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The 5 Best Point and Shoot Cameras for YouTube Vlogging

The best compact cameras for youtube vlogging

On this post you will find a list of the best compact cameras for YouTube vlogging. But before we start, there’s something you should know about looking when looking for a vlogging camera. Before you even start reading, know that you won’t find cameras here under the $400 mark, so be aware. You can check […]

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Top 7 Best Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen

The best vlogging cameras with flip screen

As a vlogger, it’s only natural that you’ll be looking for the best vlogging camera with a flip screen. After all, articulating screens can help you make sure everything is okay while you record. These cameras can save you a lot of time.This is why I’ve made a list of the best cameras with flip screen. Here […]

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Why is the Canon PowerShot G7X Often Used for YouTube Vlogging?

Camera Overview Sensor1″ BSI-CMOSImage Quality1080p60Weight10.7oz / 304gFlip Screen External Mic Port ​Stabilization Our Rating buy on amazon There’s a new version of this camera available: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II The Canon PowerShot G7 X is a vlogging camera used by many successful YouTubers. Since its price range is quite high, this camera is aimed […]

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Review: Is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300 Worth for Vlogging?

Panasonic LUMIX DMC FZ300K

Camera Overview Sensor1/2.3″ CMOSImage Quality2160p30 (4k)Weight1.520lb / 691g Flip Screen External Mic Port ​Stabilization Our Rating buy on amazon The first thing you will notice about this Panasonic P&S is its 4k max recording quality. This is great for a camera under $500. Nevertheless, there are also more reasons that make the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300 good for […]

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Review: Is the Nikon COOLPIX L840 the Right Choice for Vlogging?

Camera Overview Sensor1/2.3″ CMOSImage Quality1080p30Weight (No lens)1.18lb / 538gFlip Screen External Mic Port ​Stabilization Our Rating buy on amazon EDIT: This camera was replaced by the Nikon COOLPIX B500. It’s basically the same camera, but with ISO limited to 3200 and adds manual exposure mode and Bluetooth. It’s for good reasons that this camera has turned into one […]

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Review: Why the Fujifilm FinePix S8600 is a Good Cheap Camera for Vlogging

Max. Recording Quality: 720p30| MP: 16 | ISO: 100 – 6400 |Flip Screen: No | Touchscreen: No| WiFi: No | External Mic. Port: No | Video File Format: .AVI | Sensor: 1/2.3″ CCD Sensor| Internal Memory: No | Battery: 250 shots | Focal Length: 25 – 900mm | Max Aperture: f2.9 (wide) – f6.5 (tele) The is a camera near the $100 mark. Even though it lacks some useful features for vlogging, its […]

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Review: Why the Canon PowerShot G5 X is Good for Vlogging

Max. Recording Quality: 1080p60| MP: 20.2 | ISO: 125 – 12800 |Flip Screen: Yes | Touchscreen: Yes| WiFi: Yes | External Mic. Port: No | Video File Format: MP4, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 | Sensor: 1″ BSI-CMOS Sensor| Internal Memory: No | Battery: 210 shots | Focal Length: 24 – 100mm | Max Aperture: f1.8 (wide) – f2.8 (tele) The is a fairly new camera. There are various reasons why I recommend this camera if you’re […]

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