOS 200D) is a compact DSLR especially designed for beginners— and it’s awesome.

Small, inexpensive, good, user-friendly… is this the dream camera for YouTube and vlogging?

Uhm, well, I don’t know. But I can tell you it’s a nice choice if you don’t want anything too complicated.

Let’s have a closer look at everything this camera has to offer.

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Canon EOS Rebel SL2 overview

Before talking about performance, design, and other fun stuff, I’d like to make clear that this is a very simple camera.

It’s built specifically for new photographers and videographers. Therefore, it doesn’t have any fancy features, but it has the basics to please enthusiasts.

And, honestly, considering its price and specs, it’s a good deal for those who want more than a compact camera but can’t afford a higher-end DSLR.

One of the coolest things of the Canon EOS Rebel SL2 is that it has a Feature Assistant function, which helps unexperienced users to understand camera modes with explanatory drawings and examples.

It also explains what happens when you adjust aperture and shutter speed. This way, beginners can learn how to master their cameras.

Besides this useful guide, the camera has many nice features that entry-level users (and vloggers) will like.

Design and body construction

As we’ve already mentioned, the SL2 is a small DSLR. It weighs only 1 lb (453g) and it feels like a mirrorless camera because of its compact, lightweight, and portable design.

Of course, as it’s made for beginners, the body is not weather-sealed but it has a solid construction anyway. It’s available in two colors (black and white) for the same price.

The key controls are easy to find and, in general, the camera has a well-thought-out physical design with few buttons and a comfortable grip.

The rear screen is touch-sensitive and fully articulated, which makes it perfect for vlogging. A hot shoe is included as well, so you can mount external microphones for better audio recording.

As for the storage options, it only has one slot for UHS-I SD cards, as you might expect from a camera in this range.

24.2 megapixels APS-C sensor

The Canon EOS Rebel SL2 has an APS-C sensor with a resolution of 24.2 megapixels and a sensitivity range of ISO 100-25600.

The sensor has the same quality that you can find in pricier cameras from Canon, such as the EOS Rebel T7i.

Autofocus and image stabilization

Just like the vast majority of Canon cameras, the SL2 has Dual Pixel AF technology, which delivers fast and smooth autofocus, even in low-light conditions.

In video mode, the autofocus works well and accurately for most situations. It has Face and Eye detection so it can track subjects while keeping everything in focus.

Something really important that you should consider when you’re looking for a good camera for vlogging is image stabilization.

This will help you to get steady videos when you’re walking and recording.

Sadly, the SL2 does not have this feature. Therefore, you’ll have to invest in stabilized lenses (Canon offers a lot of lenses with IS) or additional equipment for handheld shooting.

Video and time-lapse functions

This camera doesn’t have amazing video capabilities but everything it can do, it does it well.

The Canon EOS Rebel SL2 can record Full HD video at 24, 30, and 60 fps. For the average vlogger, this is more than enough. And, with 60 fps you get a little bit of slow-motion fun, but it won’t capture fast action.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t shoot 4K video, so it’s not the best choice for experienced videographers. Remember that this camera covers only the basics.

Oh, and btw, if you’re into time-lapses, the SL2 has a time-lapse function!


Battery life is pretty decent considering that the SL2 is a small entry-level camera.

However, if you’re going to be recording videos for a long time, you’ll always need extra batteries. Not only because video mode eats up the battery really fast, but also because this camera doesn’t support USB charging, which is a huge disadvantage for travel vloggers.


Although the camera is very modest, it has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC, so you can connect your smartphone wirelessly and use it as a remote control, as well as transferring and sharing images easily.

One of the main attributes of the EOS Rebel SL2 for vloggers is that it has a microphone jack, a feature that is not very common for a camera of this category. Additionally, it has mini-HDMI and USB ports, but there is no headphone jack.

Is the Canon EOS Rebel SL2 good for YouTube and Vlogging?

If you want a short answer for that question, then yes, it is a good camera for vlogging, especially for beginners and at-home vloggers.

But let’s make a quick recap of its pros and cons:

On the bright side, the Canon EOS Rebel SL2 is small, lightweight, and easy to use.

It has a fully articulated touchscreen, microphone port, wireless connectivity and it offers good autofocus performance. Additionally, it has the Feature Assistant function, which is extremely useful for new users.

Also, one of the biggest advantages of this camera is that it has a relatively low cost considering its specs.

Therefore, if you save some money on the camera, you can invest in a good lens or lighting equipment.

Many people focus on buying a high-end camera but forget about other gear that is even more important than the kind of camera you’re using.

Now, on the not-so-bright side, the SL2 doesn’t have image stabilization, doesn’t support USB charging, and has limited video capabilities. For all of this, if you’re an experienced videographer (or you aspire to be), this camera won’t fulfill all your needs.

Best lenses for the Canon EOS Rebel SL2 for YouTube and Vlogging: 

To Record on a Tripod: Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS USM

If you want a nice lens for getting the best out of the SL2, this 35mm lens is perfect! It’s a good choice to record on a tripod at home where you have enough space.

Note that it’s a 35mm full-frame lens, which is equivalent to a 56mm lens in APS-C cameras like the SL2. The reason why I’m recommending this lens is because it offers amazing image quality and it’s compatible with professional full-frame cameras if you want to upgrade your equipment in the future.

For Handheld Recording: Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Lens

If you want to vlog with your Canon EOS Rebel SL2, and need to hold the camera in your hands in “selfie” mode, you’ll need a wide-angle lens.

This Canon EF-S lens comes with everything that you need: stabilization and a silent AF motor. It will give you enough wide angle to record your surroundings as you walk around with it.

Do you like the Canon EOS Rebel SL2? Would you buy it?

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