Review: Is the Canon VIXIA mini X Good for YouTube Vlogging?

is the Canon VIXIA mini X Good for YouTube Vlogging?

Max. Recording Quality: 1080p30| MP: 12.8 | Flip Screen: Yes | Touchscreen: Yes| WiFi: Yes | Mic. Input: Yes | Video File Format: AVCHD, .MP4 | Manual Focus: No | Manual Exposure: No | Internal Memory: No | Battery Life: 2.5 hours of video recording | Focal Length: MP4: 16.8–35mm/ AVCHD: 17.5-35mm | Max Aperture: 2.8

When you look at this camera, it feels like there’s something different about it. It almost feels like Canon made a camera exclusively for video blogging. This should make the Canon VIXIA mini X good for YouTube already, right?

Not necessarily.

There are some things that don’t make this camera good for all kinds of vlogging.

Generally, getting a camera that was built for video will give you a lot of advantages for vlogging. First of all, the Canon VIXIA mini X comes with a microphone input, which is something almost essential for vlogging. It also has some others features that will help you get things done faster, no matter what your channel is about.

However, there are some considerations you should bear in mind before getting this camera; you need to determine whether it will help with the particular kind of vlogging you want to do.

Just let me start with all its advantages, and you will soon understand what I mean.

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Why is the Canon VIXIA mini X Good for YouTube Vlogging?

1080p30/24 recording is just fine for vlogging – Even if you can’t record at 60fps, recording at 30 or 24 fps is already great for vlogging.

If you want to entertain, you can use the 24fps mode without hesitation. This is the cinema standard fps rate, and it gives us the first clue about what YouTube channels are perfect with this camera: entertainment. The 60fps is used more when you need to make reviews or a lot of speak-your-mind vlogging.

This isn’t a rule, but it’s what the audience is used to see.

WiFi for fast video uploading – This is something you should always look for in a camera for vlogging. After all, it is becoming a common feature in modern cameras. You can upload your MP4 videos directly to your editor or to YouTube without having to use a cable. You could also use a smartphone as a remote control for the camera.

Touchscreen helps you set things faster – You can change white balance and other settings easily with its touchscreen. You won’t need to navigate through all the options to configure the camera the way you like it. This is a timesaver.

It’s really small and lightweight – It weighs 7.23 oz and its dimensions are 3.2×4.3×1.2 in. You can fit this camera into your pocket. It was basically made to be carried around. This is another clue on what vlogging channels will take more advantages from the Canon VIXIA mini X.

Microphone input for a lavalier microphone – Lavalier microphones are the most comfortable to connect to a camera. They are also great when you need to take the camera with you and record while you walk or do another activity. This camera is small and easy to be carried around, so it had to include a microphone input.

It has a Fish-eye lens for action vlogging – This camera has basically two modes: the fish-eye lens mode (16.8mm focal length) and a close-up mode (35mm focal length). Even at zoomed in mode, it stays wide, so this is a limitation if you want to use it for real closeups.

Here’s where the main clue about the purpose of this camera lies. A fish-eye lens is one of the most useful things you could have when you need to record in small places. It is also the best for action vlogging, as the audience can watch your surroundings easily.

Now, the trouble comes when you want to record something outside action or entertainment vlogging. Fish-eye lenses are not comfortable for long, slow-paced recordings; the perspective distortion caused by it can make your viewers feel uncomfortable.

It is the perfect camera to take outside and record really quick vlogs about your day out or your favorite sport, but not for long scenes.

Use this camera only for fast-spaced entertainment, preferably videos shorter than 10 min, if you don’t want to make your audience uncomfortable.

What is the main downside to the Canon VIXIA mini X?

Well, like I just wrote, it offers limited options when it comes to creative recording. This is a camera you should use for action vlogging, music covers or the like. Its image recording quality is great, but the problem relies in its wide-angle lens. Perspective distortion will deform everything, especially in fish-eye mode. This makes people uncomfortable when watching for long periods.  Just don’t use it for long videos that aren’t made solely for entertainment

This is the main reason why it does not have a manual mode either. This camera was made to turn it on, connect your microphone and start recording. You can actually lock exposure if you don’t want to create unnecessary noise in your images, but you can’t manually set aperture, ISO or shutter speed.

At least you can set the white balance, but this is the only manual option you will have when using this camera.

Great for:

  • Sports
  • Concerts
  • Day-out vlogging
  • Recording short clips in a small space

Bad for:

  • Review videos
  • Opinion vlogging
  • Long tutorials
  • Any video where you need to show something in detail