140+ YouTube Vlog Ideas That Get Thousands of Views

awesome youtube vlog ideas

There is no need to reinvent the wheel for almost anything in life.

In fact, you won’t find anything that is 100% original nowadays.

Most ideas have been tried before, and the same happens in YouTube.

Give the following ideas your own touch and you will be making a video your viewers will enjoy and watch until the end.

The YouTube vlog ideas I got for you here have gotten thousands of views. Some of them even MILLIONS.

Some other lists you’ll find useful:

Now, let’s begin creating awesome videos!

Table of Contents

First Youtube Vlog Ideas

1- Draw my life

This is a fairly popular video idea. Be sure to give your ‘draw my life’ video your own flair to make it stand out from the others. Say, you know how to animate. Maybe you can animate your life instead of just drawing it.

2- Room Tour

If you’re going to be recording from your room, why not show your future audience what your “studio” looks like. This is a nice way of getting your new subscribers to know you. There’s nothing more personal than your own room.

3- Talk about your gadgets

Are you a tech geek? Do you own a lot of stuff you don’t even need? Or do you have a lot of gadgets without which you couldn’t live a single day? Talk about them.

4- Siblings tags video

Ask your siblings questions and make them ask back to see how well you know each other. This is a good idea for your first video because it’s a way of being introduced by one of the persons that should know you well.

This is a very popular video that is also often seen among couples.

5- Introduce yourself

Or you can simply just introduce yourself! Talk about why you want to make Youtube videos, what are your expectations and simply state your name, age and what do you do and would like to do in the future.

6- Photo Slideshow

Photo slideshows are one of the easiest yet entertaining videos you can make. If you like a band, try compiling photos of them from past to present to show how they’ve changed over the years!

7- 50 Facts about me

Could you say 50 facts about you? This isn’t exactly an easy video to do, but it brings your subscribers close to you.

8- Review something: a book, a game, a hotel, compare to competition products

Establish yourself as a trustworthy figure. Tell your viewers about your experiences with certain products or services. If you went on a trip, tell them about the hotel you stayed at and how the service was. You can also make reviews about recent books you read or some games you last played.

9- Teach your special talent: e.g. How to mix music

Don’t let your skills and talents go to waste! Share them with the world. You can make how-to-play tutorials of your favorite songs if you know how to play an instrument or vlog about you edit your pictures and videos.

10- Tutoring

Are you so good at something that you can teach it? You can build your own little studio at home and turn it into a classroom, or simply use Screencast to record your monitor and make a tutorial. You can then scale it to a tutorial series that can give you tons of videos.

11- Make a video about do’s and don’ts for something

Almost any activity has do’s and don’t you can compile in an informative video. For example, you can make a video about do’s and don’ts for pet care.

12- Room organization and storage ideas

If you’re especially good at organizing things, it’s not a bad idea to record a video teaching your ways.

Beauty Youtube Channel Ideas

13- Review and Compare two beauty products

14- Bridal Shower gift ideas

If you are preparing for a Bridal Shower, you can give people cool ideas for a gift. If you just had your own bridal shower, show them what gifts you got!

15- Healthy breakfast videos

Looking good is also achieved by having a healthy lifestyle. Making a guide on healthy breakfast can give your beauty channel a lot of valuable content.

16- Celebrity makeover of a trendy character

People look up to celebrities. A lot of them love to imitate them. Doing a celebrity makeover of someone that is trendy is a good way to attract viewers.

17- First-day college makeup

The first day of college can be something stressful. Giving tips on makeup for a day like that will help viewers gain more confidence for that first day.

18- Daily eating plan videos

Do you have a particular diet you follow—-or that would like to follow if it weren’t for those damn cravings—?. Share a good eating plan for staying healthy.

19- Home remedies/tips

Home remedies and DIYs are always a great idea. Ask your mother for longtime family remedies for common problems such as a cold, a slight fever and the like. Try making them on your own and put them to the test.

  • Benefits of beauty products: e.g. Coconut oil
  • How to accessorize
  • Makeup on a budget

Extra Easy Ideas

23- Slow Motion

There are few things as mesmerizing as watching a slow-motion video. Using this resource is possible if you got a camera that can record at 60fps or higher. Take advantage of your camera’s capabilities and give your videos a cool touch with this feature.

24- A travel video (mountains/snowfall etcp)

Are you going out? Visiting a family member far away or need to do something out of the city? Bring the camera with you and start recording! It is just that easy. This way you won’t only just with a video that helps somebody know what they are going to find if they go to the same place.

25- Videos on study tips

If you’re a good student, showing others what you do to obtain good grades can be more helpful than you can imagine.

26- Event Recap

People are always thirsty for information. Take advantage of annual events like the Oscars by making recap videos highlighting what happened in the event and what you think about it.

