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Hi, I'm Will! I'm the founder of VloggerPro.com. I'm a full-time content creator and I have a YouTube channel that grew from 0 to almost 10k subs and 1 million views in a few months. I teach 100,000+ monthly visitors how to grow their audience on YouTube.

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I never thought I had what it takes to build an online audience

I'm an introvert. I don't think I'm funny (if I'm sober).

And honestly, I thought I had nothing special.

So I always thought, why would people watch me?

But I still couldn't stand the idea of having a normal life.

I couldn't believe that life was all about going to school every day just to get a boring 9-5 job until I retired at 65.

That sounded like death to me.

So I started learning everything about building online audiences.

I took plenty of courses. I researched EVERYTHING until I couldn't find anything new.

Finally, I started building blogs.

I made mistakes. Some of my blogs failed miserably...

But I didn't give up so easily.

And after a year and a half of trying, I finally started making a full-time income from my audience.

After a few years, I started my YouTube channel... and it SUCKED

I started my channel as an experiment.

I knew the "secrets" to build blog audiences after having 3 successful blogs in completely different niches.

But could I do the same on YouTube?

There were a lot of similarities, but also some nuances between YouTube and Google.

I learned the differences between both these search engines, and I started my experiment.

At first, I was trying to make videos I thought were entertaining.

But honestly, I simply had no idea what I was doing.

I was just recording some random idea I had, and hoped that people would like it.

My approach to my channel was like throwing mud at a wall hoping something would stick.

But I was stuck. 

My videos would barely get a couple of views and basically nobody would comment or like them (only my closest friends).

I was spending so much time recording and promoting my videos, just for them to be completely ignored.

 So I tried the same approach I used for my blogs:

"Let's use the same Search Engine Optimization (SEO), psychology and marketing strategies that I learned and have worked for me before".

I started creating helpful videos consistently and used my best SEO and marketing strategies to make the algorithm recommend my videos without any effort on my part.

I also had to learn how to edit, design thumbnails, the tricks to keep people watching, how to increase my average view duration and more things that are unique to YouTube.

Incredibly, the things that I had learned when building my blogs, also helped me with my YouTube channel:

After 1 month and 12 days, I had already 1,000 subscribers...

And the snowball effect started happening... again.

In record time, I became the largest channel in my niche with close to 10k subscribers.

I couldn't believe what was happening.

After that, I started receiving so many comments that I simply could not respond to them all.

I was getting likes and comments within 1 minute of uploading my new videos (before I could even check if the video was uploaded correctly).

My new fans were even liking my videos before watching them.

People fought each other for the first comment on every video I uploaded.

They were asking me to please upload videos more often.

My best videos were approaching 100,000 views pretty fast.

And funny thing, I even had a "hater" that was commenting on every video I uploaded (when you start getting haters like these, you know you're doing something right).

All I did was apply good YouTube SEO (Search Engine Optimization), marketing and pyschology principles.

It was an incredibly fun experience... but when I was getting close to a million views and 10,000 subscribers, I stopped making these videos and started focusing on teaching others how to grow their channels.

I wanted to share with others what I knew. It simply gives me a higher sense of purpose being able to help others achieve the same kind of success I had.

What I've done has worked for me several times in the past, and it has worked for some of my hardest working students (you'll find out more below).

What I discovered is that ANYONE can build an audience if they are willing to LEARN THE PRINCIPLES 

But listen, I'm not going to tell you that it will be as easy for you and everything will work out perfectly...

It will take a lot of work and consistency from you if you want to keep growing, especially when you're just starting and not many people have found you yet.

But once you grow and get those tough first 1,000 subs and get partnered with YouTube (took me about 2 months), all the videos you've published up to that point will start earning money passively for you.

If you combine it with an affiliate program like the one Amazon offers, you'll earn even more from your audience.

Finally, you can add your own products (online courses, offer to coach others, sell your own merch, etc.). 

And that's when things will really look good for you. You can build a real business on YouTube by following what I'll teach you.

That's how I've been doing this full-time for so long.​​

Your YouTube Channel can Earn You Money doing something that you actually LOVE and that is FUN

  • It will earn you money for the rest of your life if you keep nurturing it
  • You can have the freedom and flexibility to have the life you want to live
  • You´ll have no earnings ceiling. As you grow your audience, your income grows with it
  • You can have a voice and impact the things that matter to you
  • You can improve the lives of many people, and be recognized for it
  • ​If you grow on YouTube, you'll also grow your other social media accounts: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.
  • Making videos takes work, but it's FUN!

Presenting my Step-By-Step Program Teaching You to Launch Your Channel in 3  Weeks

and ​How to Grow it FAST in 2020

In Easy YouTube Channel Launch (EYCL) You'll learn:

  • The SEO, marketing and psychology principles to gain true fans and build an engaged online audience.
  • How to make the YouTube algorithm recommend your videos to hundreds of thousands without any effort (you don't need to promote your channel with this method).
  • How to define your target audience.

