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Top 5 Best Gimbals for Vlogging 2019

When you first start vlogging, you need three things — a camera, a mic, and a smile. But, if you want to bump your picture quality up a notch, you’re going to need a few extras. One of the biggest problems new vloggers run into is the dreaded shaky camera. If you’re trying to walk […]

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Shure SM7B Review: Best Microphone for Content Creators?

shure sm7b review for content creators and voice recording

Shure SM7B Overview ​Type ​Dynamic ​Brand ​Shure Weight ​2.03 pounds ​Pattern Classic cardioid polar ​Preamp requirement? ​Yes ​Price ​ Our Rating buy on amazon I’m obsessed with high-quality mics.   Why?   If you pay attention to some of the most popular ​YouTubers, streamers and podcasts ​on the planet, it’s audio that sets them apart. […]

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How To Become a YouTuber in 2019 (5 Steps)

​I always thought I would love to become a YouTuber.   That’s why I started my own YouTube channel and published my first video on the 1st of January of 2019.   I was able to grow ​that channel from 0 to 1,000 subscribers in 1 month and 12 days thanks to my background and […]

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Top 5 Best YouTube Starter Kits 2019

best youtube starter kits

Are you finally ready to start your journey into YouTube vlogging?   Great!   This could be the start of your next hobby or even career.   But, before you boot up your computer and create your YouTube account, you’re going to need some equipment. Here’s the problem:   Not only do you need a […]

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