  • List videos you love

Fashion Video Ideas

28- What is in my bag

This idea was popularized by Zoella. It has been done quite a lot of times before by hundreds of Youtubers. But guess what? It is still a fun kind of video that your subscribers will enjoy.

29- Valentine’s day makeup

Did you know 61.8% of people celebrate Valentine’s day? Ideas for makeup for this special day will surely be helpful to a lot of people.

30- Show off shoes/dress collection

Show your viewers what you keep in your wardrobe. Make sure to let them know your favorites and what kind of combinations you like to wear.

31- Try on some clothes

If you’re into fashion and is pretty stylish yourself, you can vlog yourself trying on clothes you recently bought. Talk about where you got them, how much they cost and what you like most about each piece. You can even branch out to making OOTW videos.

32- Highlight designers

Let your fashion-savvy self-shine through! Talk about your favorite fashion designers and brands. You can discuss their history and how they changed styles throughout the years and share your all-time favorite pieces from their lines.

  • Critique celebrity fashion
  • Recommend jewlery
  • How to match clothes
  • Highlight designers

Ideas for Beginners

37- Unboxing

Unboxing videos aren’t a new idea either. Still, there are thousands of new products launched each month, so this kind of video will never stop being searched. If it’s a new product you bought, you got yourself new content.

38- What’s on my phone

Making a video about what’s in your phone is a little bit more original than the overused ¨What is in my bag” video. Talking about the apps you use is an easy way of getting your followers to know you better.

39- List your favorite songs

Talking about the music you listen to is an easy video you can make that requires only a bit of introspection and thinking from your part.

40- List your favorite movies

Just like making a list of songs, a list of movies is just an easy and it’s good content to let people know you a bit better.

41- Talk about or show your pets

If you love animals, you probably own a pet. Present him to your viewers and talk a bit about him.

You can talk about how you decided you wanted a pet, how did you come up with its name, what crazy things he does, and more.

42- Birthday gift ideas

I don’t know about you, but for me, coming up with good gift ideas is really hard. Watching a video or reading an article that lists gift ideas would be extremely helpful. If you’re the kind of person that has an easy time coming up with ideas, you could help our inferior minds!

43- Show how you shoot your video

I’m sure you’re aware that shooting a video requires a lot more than simply hitting the record button. It sometimes requires a script and lighting, but it will always require brainstorming ideas, proper equipment, and some editing. Talk about how you do it.

44- Play a game and record it

You don’t have to be a gamer or own a gameplay channel to make videos of you playing something. You might be the kind of person that doesn’t usually play games, but you have one that you particularly play.

45- Give away something you no longer use

You can run a mini-contest for your subscribers and give away something you don’t need anymore. This is a good way of using this popular marketing technique without a huge budget. Just at least make sure the product works just as well as when it was new and it’s not falling apart.

It will always be better to give away something completely new, but this can be really difficult for a starting channel.

46- Show off animal tricks

It’s your pet’s time to shine! Remember those tricks you spent hours and hours teaching your dog? Now, they’ll finally pay off.

General Vlogging Ideas

47- A ‘how-to video’ for hiding things at secret places

Are you good at hiding stuff that is important to you? This video has around 4 million views, and if you watch it you’ll know why. It is a really original idea for a video, and some of the hiding spots are truly incredibly well-thought.

48- Vegan recipes

Being vegan is becoming a trend. There are many people living off doing recipes and even lifestyle tips only for vegans.

49- FAQ Video

Let your subscribers get to know you a little bit better by doing an FAQ video. Doing this will quell their curiosities about your personal life and help them see you as someone who they can relate to.

50- Editing Instagram pictures video

Are you an expert on Instagram editing? Share your tips, do’s and don’ts of editing a picture to make it look as good as possible to publish on Instagram.

  • Give a survival guide to a place
  • Help people come up with pet names

Funny Video Ideas

53- Top 10 Fails

Top 10 fails are extremely good at attracting views. However, it is not for any kind of channel. You could instead do a compilation of anything else you can think of. The audience loves numbers in a title, believe me.

54- Parody video

Making a parody video is not exactly easy to pull off. Nevertheless, there are good parodies you can do without a big budget and good video-recording skills if you’re funny enough.

55- React to Facebook profile pictures

There’s a terrible secret hidden and forgotten in most Facebook profiles: old embarrassing profile pictures. If you don’t remember what pictures you were uploading when Facebook was just launched, now it’s the time to film your reaction.

56- Makeup tutorial fails

There’s something satisfying about watching beauty gurus put on their makeup. But they don’t always go well. Whether it’s a mismatched foundation or an overplucked eyebrow, gather those clips up and make a compilation out of them.