  • How to make people love your channel and leave them wanting for more.
  • How to identify bad niches that you should avoid at ALL COST if you don't want to waste years of your life (this happened to me the first time I tried to build an audience).
  • How to deal with the early problems you’ll have to face that can get you stuck.
  • How to deal with the mental roadblocks you’ll inevitably find on your way.
  • How to create a brand that lets you compete against the millions of channels on YouTube.
  • How to make high click-through rate thumbnails for free and in just 5 minutes
  • How to record simple videos that deliver great value to your audience and grow your channel.
  • The best SEO tactics to grow on YouTube right now (continuously being updated).
  • A lot more.

Save Thousands of Dollars on Tools

Here's a sad story:

When I first started on YouTube, everybody was recommending me to use a certain video editor that was extremely costly.

The price was over $200! And that was ONLY FOR 1 YEAR.

I couldn't believe how expensive it was to start a YouTube channel.

Something wasn't quite right...

Later on, I found out that people were getting a huge commission from my purchase, and that's why everybody was recommending this costly editor — which, by the way, was super unstable and I'd lose hours of works because of random bugs with it.

Then, I found another free editor that was so much better and FREE.

I wasted $200+ because I believed what people that wanted to get my money were saying on the internet.

This isn't going to happen to you if you join EYCL.

Similarly, I thought I needed expensive equipment to record my videos or people wouldn't watch them.

And I was SO wrong!

I grew my channel from 0 to hundreds of thousands of views in a few months while using a cheap webcam I already had.

I've put all this knowledge about free, awesome tools in this course.

And it's actually one of the things that past students love about it: the free tools I recommend.

With EYCL, you don't need to spend any money on tools. Everything you NEED to grow your audience is already available for FREE.

It's all about the STRATEGY you'll learn.

"It [EYCL] saved me money..."

​Richard Lindsey

​EYCL Graduate

19 Video Lessons With The Marketing, Psychology and SEO Principles to Building Audiences That Keep Coming Back to You

  • Steps to follow when you're starting with 0 subs or if you're stuck after starting
  • What to do now to have a channel that is evergrowing
  • How to identify strategic problems that can get your channel stuck forever and what to do to fix them
  • All the technical basics to making easy thumbnails without any designing skills and how to edit videos fast and easily. Everything done with top-quality free software.

Assignments to Accelerate Your Growth

  • Worksheets that will help you take the actions that you need to take in each stage of your channel
  • Includes takeaways from each week that you can go back to when you forget something

Plus all These Bonuses

Bonus #1 

9 Steps From 0 to 10,000 Roadmap PDF

  • Step-by-Step roadmap to guide you through every step you need to take to grow your channel from 0 to beyond 10,000 subs

Bonus #2 

YouTube SEO Checklist For Getting Your Videos Discovered 

  • How to optimize to expose your content to the billions of people that visit the most popular search engines in the world. 

Bonus #3 

7 Proven Content Styles That Work on YouTube

  • Content guide that will give you a list of formats to give to your videos that are proven to work great on YouTube.
  • 28 examples of extremely successful videos that are using these formats.

Bonus #4 

Video Recording Guide & Best Tips

  • Technical guide to fix the common problems you'll face when recording videos for YouTube
  • List of the best practices to record high-quality video.
  • How to keep yourself organized so you don't waste time each time you record.

Bonus #5 

Subscribe + Notification+ Like CTA Animations 

for Higher Subscriber Conversion

(animations slowed down for sample purposes)

  • 2 Professionally designed animations with sound effects to use in your videos.
  •  Easy to use. Just insert them in your video editor.
  • Use them to convert more viewers into subscribers.

Bonus #6 

Voice Over and Green Screen Training

  • How to use a free app to record voice overs for your YouTube videos
  • How to use a green screen to replace the background and give your videos a more professional look

Total value of these bonuses: $100

In this offer: FREE

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don't like the course, just send me an email and I'll give you a full refund. You will have an entire extra week after the program finishes so you can decide if you want to get your money back. This is completely risk-free!


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Who is This Course For?

This IS for You If:

  • You want to learn how to build an audience on YouTube from scratch, even when you have 0 followers 
  • You feel like your videos are being ignored
  • You don't know what videos to make to grow a channel
  • You want to start your channel
  • You started but you're below 1,000 subs
  • You have more than 1,000 subs but you're stuck
  • You have no idea of how to grow a YouTube channel
  • You’ve tried everything but nothing works
  • You want to start taking action to get what you want and stop leaving things to luck

This ISN'T for You If:

  • You're close to or above 5,000 subs already and you're getting a decent percentage of them as views per video
  • You want some magic pill that will make your channel blow up instantly in one month. I will give you the strategy that works to grow any channel, but YOU have to be consistent with it and expect that it WILL take TIME.
  • You love get-rich-quick schemes and expect to solve all your problems instantly without putting in the work

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