Review: How the Samsung NX mini is a Good Mirrorless for Vlogging

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Mirrorless seems to be the future of the camera industry. After all, turning things digital has been the common evolution in many markets. Samsung is one of the pioneers, and they created a Mirrorless that gives many advantages to vloggers. Here is why the Samsung NX mini is a good choice for vlogging.

When it comes to the Samsung NX mini, the company has taken advantage of the newly found space from removing all its mirrors to fix some flaws Mirrorless generally have.

Let’s see exactly what we’re talking about

Why is the Samsung NX mini Good for YouTube Vlogging? 

Is the Samsung NX mini good for vlogging?Its tilting screen is the first thing you will notice – It’s not easy to find a camera with a good LCD at this price range. Even though its resolution is not the best, its ability to tilt and allow self-recording is great. The screen is not too small, so it’s okay to use from far away when recording.

WiFi – You won’t have any trouble uploading your videos directly through wireless connection to your editing software. You can also use a smartphone to control your camera to start, pause or stop recording.

It allows you to wrap videos to MP4 – These files are easier to edit since they are smaller and don’t require any heavy memory-consuming codec. This guarantees vloggers with the usual laptop or desktop computer will be able to work with these files.

Touchscreen helps you set things faster – These screens make navigating through the menus a faster process. The Samsung NX mini has a nice, responsive touchscreen.

It’s a small camera – One of the main advantages of Mirrorless cameras is their small size. This is thanks to the new space made from removing the camera’s mirrors. They aren’t that small when compared to Point & Shoots, but they’re way smaller than other interchangeable-lens cameras (DSLRs).

Its battery life nearly doubles the average Mirrorless duration – The Samsung NX mini has a battery life around 680 shots with the 9mm lens. This almost doubles the Mirrorless average (around 350 shots) and it comes close to the DSLR average (860 shots).

This was possible thanks to Samsung taking advantage of the camera’s body to fit a gigantic battery in it. I’m not kidding; its battery is almost as big as the camera’s body. This isn’t bad at all; it really makes this Mirrorless much more useful than the rest.

You can choose between different lenses – You’re not locked to what your camera brings from stock. You can choose between the 9mm lens -if you only want to use wide angle- and the 9-27mm -if you want to use from wide angle to tele.

What isn’t so good about the Samsung NX mini?

It has problems regarding the positioning of its dials and controls on the body. It’s a camera really easy to drop if you’re not careful; it does not have a comfortable grip. It’s also uncomfortable to hold when you use it to record yourself, even though its tilting screen was made for selfies.

These are disadvantages you will only feel if you hold the camera to record yourself; they disappear if you use a tripod.

It doesn’t have a fully manual mode. It allows you to lock exposure if you don’t want to rely so much on the camera’s Auto mode. However, having a fully manual mode is the only option for photographers. Still, it isn’t a big deal for video makers.

1080p30 is the only recording option you have – The Samsung NX mini has a really good image quality. However, it doesn’t give you any option if you want to record at a different FPS rate. Being able to choose the frame rate gives more options to your video-making creativity.

Even though its image quality is great, having the additional option is a must-have for some vloggers.

Its lenses’ max aperture is small – With a maximum aperture of f/3.5 the camera is not able to achieve the nice blurred background effect and it decreases its low-light performance. However, the camera still performs really well in low light. It isn’t a bad performance at all for the price.