Top 9 Wireless Microphones for Singing in 2024

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Having the vocal skills necessary to put on a great music performance is only half of the job. The other half consists in acquiring the quality equipment necessary to back that talent up. And of course, this includes acquiring your main singing tool: a wireless microphone. The products we’ll show you have different price ranges, … Read more

Top 10 Best Minimalist PC Cases in 2024

minimalist pc case

As a long-time gamer who has built every PC I’ve owned over the last 20 years, there’s nothing like a simple, minimalist case. Minimalist PC cases have a simple yet attractive design, that lacks some of the futuristic or ‘edgy’ looks that some other cases have, having a more discrete and sober appearance, but still … Read more

Top 10 Best ElGato Cam Link Alternatives in 2024

FSK Digital Audio : a good elgato cam link alternative

Capture cards like the ElGato Cam Link help streamers like myself improve their streaming quality without investing in expensive rigs. However, ElGato is still a bit expensive, and there are more competitors now than ever, so know there are some good alternatives that can help; you achieve a similar result. We’ll also talk about some … Read more

The 10 Best Noise-Cancelling Microphones for Video Conferencing

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It’s no secret that video conferences have become extremely common nowadays. And if you’re here, you probably understand the importance of audio quality for these meetings. In this article, I’ll share a list of 10 great microphones that will change your virtual meeting experience. Note that these mics are good for Zoom and Skype conferences, as well as … Read more