Review: 5 Reasons Why the Samsung DV180F is Good for Vlogging

Why the Samsung DV180F is Good for youtube Vlogging

Max. Recording Quality: 720p30| MP: 16.2 | ISO: 80-3200 | Flip Screen: Yes (Front-facing LCD) | Touchscreen: No| WiFi: Yes | External Mic. Port: No | Video File Format: .MP4 | Manual Focus: No | Manual Exposure: No (Program AE) | Internal Memory: No | Focal Length: 25 – 125mm | Max Aperture: 2.5 (wide) – f6.3 (tele)

The Samsung DV180F is basically the cheapest camera you could get for vlogging. Getting a cheaper camera is just asking for trouble; its price is already below $100. Here you will find out why the Samsung DV180F is good for vlogging on a budget.

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Why is the Samsung DV180F Good for Vlogging?

You will get a really small zoom in exchange for a lower price – This is actually something good for vlogging. 90% of the cameras out there have huge zooms because that’s something the typical consumer needs in a camera. However, vloggers don’t need zoom, at least most of the time. Its 5x zoom is just enough for vlogging. You will be able to set the zoom at a normal focal length (50mm) to prevent perspective distortion, which is just what you need for vlogging. You won’t pay much for this camera thanks to its lack of zoom but will still get good value as a vlogger.

The front-facing LCD will allow you to check everything is okay while you vlog – Being able to tell if you’re being focused and that you’re inside the shot can save you a lot of time when vlogging.

Its WiFi function will save you a lot of time when uploading – You won’t need to use any cable to upload your videos to your computer or directly to YouTube.

It can record MP4 video – This format is accepted by YouTube, so you won’t have to convert your videos. It’s also a good file wrapper for videos as it’s not too heavy and yet doesn’t lose much quality.

Even though it’s extremely cheap, it has a semi-manual mode – You will be able to change either shutter speed or aperture when you use this camera. This is better than using auto mode. If you know a little bit about photography, you will find this useful. It’s also something rare to find in cameras this cheap.

What Are the Downsides to Choosing the Samsung DV180F for Vlogging?

You will get the typical downsides to getting a really cheap camera. There’s nothing wrong about the Samsung DV180F if you take into account its price range. Still, here’s what you will be missing by paying such a low price:

No external microphone port – You will NEED to use a portable or USB microphone to record your vlogs. You won’t be able to make video blogs if you don’t use a good microphone. This camera comes with a really low quality built-in mono mic. Don’t buy it if you don’t have a way to use a USB or portable mic.

Maximum 720p30 quality – This quality is fine for starters; however, it’s always nice to be able to record 1080p at different fps rates, which you will miss by buying the Samsung DV180F.

Poor performance in low light and vertical smearThis is also usual in cameras this cheap. Still, it’s not too bad because it actually offers a fair ISO range for the price. Nevertheless, make sure you use good lighting so your videos don’t lose any quality. You will also get the typical vertical smear when you record a lighting source; just make sure you don’t record a lighting bulb or the sun while vlogging.

No touchscreen– Touchscreens are always welcome because they can save you a lot of setting time.

All in all, it’s just a fair trade for the price. It’s a camera you could consider if you don’t have too much money to invest in it. However, if you’re interested in a better camera, check this list of cameras under $200.

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