Review: Why the Canon PowerShot G5 X is Good for Vlogging

Is the Canon PowerShot G5 X Good for youtube vlogging?Max. Recording Quality: 1080p60| MP: 20.2 | ISO: 125 – 12800 |Flip Screen: Yes | Touchscreen: Yes| WiFi: Yes | External Mic. Port: No | Video File Format: MP4, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 | Sensor: 1″ BSI-CMOS Sensor| Internal Memory: No | Battery: 210 shots | Focal Length: 24 – 100mm | Max Aperture: f1.8 (wide) – f2.8 (tele)

The Canon PowerShot G5 X is a fairly new camera. There are various reasons why I recommend this camera if you’re a vlogger/photographer, as it fits pretty well for both jobs.

But before getting into this, listen:

This is the kind of camera you should get only if you’re interested in photography or filmmaking, apart from vlogging. The thing is that it’s so good that it’s almost too good for vlogging, so you should give this camera more use.

There’s nothing wrong in buying this camera to make video blogs; however, I would recommend you to get it if you want a camera that can help you make high quality video for your video blogs while having an amazing compact camera for photography.

Examples of types of vlogging channel that will take the most advantages from this camera are: makeup artists, short filmmaking, photography vlogging, and any other type of work that requires extremely high image quality.

If you’re just looking for a camera for the normal kind of vlogging (a day in the life of, opinion, etc.), you will do okay with any other cheaper compact camera.

Now, let’s see what this camera offers.

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What Makes the Canon PowerShot G5 X Good for Vlogging?

The main thing you need to know about this camera is that it was made for photographers that don’t want to carry around all their DSLR equipment.

This means that the camera is really fast and reliable when focusing. It also has a good sensor for a point & shoot camera (better colors and more details captured). You will also be able to set things manually, just like a DSLR.

These are things that are useful when you need to achieve the best result possible. This is usually necessary in photography and video that needs the best quality.

Now, for the rest of the facts:

It can record 1080p60/30/24/15 video – You have the choice of recording at different fps rates. This is useful when you want to make vlogs videos (60fps) but you also want to record short films (24fps). Different fps rates are also a matter of taste. You can choose the one that fits your style and channel the best. This is the good thing of not having to record everything at 60fps.

It can record directly in MP4 file format – This is something really useful when vlogging, especially when using platforms like YouTube. You will be able to record your clips and upload them directly to your editing software. You won’t need to convert your videos to MP4 just to edit them, and you won’t need a powerful computer to edit your video files.

Recording directly to MP4 is rare in DSLRs, so this is why the Canon PowerShot G5 X is a good alternative to DSLRs.

It has full-manual mode – I’ve already said something about this. However, just to make things clearer, you can set white balance (to achieve the best colors in ANY lighting environment), ISO (to keep unnecessary grains from appearing), aperture (for more light and the blurred-background effect) and focus (in case you want to keep something focused throughout the entire video).

If you learn how to handle these features when recording or taking a picture, your image quality will improve drastically. You will also get the exact result you want.

The following features can also be found in cheaper cameras, but they’re all really useful when vlogging:

It has a flip screen – Making sure the camera is focusing you while you’re recording is useful when vlogging. It is also good to make sure you are within the area the camera captures.

Its touchscreen makes things easier– Touchscreen is not a feature given only to get more buyers. It actually has a practical use: faster menu navigation. This saves you time when setting the camera for a new recording.

F1.8 at 24mm focal length is just right for vlogging – You might do most of your vlogs between 24 and 50mm focal length. This allows you to record closer to the camera if you need to and you can also evade perspective distortion. With an aperture of 1.8 you will capture a lot of light when recording at these ideal focal lengths for vlogging, and you will also get some of the blurred-background effect everyone loves.

It comes with a hot shoe for an external flash – If you’re a photographer, you will know the importance of using a good external flash for any kind of photography. While this camera fits well for vlogging, it also is a nice compact camera to take good quality pictures with good flash.

It has Wireless connection – You can upload your videos directly to YouTube without having to connect any cable. Needless to say that this means less time wasted. You can also connect the camera to Android or IOS to control the camera. It also comes with NFC.

What Things Aren’t That Good About the Canon PowerShot G5 X?

Its battery life is pretty low – You will need a spare battery if you want to record video with it. You don’t want to stop recording because you ran out of battery. You will need to have another fully-charged battery ready to keep recording. This is one of the main downsides of compact cameras; DSLRs’ batteries usually last for much longer.

It’s a little bit heavy for a point & shoot– It’s still much more comfortable than DSLRs, but it isn’t the best camera to carry around; it weights 353g (0.78lb).

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