Hi, I'm Will Azevedo

  • Studied audio-visual communications and marketing. Graduated in 2014 with a bachelor's degree
  • Full-time content creator since 2014
  • Photography hobbyist since 2015

I'll teach you all I know about building your own audience with digital media.

Photo at the Dolomitas in Italy

I built a Gaming YouTube channel (in Spanish) close to 10,000 subscribers in just a few months. But my blogs are my main job right now as I'm not super comfortable in front of the camera. Here's what the stats look at the time:

I have also owned many semi-professional cameras, attended multiple photography courses, and I've way too many phones, headphones, microphones and laptops. So you'll find tons of reviews on this website aimed at helping you get the right equipment and learn how to use it effectively.

Our Collaborators and Freelancers

As we've grown to become a fairly popular website, this has allowed us to expand to hiring more writers and collaborators mainly for our review section. We make sure our writers and editors have experience with the types of products they review on this site because we care that our readers make the right decision.

Since we're committed to this, we don't accept sponsored posts. Instead, we buy the products with our own money and make sure we're recommending the best ones on our pages. We always make sure to mention the good and the bad about each of the products featured on our website.

Not every product is right for everyone, so we make sure we recommend alternatives for everything. This makes it impossible to test every single product you see mentioned on our posts. For these, we read and learn from dozens of reviews and publish our own conclusions after carefully looking at the experience of other people.

Some of our most frequent writers and collaborators include Yuri Melo, Bea Mercado and Andrea Rodriguez.

We hope you have fun!

On behalf of our family, I hope you find our articles helpful and entertaining!

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What Our Readers Are Saying

Thank you so much for all these tips and ideas. Am really grateful I met someone like you in this phase of my life when I want to start something I had no idea about. 

You have helped me in such a way that I wonder "what if I never met you" then I would still be in a corner not wanting to start. 

You have really motivated me and am more ready to press that record button!! 

Thank you so much please feel free to send me more helpful videos and tips!!! 

Clevy Umoh

Medical Student and YouTuber

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