How Jennelle Eliana Got 1 Million Subs in Less than a Month

How would it feel to start your YouTube channel, record your first video, then let 1 month pass by and when you come back to your channel, you already have:

  • More than 5 Million views in your first video
  • 1,463,771 Subscribers

This is what happened to Jennelle Eliana:

Her first video completely blew up. And everything got out of control, even to the point that she had strangers visit her parent’s home.

Was it all luck?

Let’s see what we can say she did extremely well:

  • Her story is really interesting. She lives in a Van and travels around the country alone
  • She used a discoverable keyword for the title: “SOLO FEMALE TRAVELER”
  • The entire title of the video was highly attractive: “VAN TOUR | SOLO FEMALE TRAVELER lives VANLIFE with PET SNAKE!”
  • Her video was both entertaining because of her unusual life, but also helpful for people thinking about beginning a traveling van lifestyle

I mean, she has a freaking pet snake and its name is ALFREDO.

Better yet, she has a PHOTO OF HER inside its terrarium so it doesn’t forget about her.


I mean… how can someone healthy not say: “AWWWW” and press the like button instantly or comment something.


  • The video is long: 27 minutes (the algorithm LOVES long videos)
  • I’m sure most people watched the entire thing because her life is too interesting for normal people

This is just the perfect recipe for growing.

Still, we can’t deny that she did get lucky.

Let me clarify:

I’m COMPLETELY sure that this girl would have grown her channel much faster than most people.

The thing is, this kind of growth was just a consequence of going viral. 

She had some Instagram following already, but only around 10,000. That’s not enough to catapult a YouTube channel this way.

Good thing is that this girl is really talented and she does seems like an extremely nice person.

We all should be happy that finally someone that is worth the attention, got it.

I’m probably not the only one tired of seeing really bad people scale to fame just because of their stupidity. 

But her case is actually a happy one.

Let’s all learn from her example, and never lose faith because maybe your next video will be the one going viral.

What do you think about her? What would you do if got 1 million subs that fast?