57- Bloopers compilation

Seeing behind the scenes of your favorite movies or shows is always entertaining. Gather some bloopers from your favorite television shows and compile them in a video to share with other

  • Fans of the show.
  • Lip-Sync Video
  • Funny Song Cover
  • Funny pet video
  • Funny dance video
  • Funny baby videos

Collab Ideas

62- Shoot a video with a Youtuber from your area

You can find a Youtuber that isn’t too far away from you and do a little partnership to record a video. This will let you both gain subscribers from each other. You will need someone that is around just as big as you for them to want to cooperate.

63- Shout out eachother

Talk to a fella Youtuber from your niche and ask him to trade a mention in an upcoming video. For them to agree, you will probably need to have about the same amount of subscribers. It’s really unlikely that a much bigger Youtuber will trade shoutouts with you if you’re just starting out.

64- Host each other’s videos

Make a video and upload it to your Youtube partner’s channel. He will do the same and link each other in the videos to send your viewers both ways.

65- Do an interview video

A lot of channels that aren’t necessarily about doing interviews are making a living off just doing interviews.

If you talk about a specific subject, it’s never a bad idea to find others that have had a relevant experience and interview them. They might be more experts than you. Ask them questions that will make your channel have really valuable information.

66- Make a challenge video

There are many challenges out there you could do. Just choose one and partner up with someone. We give you many ideas below in the challenge video section.

67- Do a cover with a singer

If you’re friends with a known singer, you can ask them to do a collab with you on your channel. Pick a song you both like and sing your hearts out!

  • Interview musicians
  • Host a debate
  • Play a popular video game with a friend
  • Show a yoga teacher

Ideas for Couples

72- How much do you know your partner?

This is a really fun idea for both your relationship and your audience. You can make it funnier by making errors punishable? This is the kind of twist you should give to any of the ideas you get from this post.

73- My boyfriend/husband does my makeup tag

We guys—most of us— are utterly awful with makeup. Don’t miss the chance for your audience to make fun of your boyfriend—and you, as you will end up looking like a clown.

74- My boyfriend/husband does my makeup tag

This is a funny idea to do with your partner. You’d be surprised as to how bad most men are at doing makeup.

75- Couple Photoshoot poses

You can do a bit of research on professional photographer sites and make a list of the best poses for couple pictures. These kinds of pictures are becoming popular because they show the intimacy of being in a serious relationship.

76- Couple gifts buying guide

What are the best gifts for a couple? Where can your viewers find them? Have your partner say what they liked about your gifts and you do the same.

77- How to patch up with an ex

Advice videos are always a great idea. If you have plenty of experience in the love department, you can make a video discussing how one can patch things up with an ex. Just be careful as this is quite a sensitive topic for some.

78- Valentine’s Day Ideas

Help people with their relationships by giving them ideas of what to prepare for Valentine’s Day. Maybe something different than the typical boring date to a restaurant to spice up the relationship.

79- Best movies for couples

  • Song Dedication Video
  • Anniversery ideas
  • Candle light dinner how-to

Challenge Video Ideas

83- Mannequin Challenge

It’s never too late to join the bandwagon. Get some friends and shoot you doing the mannequin challenge. You can even make elaborate scenes to create so that your challenge stands out from the hundred others.

84- Blindfolded drawing challenge

Try to draw the Eiffel tower with your eyes closed. This is an easy way of making a tower look like a pancake.

85- Bean boozled challenge

This is a good challenge for anyone, even kids. Be prepared to taste some disgusting things for the sake of your audience’s entertainment.

86- The Eat It or Wear It Challenge

Think you have a strong stomach? Put it to the test and do the Eat It or Wear It Challenge! Pool together some of the most outrageous food and condiments you have in the house and find someone to play with.

87- The Cinnamon Challenge

You’ve probably seen videos of this challenge before. Try it out yourself and get a friend to do it with you. Just be careful as too much cinnamon can cause excessive coughing and throat irritation.

88- Ghost Pepper Challenge

This is another viral food challenge that you can do. All you’ll need to shoot this are some ghost peppers, maybe some milk to help with the spice and of course, plenty of courage!

  • Try Not to Laugh
  • Speed Drawing
  • The Whisper Challenge
  • Ice bucket Challenge

Ideas for Kids

93- Art and Craft

Are you good at making figures with foam? You can teach others your crafts and the unique figures only you know how to make.

94- Teach colour names with toys

Teaching kids in fun ways is what every parent is looking for. Teaching kids the colors with toys, fantastic stories and even animation is a popular topic on Youtube.

95- Rhymes video

Kids love watching these videos so it’s common to see parents looking them up for them. If you’re good at animations, this kind of video can draw a lot of views.

96- Show Off Magic Tricks

Who doesn’t love magic tricks? There are lots of tutorials on doing popular magic tricks. You can learn some and present them in your video.

97- Indoor games ideas

Sometimes the weather just won’t cooperate. Share your favorite games which can be played indoors. Tell your viewers about the rules of the games and why you recommend them.

