101 Youtube Challenges to Go Viral in 2024

youtube challenges

Doing challenges is a great day to get entertain your audience and, sometimes, go viral.

However, most YouTube challenge lists out there give you ideas for challenges that most people can’t do.

And even worse, they show challenges that were trendy 5 years ago.

This list of recent YouTube challenges is made only of things that normal people can do and that are still popular.

More content ideas you’ll love:

Warning: don’t ever do something that may hurt you just for the views. These challenges should be safe to do, but don’t get too creative with them. Your safety comes first 🙂

Here we go:

Food Challenges for YouTube

1. Red Food vs Yellow Food Challenge

This is a two-people challenge where every round you have to pick — randomly — if you are going to eat the yellow or red food. For example mango or watermelon.

2. Spicy vs Extreme Spicy food Challenge

There are two plates with food. One is extra spicy and the other is just spicy. Each turn one person must choose one of the plates and the other person will eat the other plate.

3. Don’t Wipe your Mouth Challenge

This challenge is especially good for Mukbang channels. Also, it only needs one person to make it and is pretty easy to do. You have to eat a lot of food without wiping your mouth a single time. It works better with finger food that has a lot of sauce — chicken wings for example— for obvious reasons.

4. Candy Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to guess the type of candy you are eating while blindfolded. The person who guesses correctly most of the time wins.

5. Bite, Lick or Nothing Food Challenge

For this challenge, you will need three participants — plus someone to prepare the “food”. In every round, each participant should pick between lick, bite or nothing for the unknown food of that turn. The trick is to pick some disgusting foods in between turns like liver, chicken feet, etc. So, one round can be something delicious like a brownie and the next some raw onion.

6. The Pizza Challenge

Each participant has to choose a mystery topping ingredient in every round. You should have at least 4 ingredients per person to get a somehow complete pizza. In the end, everyone should eat their mystery pizza.

7. Healthy vs Junk Food Challenge

This is a two-people challenge where every round you have to pick — randomly — if you are going to eat junk or healthy food. For example bananas vs cookies.

8. Only Using One Color To Cook Challenge

Test your culinary abilities by just cooking with food from the same color (green, white, orange or yellow).

9. What’s in My Mouth?

In this challenge, you have to guess the food that you are eating while blindfolded.

10. Sour vs Sweet Challenge

Each turn you will have to random pick between eating sweet or spicy food. This challenge works better in couples.

11. Eat It or Wear It

You have to eat or dump over your head a list of foods. Most of them are gross so you have to decide if you want to taste clam juice or smell like it.

12. Superhero Food Art Challenge

It’s pretty fair to say that superheroes are more popular than ever — thanks, Marvel. So this challenge consists of making edible art from superhero movies like Avengers. You can make simple pancakes or get creative with multiple tiers cakes.

13. Let The Person in Front of you Decide What to Eat

You can either use Drive-thru or stalk the people in front of you to see what they order at a restaurant and order the same. Maybe you end up liking better that person’s taste.

YouTube Challenges to Do With Friends or Family

1. Who Wore it Better

Another challenge to do with someone — sisters, friends, boyfriends, mom, daughter, etc —- that will test your sense of fashion. Both participants will have to style the same piece of clothing to create an entire outfit. Then, you can make your audience vote who wore it better through Twitter or Instagram.

2. Coin Flip Challenge – Crazy Dares Challenge

This can be a very fun twist to a daring challenge. It works better when you have a group of friends 2- 5, so you can rotate the challenges. First, decide a dare between two people, for example, “giving a stranger a foot massage”. Then each must choose head or tail and flip a coin. The one who loses has to do the dare.

3. Making my Friend Ugly

The pint is to pick an outfit and a make-up to make the other person as ugly as possible.

4. Crazy Soccer Challenge

If you are a soccer player this challenge will be perfect for you, but you can try it too if you don’t play too much. You need to hang an object — or reward — in the middle of the goal. The objective is to bring down the object kicking a soccer ball. You can increase the difficulty of the challenge by distancing yourself further from the goal.

