Top 7 Best Vlog Editors for 2019 (Paid And Free)

When you're planning to start a vlogging YouTube channel, there are so many things you need to look into: cameras, lighting, microphones, editing software, tripod, lenses...

And not only that, but you also need to learn to use all these things like a professional.

I know, it can be overwhelming.

But don't worry! that's why we exist.

​Here you are going to learn what the best vlog editors are and how to choose the right one for you.

First, see here ​top choices, and then you can start learning about which one is the right for you:

Comparison of The Best Vlog Editors



​Payment Mode







Adobe Premiere

adobe premiere


Monthly Subscription

​$20.99 - $31.49

​Final Cut Pro



Single payment




Single payment or ​annual subscription

​$39.99 - $79.98





​Included ​with MacOS computers

​Pinnacle Studio


Single payment

​$59.95 - $129.95

​Sony Vegas


Single payment or subscription

$​49.99 - $399

How to Choose the Right Editor for Your Vlogging Channel

Your Budget

If you're still new to vlogging and still aren't sure if you'll like this, I recommend you start with cheaper or free vlog editors.

I know many people think that professional vlogs should be edited using powerful editing vlog editors like Adobe Premiere Pro, but this is not true.

An excellent ​vlog is all about the content and the clarity of the video and audio, and as an average vlogger, you can edit your vlogs using cheaper packages. ​

Using affordable packages will save you money and still fulfill most of your vlog editing needs. ​

A​nd you can always get more advanced software when you are more experienced.

Special Effects

It would be best if you also thought of the graphics and effects, audio effects and all the other elements that are required to make professional-grade vlogs. 

As a vlogger you will probably need a vlog editor that can at least do slowmotions for you.

You should also be aware of how complex ​your editing will be.

If you just want to record simple vlogs that are made of a bunch of clips glued together​, you won't need anything special and you​ can start with something ​free.


Then there’s the hardware.

Will the vlog editor run seamlessly on your existing equipment?

Does the software support your operating system?

Some of the top editors ​run much better in high-end devices, are you ready to upgrade your hardware to fit your preferred software needs?

If you want to edit 4k videos, you will need a high-end ​computer.

This is something really important to think about even when you're choosing a camera.

You should have at least a 64-bit PC and 8GB-16GB of RAM if you want a ​crash-free ​editing experience.


Think of where the finished videos will go after you’re done editing your vlog.

Does your preferred vlog editor integrate with video servers and other online platforms? 

​Videos are heavier the longer and the higher quality they are. Things like frames per second will also influence its size. 

You will need a considerable amount of storage if you're planning to start a vlogging channel.

Make sure you have this covered up before going ahead.

If you have a good internet connection, you can get a cloud storage solution, but they aren't free.

Now, we can start reviewing the editors that are great for vlogging.

​Top 7 Best Vlog Editors - ​Comparison

1.DaVinci Resolve

Resolve is my favorite choice for video editing. It started like a weak editor but it quickly became one of the top editors out there after constant updates. Te best of all? It's FREE.

Adobe Premiere Pro used to be the king of video editing software for Windows until DaVinci Resolve started offering most of its features for free.

You can basically do whatever you want to do with this software. It's even been used to edit Hollywood movies already, so it will be more than enough for YouTube videos.

This editor has a premium version with even more features, but I have personally found everything I needed, from animations and color grading to inserting text and effects, completely available and easy to use.

So unless you want to edit 4k video, you'll find everything for free.

The interface is completely customizable and the workflow is completely different from anything else I tried before. It's very intuitive once you get the hang of it.

I highly recommend that you stat with this free program if you're looking for the best editor out there.

The downside is that it's not safe from bugs since it's an app that's still in a beta phase.

A lot of editors are ready to make the jump from Adobe to Resolve but they still don't feel its as reliable since it's still on a beta phase.

However, I've honestly encountered a lot of bugs and crashes with Adobe, which is not only paid but also ridiculously expensive.

​THe Good

  • ​The light and color correction features are as good as you'd expect.
  • FREE unless you need to edit 4k+ video
  • Good optimization so it can be used with cheaper computers

​the bad

  • Still in beta phase, so you might find unexpected bugs.
  • Lacks more audio editing options and integration with diverse apps

​Adobe Premiere Pro is not only the preferred tool between professional photographers; it is also pretty popular between vloggers.

Adobe Premiere Pro has earned its place as the industry’s best vlog editing software, thanks to its familiar video editing interface, robust set of tools and an unmatched ecosystem of features.

This software also supports 360 VR content, 4K, and HDR video, without forgetting the Lumetri Color tool.

This tool allows you to apply professional colorization---which is something fairly simple to do even if you're new---, and any image modification to give your video a top-end finish.

And not only that; you have an almost unlimited combination of video and audio effects and transitions that you can easily apply to all of your clips by pressing a couple of buttons.

