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How to Title YouTube Videos to Get More Views

Did you know that people only truly care about themselves? We’re all like this in relationships, business and just… life in general. Look at it this way: even though you absolutely love your family, you only love them because you’ve received something nice from them before. They probably love you too and you’ve had amazing […]

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VidIQ Review and Tutorial: Is It Worth It?

It feels awfully frustrating when you’re creating great content and people are not even seeing it! That’s why every kind of online content creator should be learning about SEO. It’s the best way to get eyeballs on your content when you’re a nobody. I can testify it: SEO allowed me to grow from being an absolute nobody to […]

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Vlogging on a Budget: How to Start for Under $25

vlogging on a budget

We’ve all seen the vloggers that have the latest-and-greatest gear, live in the McMansion, and have intricate lighting setups that make their face glow and their room bright and vibrant. However, when you ask them for tips for starters, they never say that having the most expensive equipment is the key to success. When you’re […]

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