5. Whisper Challenge

This one is for couples. One person has headphones and can’t hear, while the other person tries to tell it a phrase. It’s like a lip-reading contest.

6. Mute Challenge

One person holds a remote control while the others must do things like singing, eating spicy food or any other activity that usually makes you make a ton of noises. Every time the person holding the remote control press the mute button, the others must stop making noise. If you make any noise while the mute button is pressed you lose points.

7. Doing Each Other’s Makeup

This challenge can be made between a boyfriend or girlfriend, friends, sister, etc. You have to make each other’s makeup. It works better if one of you is not a makeup artist.

8. Best Friend Challenge

Ask personal questions to your best friend — favorite color, movie, first pet’s name, etc— and if they don’t know the answer or answer incorrectly they lose 1 point. You can use points or some kind of “punishment”. Drawing each other faces, cover them with whipping cream, etc. Just be kind to not ruin your friendship.

9. Mum vs Dad Outfit Challenge

Ask your parents to buy you an entire outfit with a predetermined budget — 25$ for example. See who gets you the best outfit that matches your personality the best.

10. Not My Arms Challenge

You have to make an easy task that you are used to doing— like decorating a cake or drawing — and then another person will be your arms while you have your arms behind your back. This way the other person can’t see but will have to make the task while you guide him.

11. Head or Tail? Coin Flips Challenge

Challenge your friends to do crazy stuff (like eating spicy sauce) if they lose at flipping the coin. Test your luck!

12. Last to Use WIFI Challenge

See how much time you can spend at your house without using WIFI — or the internet in general.

13. Say No to Everything People Ask you in 24 Hours

This pretty much self-explanatory. See how your daily actions are influenced by saying NO to every question.

14. 24 Hours Handcuffed to your Sibling

Can you survive 24 hours of fraternal love? Things can get heated in no time.

15. Drive-Thru Swap Challenge

This is a two people challenge. One must be in the driver’s seat and the other in the backseat at the moment of ordering the food. Then you must quickly swap for the time you get the food. This is an easy way to confuse Drive-Thru workers.

16. YES to Everything My Bestfriend Said for 24 Hours

Do you trust your friends? Your fate will be in the hands of your best friends and you will have to say yes to every single thing. Things can get wild really fast!

17. Truth or Dare Challenge

Write down a list of questions that can be embarrassing or personal. Every turn a person will have to pick randomly a question. If they don’t want to answer, they will have to take a dare.

18. Extreme Waxing Challenge

Yes, this challenge is painful. But how amusing is it to watch someone getting waxed for their first time? Be ready for the pain!

19. Who Knows me Better? my Partner vs Best Friend

Make a list of personal questions that only someone that really knows you can know the right answer. Put to test your best friend and your partner and see who wins. Questions like first pet’s name? Middle School nickname? Favorite ice cream flavor? etc.

20. Two Truths One Lie

Tell your friend/partner/sister three sentences. One is a lie and 2 are true. The other person will have to guess the lie. If they guess right they win that round. If not, you win.

21. Truth or Drink

Make a list of personal questions. Each turn one person must answer a random question. If they refuse to answer they must drink a shot of lemon juice, spicy sauce, etc.

22. Never Have I Ever

This is a pretty popular game. But, you can make a version using signs with “I Have” and “Never”. You answer honestly to every assumption about you using the signs.

23. Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

This is a pretty self-explanatory challenge. Two people have to draw the same while blindfolded. The better drawing wins.

YouTube Challenges to Do By Yourself

1. Good Thing Challenge

This is the most wholesome challenge you will find. Just make a random act of kindness. Helping some charity, giving food to a stray dog, donating clothes, whatever you wish to do. Then, nominate three people to do the same and share the good vibes! You don’t need a lot to make someone happy.

