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The 7 Best 4k Vlogging Cameras

7 best 4k vlogging cameras / Featured image

My favorite choice: Panasonic GH5 Getting a camera with real 4k recording capacities is a way of preparing your gear for the future. Even though this resolution—also called 3840×2160 and Ultra HD—still isn’t very common, each year it becomes more popular. That’s why here’s the list of the best 4k vlogging cameras you can choose […]

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The 5 Best Sony Vlogging Cameras

Sony cameras are one of the most suitable for vlogging. They manage to bring together the best of DSLRs and compact cameras in a single product. Their capacity to record DSLR-quality video in a small body makes them good vlog cameras. This is why Sony is turning into the favorite, not only for vloggers, but also for professional photographers. Here you will […]

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Is the Panasonic LX10 Good for Vlogging?

Camera Overview Sensor1″ MOS​Image Quality2160p30​ (4k)Weight10.935oz / 310gFlip Screen External Mic Port ​Stabilization Our Rating buy on amazon Recently, Panasonic cameras have been one of the main choices for vloggers looking to improve their YouTube channel quality. This doesn’t come as a surprise for us camera junkies, as Panasonic has really stepped up their game […]

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