How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

The Onlyfans platform has definitely blown up over the last few years. That’s because they provide their users with a service that is pretty straightforward yet highly attractive: the opportunity of making money through content creation.

However, some content creators do not want their family and friends to know they’re running an OnlyFans. Even though you could make a lot of money from it.

But, of course, to create such content, one must have a certain detachment from any kind of potential embarrassment that this kind of exposition could generate. You really just have to be able to pull off that “screw it” vibe and go on with it. 

But many factors can come into account in such circumstances. There’s family, friends, co-workers, and bosses. Exposing your identity on the platform means you’d probably have to deal with the “opinions” of all of these people regarding your content. And that probably wouldn’t be so cool. 

And that’s exactly why we’re going to explore in this article some tips about how to create content on Onlyfans in an anonymous way, without showing your face and preserving your identity, shielding yourself from any unwanted comments about what you’re doing. 

7 Tips to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

1) Don’t use your real name and create new social media accounts

You can create social media accounts (obviously using a “stage” name that you use for the Onlyfans account) to help you promote your content.

You can use, let’s say, some photos in those particular accounts to facilitate the process of obtaining new followers on the platforms and making the promotion more effective.

If you want to be double safe, create an extra email to connect to these “stage” social media accounts. These social media platforms use algorithms that might recommend your new account to people you know, so make sure you do a fresh start on these platforms if you want to remain completely anonymous.

2) Consider using a mask or be smart with your camera angles

To help you hide your face you could just use any type of mask you like, or simply use camera angles that show you only from the neck down.

3) Don’t show your birthmarks, scars, or tattoos

If your intention is to be extra safe on the anonymous saga, then you should also consider options like hiding birthmarks, scars, or tattoos.

This type of stuff can give your identity away pretty easily, especially if the person watching already knows you. 

4) Avoid showing places your acquaintances might recognize

You should definitely avoid any type of major exposition of the place you live in as well. Keep the angles on the room you film in as close as possible (just show the important stuff, if you know what I mean), and don’t show any other rooms of the house.

5) Compensate the Absence of Face with Good Interaction

Sometimes, it’s common for the audience to feel a certain detachment from a person that is producing content without showing their face. It can give the whole subscription experience a more distant and impersonal vibe.

Some people may care about that, and some shouldn’t bother. However, it would be a safe choice to keep things as friendly and fluid as possible with your audience on OF.

You can do that by replying to people’s DMs, answering requests, and just being an overall receptive person to your audience. Understand that they like to be noticed on some scale or another and at least some level of attention is very important for them to keep coming back for more of your content. 

Your audience appreciates you, you appreciate them and everybody stays happy.

6) Use OnlyFans Geo blocking feature to block your home’s IP address or even your entire region

You could also use Geo Blocking technology to either hide your IP address (or region) from other users or to block certain people by their IP address or region. You can simply block people on OF by their usernames as well.

The Geo-Blocking feature is already at your disposal once you enter the OF platform. All you have to do is to go to Settings > Security. There, you’ll insert the regions or IP addresses that you’d like to block from consuming your content. 

“Dedication” from certain people on OF could easily turn into some kind of harassment, so you shouldn’t hesitate to block any people that you eventually see as a threat to your well-being or the preservation of your anonymity. 

7) Consider using a voice changer

Matter of fact, if you want to be completely on the clear, also try to change your voice with audio software or not to speak it all in video or audio content. I mean, you never know if there’s somebody out there watching it that could recognize your voice, right? This might be a bit too much, but if you’re really that worried, it’s better safe than sorry. 

Can You Be Successful on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face?

There’s absolutely no need to show your face in order to attract people to your content, but it will be arguably more difficult.

There are many people selling only pictures of certain parts of their bodies, so everything is possible as long as you are able to attract an audience.

Can You Use a Fake Name for OnlyFans?

Sure you can. When providing data to Onlyfans to start an account, you’ll obviously have to provide real documents and information. However, when setting up your profile, you can choose to go by any names/nicknames that you prefer.

Of course, if your intention is to remain anonymous on the platform, you should definitely go by a “stage” name. Stay away from anything that resembles your real name, just really let your imagination take it away and make sure to choose something that couldn’t be related to your real identity/name at all.

Can You Stay Completely Anonymous on OnlyFans?

You should be safe by following the tips we gave — not providing any personal information in your content, like your job or school, location, or even your hobbies (you never know).

How Do You Promote OnlyFans Without Your Family Knowing?

There are some ways you can do that:

Promote your content inside the Onlyfans platform or Reddit: You can purchase some promotion packages on the platform itself. The content will also be promoted on other social media platforms, but since the promotion is linked only to your OF account (that should be utilizing “stage” info) then you should have nothing to worry about. 

Do Banks Care About Onlyfans?

Banks will not withhold your money or anything like that just because it’s coming from OF. There’s no problem of such kind related by users. You can keep it cool regarding that.

Does OnlyFans Show Up in the Bank statement?

Well, that they do. Yep, and unfortunately, there’s no way around that (at least, so far). Usually, transactions made through the OF platform come up in bank statements as “Onlyfans” or “OF” or some other type of acronym. And, as you may already know by now, you can’t remove anything from your bank statements. 

So, if your bank account is shared with someone else or just regularly checked by a second party that wouldn’t really like the idea of you creating content for Onlyfans, then… Well, you’d have a problem on your hands. The good news is, it’s a solvable one.

Should I Make a Separate Bank Account for OnlyFans?

Well, if there’s somebody out there that could check your bank statements and frown upon the idea of you producing content to OF, then definitely yes. 

Making a new account will help you to obtain some privacy and safely administer and spend the earnings you manage to obtain on the platform. 

Just search for a bank that attends to your needs (preferably a different one from the one you already use) and open an account with them to get your OF payments exclusively through them. 

And after that, you’re all set.