What Are the Best Kinds of Camera to Use for YouTube?

Canon EOS 70D - Best Kinds of Camera to Use for YouTube

“Canon EOS 70D”. Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns. License.

If you’re looking for a camera to use for YouTube, you probably don’t have any experience with cameras. Naturally. you might be a little bit confused and clueless about what kind of camera to use for YouTube Videos.

Well, can I be honest with you?

Any of these three kinds of cameras will be useful for you depending on the type of YouTube channel you run.

If you want to start vlogging, you won’t need an expensive camera unless there’s something really specific that you want to achieve

Getting a really cheap or an expensive cam will all depend on what you plan to do now and in the future.

Let’s start by telling you when you’ll need a DSLR.

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DSLR: Best Kind of Camera to Use for YouTube Professional Channels

Canon EOS 70D

Yes, DSLRs are generally the most professional and higher quality you could get. However, they’re most of the time more expensive.

But most importantly, they are HEAVY.

They are heavy because they use big sensors and larger batteries, so they’re good for low light recording, and this is the main reason why they’re the best for vlogging.

See, it’s usual to vlog inside a room that has a bad lighting setup. Cameras’ sensors are not like our eyes; they are not as sensitive as we are to light. Cameras need a lot of light to record at full quality. DSLRs handle the best when there’s not much light to work with, which is fairly common when vlogging.

A camera that performs badly in low light will show grains –also called noise- all over the image. DSLRs are the best ones to prevent this.

Nevertheless, not all DSLRs are good and some are not meant for filming. This is important to notice before you go out there and buy the first DSLR you see.

You have to also bear in mind that DSLRs have interchangeable lenses, which means that you will need to invest more money in a good lens.

They are also not easy to use; you will need to learn about photography and camera settings before being able to use one to its full potential.

However, they achieve the best results. They are the best kind of camera to use for YouTube channels that need professional video recording.

But it’s only good if you don’t need to take your camera everywhere.

If you just want to be recording at home, then you will love a dSLR camera.

Just get a nice tripod and start recording in your home studio. You will love how a good DSLR for video performs.

Mirrorless: As Good as a DSLR, but in a Smaller Size

Mirrorless cameras come in mainly two sensor sizes: Micro Four Thirds and APS-C. The latter is the same sensor size as DSLRs.

What’s the main difference? Well, mirrorless are much smaller and easier to carry around.

However, they need to give something away to have this advantage, right?

Well, most of them lack a mic jack and have lower battery life than DSLRs.

Still, this isn’t true for all mirrorless cameras.

The most expensive ones are pretty similar to a DSLR and they come with a mic jack. Sony is especially good at making this kind of camera.

These are without any doubt, the future of cameras for both photography and video.

So, if you’re planning on investing for the future, get a good mirrorless.

Point & Shoot: Best Kind of Camera for Starters and Easiness of Use

Canon PowerShot G5 X

These cameras are also commonly called compact.

Generally speaking, they’re the entrance level kind of camera for YouTube. However, there are some exceptions to this rule (like the one showed above).

Either way, they’re easy to use.

The newest point & shoot cameras are coming with good video features. Most of them can record 1080p video, so they’ve become really good for YouTube recording.

They are not that good in low light, and they don’t offer the wide zoom camcorders do; they generally have wide angle lenses, which are not the best when your vlogs are all about speaking to the camera. This is due to perspective distortion.

However, most of them do come close to a focal length that does not suffer from perspective distortion. They might not offer a really wide zoom, but most of the times this is not necessary for vlogging.

When to use compact cameras for YouTube?

A point & shoot is the best kind of camera to use for YouTube If you’re starting, don’t want to spend a lot on a camera, don’t need the best possible quality or don’t need to manually set all the details.

You can get away with a point & shoot for most YouTube channels. They record high-quality video, and in good lighting, they are not a problem at all.

As long as you don’t need to set everything perfectly so your videos are as pristine as it’s possible (like a makeup artist), you will most certainly do okay with one.

If you’re interested in getting a point & shoot camera, visit this post.

Camcorders: Best Kind of Camera for High Quality and Easiness of Use

Canon VIXIA HF G30

Camcorders are slowly being displaced by the other types of camera. This is due to the recent growing capacity of DSLRs for video recording and the increasing quality of compact cameras.

This type of camera is tipically the worst for low light because they have the smallest sensors.

They are normally made for different filming situations, so they’re built with a lens with a lot of zoom.

However, they’re pretty easy to use –most of them are made for home video after all. They also record high quality image.

The main advantage over the others is that these are truly made for video.

This means that they won’t heat up as quickly as the others, and they can record video clips that last for hours because they don’t have the typical 29 minute clip length limit the others have.


They’re the best if you don’t want to spend a lot of time learning how to use them but you still want to get really high-quality video recording. You can use them for any kind of channel.

If you’re interested in getting a camcorder, check this post.

Which Camera is the Right for You?

Let’s wrap up when to use each camera:

  • DSLR: When you want to record your videos from home, in your own studio. If you need to take your camera elsewhere constantly, they become a hassle. They are the best in low light.
  • Mirrorless: The ones that have APS-C size sensors are as good in low light as DSLRs, but they are much lighter and easier to carry around. They only lack the battery life and DSLRs have. Most of them also lack an external mic jack.
  • Camcorder: Use these as a backup camera for traveling or outdoor recording. They are the worst kind of camera for low-light recording. Use them as your main camera with good lighting if you are a livestreamer or you need to record for hours in one clip.
  • Compact (Point & Shoot): These are the real vlogging cameras. Everyone started with one of these because these are pocketable cameras that can still record top quality video. However, they are not very good in low light. Basically all of them lack an external microphone jack.


Know first what you’re going to do in your channel, and then choose your camera. It might be a good idea to go for a cheap model first. You don’t know if you’ll realize later that it wasn’t the best choice for what you want to do.

If you want to find the best cameras of each type, you can visit the following list posts I’ve made for each one of them:

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