2. Drive-Thru Trick-Or-Treat Challenge

Instead of going trick or treat around your neighborhood, why not going through a few Drive Thru with your spooky costume on. The reaction of the employee can be really fun to record.

3. 100 Layers Challenge

This challenge can be used for a wide variety of categories — usually beauty-related. 100 layers of lipsticks, nail polish, mascara, foundation, eyelashes, clothes, etc. The fun part is to watch the ridiculous results.

4. Speed Dance Challenge

See how fast can you dance your favorite boy bands songs (or any other song that has a choreography).

5. Don’t Look Away Challenge

Watch gross videos and you can’t look away or skip any part of it.

6. Guess the Movie/Videogame from a Song

Pretty self-explanatory. Challenge your movie, videogame or anime knowledge. Guess what movie it is just from its soundtrack. If you are a geek, this challenge is perfect for your channel.

7. 30 Drawing for 30 Days

If you have artistic drawing talent, this is a challenge for you. Make a different draw every day for a month. Push your talent to the limit!

8. Going to a Place Dressed as Celebrities Challenge

Take an iconic outfit of your favorite celebrity and wear it for school, church or the mall. See how other people react to it.

9. Recreate Famous Influencers’ Instagram Pictures

This is a pretty easy challenge where you have to make your own version of your favorites Instagram influencer. Have fun being an influencer for a day!

10. Making Ugly Clothes Cute Challenge (thrift flip)

This is a great idea to save a few bucks on clothes and to test your creativity and fashion sense. Go to your nearest thrift store and find the ugliest — and possibly the cheapest — piece of clothing and transform it into something wearable. You don’t need to have a sewing machine, just combining the clothes into a cohesive outfit can do wonders.

11. Let Strangers Buy Your Outfit

Go to a mall and pick random people to pick clothes that they think you may like. See if they get your style or not. The result may be a little crazy.

12. Try not to Get Uncomfortable Challenge

React to videos that will make you cringe or get uncomfortable and keep your reaction as cool as you can.

13. Try to Not Get Scary Challenge

Watch the most chilling, surprising and terrifying videos of the internet and record your reaction. Will you be able to not get scared?

14. 5 minutes DIY Challenge

These are all over the place. Pick a handful of tutorials and test if you actually can make them in 5 minutes. See if you can get the same Pinterest-worthy result.

15. Sing Anything Challenge

This is a challenge for those that can play ukulele or guitar. You need to set 4 chords (example: G, C, Em, D) and you have to fit multiple songs even if the melody doesn’t match. It works better if you make it with a second person and you play each song in turns.

16. Do a Tough Challenge in a Videogame

We all know at least a videogame with a high level of difficulty — Yes, I’m talking to you Dark Soul. But, in this challenge, you have to pick the most difficult mode to play your favorite videogame. Example: only using pistols in Fortnite.

17. Going to The Worst Rated Place

This challenge can be used for a wide variety of places, Gyms, hairdressers, nail salons, sushi restaurants, etc. Go and check how if the reviews are right or not.

18. Dollar Store DIY Challenge

See if you can make something cute just using things from the dollar store. Challenge your DIY abilities!

19. Speaking in a Different Language for an Entire Day

If you have a second language this is the challenge for you. Practice your bilingual abilities and have fun trying to communicate with others.

Couple Challenges for YouTube

1. Hard Yoga Position Challenge

Test your elasticity and yoga abilities trying to achieve the hardest positions. Of course, this will be harder — and funnier — if you have not practiced yoga before.

2. The Mouth to Mouth Challenge

Have you ever seen the iconic Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene? Well, this challenge is pretty much like that. You have to share food (gummy worms, popcorns, spaghetti, ice, etc) with another person using just your mouth.

3. Shopping for our Boyfriends at Girly Stores Challenge

Get your boyfriend an extreme makeover buying a full outfit exclusively from girl stores. Try to find pieces that can “match” your boyfriend’s style.