All these features make Adobe Premiere Pro well worthy of an Editors' Choice award for a professional-level vlog-editing software

I mean, it is the most popular vlog editor for a reason.


Bad part about it is that it's pretty expensive, so I wouldn't recommend it if you're just starting and have a small budget.

In fact, I can't recommend it over Resolve as long as it remains free. 

You'll see that in other sites and YouTube channels this is the most recommended software, but that's old news.

Imo, Adobe will need to start offering something better or reduce its price if it wants to compete with Resolve.

​THe Good

  • ​The light and color correction features are as good as you'd expect.
  • ​Integrates well with the Adobe Creative Suite (over 20 apps).
  • check
    Excellent preset audio modes that stunningly fit into your videos.

​the bad

  • ​The program is a resource hog. Its complex features tend to slow down its functionalities.
  • ​It has a subscription-based model.
  • ​The interface could be presented in a more user-friendly way

​​Right after Premiere, this ​premium tool is ​also popular between vloggers​. ​It is similar to Adobe's editor in many ways. However, this program is available with a single payment and it only runs on MacOS.

If you like making short educational videos, small movies or high-quality music videos, then this software was meant for you.

​It is made for professional work, so it supports several video formats including Mp4, MOV, AVCHD, AVI, and H.264, which are supported by most​ cameras.

Its incredible features cut across simple video editing to complex and fantastic effects.

This is not all; the software has various intelligent features such as Smart collections which automatically organizes your video library. It also runs on a 64-Bit architecture, making it run smoothly on ​most Mac computers.

Even though it's still a complete software, many people agree that it is easier to get into than Premiere, meaning that it is more newbie-friendly.

Still, you will need to learn the same editing techniques and "feel" as when using Premiere. It's just that the tools are presented in a ​simpler way and there's integration with your iPhone or iPad media files.


Final Cut Pro is good for a user​ that uses Apple gear.

For those who don’t have skills, the transition from free software like iMovie can be easier with Final Cut Pro.

It also presents a better payment plan, even though it's still pretty expensive if you take into account that you need a Mac to run it, which are ​higher priced than ​most computers.

​THe Good

  • ​A smooth organized workflow and user-friendly interface
  • ​​High-quality effects, titles, and transitions.
  • check
    ​Great importing function for videos and integration with other Apple devices.

​the bad

  • ​Requires MacOS
  • No integrations with more useful media editing tools

4. Filmora Video Editor (Paid)

​Available on both Windows and Mac, this vlog editor comes with several robust inbuilt editing tools. It is the only editor here to aim specifically at vloggers.

Filmora's main highlights include simplicity, user-friendly interface, compability across all major operating systems and a fast processing speed.

This makes the whole vlog editing process flawless and fascinating. If you’re in doubt of the features mentioned above and its effectiveness, you can start with the free trial version before upgrading to premium.

It's worth to mention that Filmora is aimed at a fairly amateur audience. In fact, they actively promote themselves to vloggers.

This makes using Filmora a lot easier in the beginning. However, it does include limitations over professional editors, even though it's a subscription-based software.

At least it is cheaper and easier to use, which vloggers that have a lot of limited time to learn editing will find extremely useful, and even necessary.

They include a "free" plan but it includes an awful watermark that you won't want to see in your videos, so we'll take this as a fully paid software.


Although Filmora doesn't do all the things done by other extensive programs, the software has some great features for ​vlogs.

​If you’re ready to learn using this software using their full range of tutorials, you’ll have no problems using it.

The software can give you a good looking video ​fast ​with its s​imple user interface.

​You can purchase​ additional effects as add-ons from Filmora, ​so if you end up needing too many you should just go with the more expensive Premiere or Final Cut Pro.

​THe Good

  • ​Made for beginners
  • ​Great tutorials for beginners
  • check
    ​Cheaper price makes it more accessible and you only purchase ​the effects that you need.

​the bad

  • ​Only one main video editing track
  • ​Limited ways to change color elements
  • Times
    ​Doesn’t support 360-degree videos

5. iMovie (Free)

​iMovie is the free editing software from Apple that is available for any Mac user. It offers all the basics you need to edit a simple video.

iMovie by Apple is among the most used video editing tools. You can use this software to edit your vlogs or movie in many possible ways, from adding text to your video, adding animations, voiceover, and adding a video to another.

The general layout of the software very simple, which makes it a must-have tool for any vlogger. The Key features include slowing down/speeding up parts of a video, trimming down videos and splitting them.

Moreover, this software comes with plenty of preset animation templates for your vlog.

You can also make video trailers using this software, and the best thing is that you won’t have to struggle with lengthy procedures to do it.

Just select an animation template, edit it and boom, you have your trailer. You can also share your edited video editing on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo.


If you’re thinking of using iMovie, the first thing you should do is adding more templates.

