VidIQ Review and Tutorial: Is It Worth It?

vidiq review

It feels awfully frustrating when you’re creating great content and people are not even seeing it!

That’s why every kind of online content creator should be learning about SEO. It’s the best way to get eyeballs on your content when you’re a nobody.

I can testify it:

SEO allowed me to grow from being an absolute nobody to having more than 4 million visits to my website.

It also allowed me to get partnered with YouTube in a month and a half.

Sadly, I found this tool years later.

VidIQ is an SEO tool for YouTubers with quite a few interesting features.

As an SEO expert, I’ll admit it has some features that are especially good for new YouTubers.

It will help you understand SEO better, and it will give you a lot of clues that you can use to determine the best kind of video you should be making.

Here’s a video tutorial where I teach you to use its best free features, and then I’ll list you everything that you can do with the paid plans.

This VidIQ review will help you find out if it’s worth it.

VidIQ Review and Video Tutorial

Soon I'll include more information about each feature from this tool.

I want to give you a clear guide on what you get with the free, and with each of the paid plans so you can decide if the tool is right for you. Anyway, I'd recommend you install the free version.

Make sure to check this post later on again to see the updated information.

Will A.

Will is the founder of VloggerPro and he's an SEO expert, photographer and content creator that has been teaching these needed skills to vloggers for the last 3 years.

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