4. Remove Clothing Mystery Wheel

You have to make a functional spinning carnival wheel where you are going to write all the pieces of clothing you have: a shirt, hoodie, socks, pants, etc. Also in some spaces put the word “pass” as a free turn without removing any piece of clothing.

5. Spin The Mystery Wheel (1 Spin: 1 Dare)

This is a fun twist to the dare challenge. Make a spinning wheel and write 8-12 dares. Also, include 1 or 2 passes to give you a free turn. Spin it and do crazy dares. This challenge works better with at least 2 people.

6. Extreme Couple vs Couple Challenge

This is a couple vs couple competition. Pick 2- 4 challenges that require two people and see which is the most coordinated and better couple. Some ideas: extreme couples yoga positions, blow up balloons using each other’s body, etc.

24-Hour Challenge Ideas for YouTube

1. Overnight Survival Challenge

This challenge requires 2-4 people. Each of them is going to have a different budget to survive the next 24 hours on the outside. You can split one team with 1$ budget while the other team has 500$. The selection process must be random to be fair.

2. Copy What My Wife Does 24 Hours

What would happen if you had to make every single thing your partner does every day? This can be a fun way to see how would be to be in your wife/husband’s shoes for an entire day. You can do this with friends, bosses, parents, etc.

3. 24 Hour Whisper Challenge

Spend the next 24 hours whispering while vlogging. It’s more entertaining if you make if with a group of friends.

4. 24 Hours Overnight In a Tent

Spend a whole day in a tent outside. See if you have what it takes to “survive” without the comfort of your home. Extra points if you do it in wintertime.

5. I Only Ate Gas Station Food for 24 Hours.

Only eat at gas stations for a whole day. Try to find a complete and “balanced” meal for 24 hours.

6. 24 Hour Overnight Bathroom Challenge

Spend a whole day in your bathroom. Make sure you have all you need to “survive”, which includes food, entertainment, and pillows to sleep. Yes, you can sleep in your bathtub.

7. Only Eat Pink/Blue/Yellow/Green Food for 24 Hours Challenge

Get creative with your diet. Challenge yourself to eat a whole day with food of the same color.

8. Only Eat Weird Shape Food 24 Hours Challenge

Heart, square, round, or any shape you like. Pick one and eat food in that shape for a whole day.

9. Eating Food from a Foreign Country for 24 hours

Pick a country and eat food exclusively from that country for a day. So, if you love sushi you can make an “Eating food from Japan Challenge”, for example.

10. Swap Diet with your Grandma for 24 Hours

Exchange your cereal bowl for a bowl of your grandma’s oatmeal. Eat just like your Grandma and she must eat like you would do a regular day for the next 24 hours. Have fun seeing the difference in the diets.

11. Ignoring your Partner for 24 Hours

This is the easiest way to get your partner annoyed and maybe to get some funny reactions. This challenge is more of a prank to see how your boyfriend/girlfriend reacts to a treat of silent for an entire day.

12. Swap diet with your nephew for 24 hours

You can also do it with your children instead of a nephew. This works better with small kids (5- 8 years) because they eat little portions and it can be challenging to eat 24 hours like them.

13. Copying What The Other Does For 24 Hours

This challenge can be made with brothers and sisters, boyfriend and girlfriend, or best friends. Spend a whole day in the shoes of the other person and have fun doing things that you are not used to doing.

14. Living in our Car for 24 Hours

See if you have what it takes to eat, sleep and live in your car for 24 hours.

15. Living in our Bathtub for 24 Hours

This is pretty similar to the previous challenge. You have to spend a whole day in your bathtub and see how that works.

16. Listening to an Annoying Song for 24 Hours

Test your sanity and listen to the worst song you know for a day. Yes, that includes playing the song even while you are sleeping or trying to.

Funny YouTube Challenge Ideas

1. Things only 1% of people can do

There are certain body tricks that not everybody can do. Like touching your nose with your tongue. So, this challenge is to try to make if you are part of that 1 % of people that can make them.

