Is the Canon PowerShot ELPH 350 Good for Vlogging?

Max. Recording Quality: 1080p30 | MP: 20.2 | ISO: 80 – 3200 |Flip Screen: No | Touchscreen: No | WiFi: Yes | External Mic Port: No | Video File Format: .MP4 | Sensor: CMOS | Battery Life: 250 shots While the ELPH 330 is a nice camera for vlogging, the new is a cheaper option. This camera keeps the most basic things for vlogging its predecessor offers. It … Read more

Sony A7R II: The Perfect Vlogging Camera for Creative Vloggers

a7rii: the perfect vlogging camera

Camera OverviewSensorFull-FrameImage Quality2160p30 (4k)Weight (no lens)22.046oz / 625gFlip Screen External Mic Port Stabilization Our Rating buy on amazon For many years, Canon has been considered the main DSLR camera brand for video recording. Since the came out in 2012, it has remained as the best DSLR in the consumer level. Yet, there’s finally a new camera … Read more

Why is the Canon PowerShot G7X Often Used for YouTube Vlogging?

Camera OverviewSensor1″ BSI-CMOSImage Quality1080p60Weight10.7oz / 304gFlip Screen External Mic Port Stabilization Our Rating buy on amazon There’s a new version of this camera available: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II The is a vlogging camera used by many successful YouTubers. Since its price range is quite high, this camera is aimed at more serious vloggers that want their … Read more

Review: How the Samsung NX mini is a Good Mirrorless for Vlogging

samsung nx mini

Camera OverviewSensor1″ BSI-CMOSImage Quality1080p30Weight (No lens)6.91 oz / 196gFlip Screen External Mic Port ​Stabilization Our Rating buy on amazon Mirrorless seems to be the future of the camera industry. After all, turning things digital has been the common evolution in many markets. Samsung is one of the pioneers, and they created a Mirrorless that gives many … Read more

Review: Is the Canon VIXIA mini X Good for YouTube Vlogging?

Max. Recording Quality: 1080p30| MP: 12.8 | Flip Screen: Yes | Touchscreen: Yes| WiFi: Yes | Mic. Input: Yes | Video File Format: AVCHD, .MP4 | Manual Focus: No | Manual Exposure: No | Internal Memory: No | Battery Life: 2.5 hours of video recording | Focal Length: MP4: 16.8–35mm/ AVCHD: 17.5-35mm | Max Aperture: 2.8 When you look at this camera, it feels like there’s something different about … Read more

Review: Is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300 Worth for Vlogging?

Panasonic LUMIX DMC FZ300K

Camera OverviewSensor1/2.3″ CMOSImage Quality2160p30 (4k)Weight1.520lb / 691g Flip Screen External Mic Port ​Stabilization Our Rating buy on amazon The first thing you will notice about this Panasonic P&S is its 4k max recording quality. This is great for a camera under $500. Nevertheless, there are also more reasons that make the good for vlogging. If you look … Read more

Review: 5 Reasons Why the Samsung DV180F is Good for Vlogging

Max. Recording Quality: 720p30| MP: 16.2 | ISO: 80-3200 | Flip Screen: Yes (Front-facing LCD) | Touchscreen: No| WiFi: Yes | External Mic. Port: No | Video File Format: .MP4 | Manual Focus: No | Manual Exposure: No (Program AE) | Internal Memory: No | Focal Length: 25 – 125mm | Max Aperture: 2.5 (wide) – f6.3 (tele) The is basically the cheapest camera you could get for vlogging. … Read more

Review: Is the Canon PowerShot SX410 IS Good for Vlogging?

Max. Recording Quality: 720p25| MP: 20 | ISO: 100 – 1600 |Flip Screen: No | Touchscreen: No| WiFi: No | External Mic. Port: No | Video File Format: .MOV | Manual Focus: Yes | Manual Exposure: No | Internal Memory: No | Battery: 185 shots | Focal Length: 24 – 960mm | Max Aperture: f3.5(wide) – f5.6 (tele) Every point & shoot camera below $200 has a lots of flaws, but they can help … Read more