Hi, I'm Will Azevedo

Let me start by telling you ​what you shouldn't allow to happen to you in this age:

  • Living a life that is making you feel miserable.
  • Avoiding doing what you love because of what others may say
  • Allow it to continue to happen.

If there's a voice inside you that is whispering that there HAS TO BE MORE to life than the 9-to-5, or whatever situation you are in that you don't love, you're in the right place. 

I was trapped in a life without future, but I was able to escape it by building online audiences from home.

Now I'm teaching you how to do it by creating videos that you love, and by monetizing using your current skills.

I Had to Learn How to Build Online Audiences to Survive

You've probably heard in the news about a country in big troubles called Venezuela... Yeah, that's where I come from. Hola!

My Venezuelan ID

One day, I had enough of the awful living conditions I had back then:

  • I couldn't leave my house because I was too afraid of losing my life.
  • I had friends but no social life because of the high crime rates.
  • There were plenty of jobs, but they paid less than twenty bucks per month—and I'm talking about college-degree jobs.

Thankfully, we had internet—1mbps download speed/0.5mbps upload—, so I began reading about how to make money online.

I started answering online surveys for a few cents and even charged $1 to create 5 web 2.0 blogs on Fiverr.

That's basically $1 per hour of work

Here's me selling my butt

Remembering this now, it sound absolutely crazy, but It seemed okay at the time since my country was in one of its lowest points in history (btw, it's even worse now)...

I started reading about different methods for earning decent money, and the only one that would allow me to start with a low investment was building an audience with a blog or YouTube channel.

Back then, a YouTube channel wasn't a good option for me with only 0.5 mbps of upload speed, so I took the blogging route.

I didn't know how to write too well in English, so I had to learn how to do it. I just practiced for hours and wrote at least 3,000 words per day while I built my first blog—which failed, but at least I realized soon that it wasn't going anywhere. 

However, when you feel like your survival depends on the results you get, you find a way to make it work...

10 months later I was making over $3,000 per month passively with my second blog:

From $1 per hour to this passive income

My earnings kept going up until the point that I even made more than $13,000 in just one month: 

I took the opportunity to finally leave that dreadful place and moved to one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Lisbon, Portugal.

I got my freedom... and I even got robbed at gunpoint a few days before leaving the country while doing the required paperwork—and in the middle of the day. Thanks a lot for the farewell!

But it didn't matter because now:

  • I live in one of the top 4 most beautiful cities in the world.
  • I travel when I want to. Gotta take advantage of low seasons.
  • I eat what I want to (but I try to eat healthily since I still want to live for long :) ).
  • I go to sleep and wake up at the best hour for my body.
  • I watch Netflix and play videogames for as long as I want to.
  • But this is my personal favorite: I go grocery shopping while everyone is at work and I don't make any lines—GOD, I HATED going shopping on a weekend...

... and I keep earning the same amount of money even when I don't work for an entire month.

I Continued Working From Home and Built Multiple Blogs to Make More Income

The following 4 years I generated income with different blogs: a camera review site, a baby stroller review site (don't ask), and a food blog that I helped my girlfriend build as her "SEO consultant".

That was nice. But then, it was finally time to start my YouTube channel

I started my channel on the 1st of January of 2019.

Again, I started from zero in a completely different niche (this time gaming, my main hobby).

Soon enough, the expected snowball effect I experimented with my blogs started happening.

My first few videos didn't get too much attention, but I just kept going at it while trusting the system.

One month, 12 days later I had reached 1,000 subs. Another month and I was already earning money with my YouTube channel.


  • 191 in January
  • 2,446 in February
  • 5,849 in March
  • 7,428 in April
  • 8,514 in June (only 2 videos published)


  • 8,381 in January
  • 780,697 in June

Funny thing that I used a semi-professional DSLR camera for some of my first videos, but the best ones, the ones that blew up my channel, were recorded just with my webcam. This proved to me that image quality had Z E R O impact on growth.

So by now, I had proven to myself that I could grow any kind of audience on any niche.

I honestly was amazed at how good the system is and how consistent it is for any niche or content format.

The consistent results showed how good it is. I was getting 10 to 20k views PER VIDEO.

After a while, I stopped making videos because recording gaming videos wasn't something completely satisfying.

I realized that I wanted to start helping people do the same thing that I did: escape a life they hate by building an audience.

This is where I found my "calling".

I get a lot more satisfaction from helping others fulfill their dreams, so I abandoned my gaming channel and started dedicating full-time to help others grow and monetize on YouTube.

Can't you feel that if I can do it, so can YOU?

I didn't tell you all of this to brag.

Actually, I want you to know every detail because I had many disadvantages, but I still managed to do it. The point I want to make is that if I was able to do it with a broken English, one of the slowest internet speeds in the world, and while being a shy introvert with 0 charisma in front of the camera, you can do it probably much better than me!

You just have to follow the right system, and be willing to work hard and consistently to get your freedom.

It Doesn't Matter If You Haven't Recorded Anything in Your Life

It doesn't matter if it's your first time recording videos, or if you don't have an idea for your YouTube channel. You can learn every single step, no matter who you are.

YouTube is the second largest search engine and it's getting more than 2 billion visits per month.

This means that there are extremely high chances that there's an audience that needs YOU somewhere in there, you just have to find it.

You can build a side income that can change your life with a small channel if you're monetizing it effectively.

That's where I focus my teaching on.

What YOU Will Learn With Me

I don't focus on just telling you how to grow and make money through YouTube ads.

If you're familiar with how YouTube monetization works, you know that the number 1 objective of most new YouTubers is reaching 1,000 subs and 4,000 watch hours so they can show ads and start monetizing their videos.

They think they will become free from just doing that, but the truth is that this is a big mistake.

If you depend on ads to build your income on YouTube, you will need way too many viewers. You will have to become one of the top 3% YouTube channels to make enough to do it full-time.​​

Instead, the idea here is to start with a plan to create a system that works automatically from the moment you start creating videos.

The system should be designed to find people on YouTube, turn then into part of your regular audience, and sell them your digital products and services automatically.

And you only require a small channel for that.

Your ad revenue will be your "latte" money: a nice-to-have side income you can use for whatever you want, but the real income will come from selling your own information products or coaching to your small audience.

I'll teach you how to make videos that help others while generating enough passive income that will allow you to become free:

  • Free from fixed schedules: Simple choices like going to the supermarket while everyone is at work, or more meaningful things like taking a midweek escape to a beach on the other side of the hemisphere during winter
  • Freedom to take off the days that you want to.
  • Free from being trapped in a specific city or country.
  • Freedom of choice to do with your life whatever you want: working on your business to keep it evergrowing, travel around the globe or simply spend more time with the ones you love.
  • And most importantly, free to do everything during the LoW SeAsOn—WOOHOO!

But seriously, It's about designing the life that you want for yourself because it should be your right to choose.

And You Should Start With These

Two Steps


The first requirement is for you to truly want to record videos. If that is something that you feel would make you much happier, then you have the main requirement: to enjoy making videos!


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What Our Community Members Are Saying

Thank you so much for all these tips and ideas. Am really grateful I met someone like you in this phase of my life when I want to start something I had no idea about. 

You have helped me in such a way that I wonder "what if I never met you" then I would still be in a corner not wanting to start. 

You have really motivated me and am more ready to press that record button!! 

Thank you so much please feel free to send me more helpful videos and tips!!! 

Clevy Umoh

Medical Student and YouTuber

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