These templates will come in handy if you​ appreciate better workflow.

You can use beautiful templates to customize your vlog and to express yourself on your project.

The software also has tons of tutorials which is a good thing because you will be able to learn anything about the software easily.

​THe Good

  • ​Simple interface
  • ​Abundant audio tools
  • check
  • check
    ​Theater feature that can share videos to all Apple devices

​the bad

  • ​Lacks motion tracking and Multicam, features
  • ​Limited output controls
  • Times
    ​Doesn’t support 360-degree videos

​THe Good

  • ​Simple interface
  • ​Good timing cuts for audio and video transitions
  • check

​the bad

  • ​Very few video effects
  • ​Video Effects are not adjustable

​6. Pinnacle Studio (Paid)

​Another cheaper alternative for Windows computers. This is also an extremely popular software due to its amount of features and fair price. Available for a one-time payment ​from $59.95 to $129.95

​Most of the professional features are buried in the complex settings of this app. The app is based on 64-bit architecture, which means that it works pretty well with the latest laptops and computers.

The outstanding feature of this tool is that it can edit 4K videos, which is why most professional vloggers use it.

The software comes packed with tons of effects. You can enhance the audio quality and remove the unwanted audio noise in the ultimate version.

Moreover, this software supports creating excellent 3D videos side by side.


This is a fast, professional-level video editing software that supports 4K videos.

​It is a good vlog editor for an average vlogger because of its four-point editing feature and a smooth color grading system that will make your videos more appealing to your audience.

​THe Good

  • ​Simple interface
  • ​Edits 360-degree VR content
  • check
    ​Good price for the feature it offers
  • check
    ​4K and H.265 support

​the bad

  • ​Motion tracking issues on some PCs
  • ​Occasional crashes
  • Times
    ​Not as complete as the ​more expensive editors

​​7. ​Sony Vegas Movie Studio (Paid)

​Vegas is basically the closest to outperform Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. It only lacks the 3d capacities, and its ​Available on Windows platform from $49.99.

​This video editing software comes with two editing modes: simple editing and advanced editing.

The simple editing mode has nice necessary edits you can add to your vlogs; you can use this mode to finish your video quickly and directly upload it to YouTube.

On the other hand, in advanced edit mode, you can create projects using multiple layers and effects.

You can also edit 4K videos, use compositing and the color-correction tool to give your videos a more polished look.

You even make green screen projects using this software.

This software has been the main competitor of Adobe Premiere since the beginning.

Premiere ​offers the huge advantage of integrating the other Adobe products to create ​unmatchable workflow.

However, in the long run Vegas is cheaper and has everything you need for a vlog, even if you want to get creative.


With a fast running time and plenty of add-on programs, this program does a great job in log editing.

Once you know your way through the program, you will be able to create professional vlogs using this software.

The software also offers its users a great deal of controlling the finest vlog editing aspects to help them get exactly the output they desire.

Its vast library of tools and effects are highly recommended for vloggers who would like to give their videos a unique look.

​THe Good

  • ​Simple interface
  • ​Edits 360-degree VR content
  • check
    ​Good price for the feature it offers
  • check
    ​4K and H.265 support

​the bad

  • ​Requires too much mousing
  • ​Occasional crashes
  • Times
    ​Basically Premiere but without the app integrations

Conclusion ​And Final Considerations

​It's important to consider what other things you will want in the future before choosing an editor that has fewer features and it's cheaper.

For example, you might prefer Vega now because it has basically all the features from Adobe Premiere. However, sooner or later you mi​ght want the integration Premiere offers with its over 20 apps. This integration includes Photoshop, Lightroom and Audition, ​which can ​help you ​edit pictures to use in your videos and thumbnails. They can also let you edit noise out of your audio clips.

​Relearning another editor​ software later on is like starting all over again, so ​the best way is to ​start with the one that is more future proof for what you want to do.

Also, it's difficult to really compare all of these editors because they all have pretty much the same features.

Since they offer similar things, the smart thing to do is to use their free trial to see which interface you like the most. Most people prefer one editor over other because of this​.

​Finally, the best option and most complete one is definitely Adobe Premiere

However, it is​ also the most expensive and you need an even more expensive subscription ​for the license for the rest of the Adobe programs that allow its integration.

So you need to decided according to your needs and available budget. If you got the money, Premiere is never the wrong choice.

​And give it some time to learn how to use the program. There are thousands of video tutorials on YouTube and you can learn ​on your own, like thousands of vloggers have done.

Also, the better you record your video, the less editing you might need. There are many things you can do to improve ​quality without needing your editor.

It takes practice, but you will start doing it faster and better as you practice. So get on with it!

Will A.

Will is the founder of VloggerPro and he's an SEO expert, photographer and content creator that has been teaching these needed skills to vloggers for the last 3 years.

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