2. Try Not to Get Anxiety Challenge

This is an extremely easy challenge to do and only requires that you have the nerve to watch other people’s videos doing extreme activities. The challenge is to try to keep calm while others are doing crazy stuff like standing at the edge of a cliff to take a selfie.

3. No Mirror Makeup Challenge

If you are a makeup lover you know how daunting making a perfect cat eyeliner is. Now, imagine if you had no mirror. Disaster. This crazy beauty challenge will test your makeup abilities. Have fun with the result!

4. No Thumbs Challenge

You have to make simple tasks like open a bottle, eat a package of crackers, or make a sandwich while your thumbs are duct-taped so you can’t use them.

5. Dad Jokes – Try Not to Laugh

Dad jokes are usually so unfunny that you end up laughing at how bad they are. So, in this challenge, you will have to hear the worst Dad jokes with a straight face. You can make things more exciting by holding water in your mouth so if you laugh it will spill all over.

6. Try Not to Sing-Along

Watch the music video of your all-time favorite song and you can’t sing along the entire time. How long can you resist?

7. Try Not To Dance Challenge

This challenge is especially hard for those who have the rhythm in their veins. Watch your favorite music videos — preferably those with choreography — and you can’t move an inch. This is a good video to use:

8. Try Not To Get Mad Challenge

Watch the most infuriating videos, like the end of Game of Thrones—I HATE YOU, D&D—and try to keep your cool.

9. Try To Keep Singing Challenge

Pic a list of musical movie themes and sing along during the entire time. Even if you don’t know the songs. The clips must have subtitles to help you.

10. Try to Keep Dancing Challenge

Make a list of music videos, chill videos and even a Bob Ross’ tutorial and you have to dance the entire time. Here’s a good video to use for this challenge:

11. Say it Backwards Challenge

Do you know how to say “bubble bath” backward? Well, this is your moment to shine.

12. 7 Seconds Challenge

You have 7 seconds to answer a question or make a certain task. Think quick!

13. Roast Yourself Challenge

Make a well-produced music video making fun of yourself.

YouTube Challenges for Kids

1. Try Not To Make a Sound Challenge

React to multiple funny or scary videos without making any sound. It also works with catchy songs and you can’t sing them.

2. Try Not To Say WOW

This is pretty similar to the previous challenge. You have to watch impressive videos without saying the word “wow”. You can use the following video for your challenge:

3. Math Dance Challenge

This dance is extremely funny AND fun to do. This catchy song has its own choreography that you can recreate for your Youtube channel.

4. The No-Look Challenge

To make this challenge you need at least two people. Each turn one person must point to one direction (up, down, right or left) and the other must avoid looking in that direction.

5. The Lunchbox Switch Up Challenge

This is a kid-friendly challenge. You can either swap the content of their daily lunchbox or make them select a lunchbox without knowing the food in there.

6. Last to Stand Up Challenge

Lay down on the floor with some friends or family and the last to stand up wins. If you and your friends are stubborn enough this challenge can last for hours, even a day.

7. Last to Leave the Room Wins

The challenge is to stay as much as you can in the same room with a few more people. The last to leave wins the challenge.

8. Last to Leave Circle Wins

Draw a circle big enough to fit comfortably the people in the challenge (2- 5 people max). Before the challenge begins every person can bring whatever they think can help them to win the challenge. The last to leave wins a prize.

9. Pancake Art Challenge

This is a pretty popular and viral challenge. You need a nonstick pan or a crepe pan. Also, a BIG batch of pancake batter that you can divide and dye for a colorful result. Finally, create pancakes with the shape and color of superheroes, emojis, cartoons, etc.

10. Floor is Lava Challenge

Every time someone says “floor is lava” you must not touch the floor because… its LAVA! This challenge is way funnier if you do it in a public space.

11. What’s in The Box Challenge

You have to guess correctly what is inside a box. This challenge will test your sense of touch.