98- Kid’s face painting ideas

  • School lunch ideas
  • School hairstyle ideas
  • Math online tutoring
  • Best animated movies

Video Ideas to do with Friends

103- Prank video

Is your friend staying at your home for the night? It might be a fun idea to prepare a prank and have your camera prepared for recording. Don’t go too hard on him though, views are not worth a friendship!

104- Movies scene reenactment

Get together with your friend, write down your favorite movies and see which ones do you share. Reenacting one of the iconic scenes can have extremely funny results.

105- Make a Contest

Make up your own challenge and get some friends to do it with. Hey, what do you know? You might start a new viral trend on Youtube!

106- Introduce Friends or Family

Once people get to know you online, they also start getting curious about your personal life. You can begin by showing your close friends and family in a special video or in your daily vlogs.

107- Shoot a surprise visit to friend

Got a friend you’ve been meaning to meet up with but haven’t yet? Now might be the perfect time to give them a surprise visit. Be sure to catch their reaction on camera when they open their door and see you.

  • A tour video with friends
  • Friend’s sleep over ideas
  • Night out with friends Ideas
  • Camping Ideas

Video Ideas to do Alone

112- Workout Video

These videos became really popular fast. It can be about Yoga or any other kind of exercise anyone can do at home. You can also do this kind of video at the gym, but make sure you’re allowed to film there before doing it.

113- A rant about anything or a story about yourself

Is there something that is constantly annoying you but you have to put up with it? Use your Youtube channel to get it out of your chest. Make sure to state what needs to change for it to be acceptable, and try not to offend others (although this is kind of hard on the internet).

114- Teach a language

It doesn’t really matter what your mother tongue is, there’s someone on Youtube looking for videos to learn to speak it. You don’t have to do an entire tutorial series about it. You could simply do the top 10 hardest words in your language or anything language-related you can think of.

115- Make a reaction video about a show

T.V. series like Game of Thrones became even more popular thanks to this kind of video. They work extremely well when there’s a trendy show chapter everyone is waiting for. Season finales are especially attracting.

116- Discuss gaming history

Most people simply record themselves playing a videogame. What about creating actual content around videogames? You can, for example, discuss the history of gaming in general or about a particular long saga like Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Counter-Strike, or any other of the like.

117- Goals video

Do this kind of video not only for your viewers but also to give you more motivation to stick to your goals. You can create milestones and make an update video each time you reach a new milestone. This idea can give you more than just one video.

118- Artsy video

If you’re an artistic person you can make a video about your art. It can be playing an instrument, acting a movie scene, painting, drawing, dancing or any other kind of creative activity you’re good at.

119- Talk about a charity you think is really important

This is also a way of helping something you believe on. Never hesitate to talk about what you think can make the world a better place. And better yet, never stop trying getting others to help.

120- Favourite Apps

Downloaded any good apps lately? Make a video about them and share these nifty or entertaining apps with your viewers. Tell them about what your favorite apps are for and how they can use it in their lives as well.

Christmas Video Ideas

121- DIY Christmas Wreath

Do you know how to do a particularly original Christmas Wreath? These ornaments are incredibly popular in this season and people love looking for new ideas each year on Youtube to make their own.

122- Make a listicle video with Christmas theme

Making list articles will always be popular. People love watching and reading lists because they are well organized and they get a lot of ideas from them. You could actually take almost any kind of list article and give it a Christmas twist. See the video example of 10 lifehacks for Christmas.

123- Christmas family celebration vlog

Getting together with family is the best thing of Christmas. You can record a vlog of this special day in your life to achieve a special kind of bonding with your viewers.

124- Christmas dance video

Christmas dance videos are incredibly popular on YouTube. If you don’t believe me, look at this simple video from a dance school that got more than 11 million views!

125- Christmas makeup video

If you know a thing or two about makeup, making a tutorial or showing different ideas for Christmas-themed makeup is a good idea for the holidays.

126- Christmas room/apartment tour

Did a great job decorating for the holidays? Now, you’ll have a reason to show them off when you do a room or an apartment tour for your viewers. You can also talk about the story behind your oldest Christmas decorations.

127- My favourite Christmas Food

128- DIY Christmas Gifts

  • How to decorate a Christmas tree
  • My christmas traditions

Summer Video Ideas

131- Summer Essentials

A list of the products that you use only for summer an20d the reason why behind them is a useful video, especially in the beauty niche. You can do it each year as there are new products coming out all the time.

132- Summer Party Food Recipes

Parties are really common in summer. Pool, beaches, sun and a lot of heat make preparing these parties unique. You can bet many people search for tips to prepare a summer party. Food recipes are just a small part of what it takes to have a good time with friends.

133- Summer DIY Tshirt

Summertime is particularly compatible with doing crazy style changes. DIY Tshirts are actually very popular in summer because people can usually wear very casual clothing.

134- Summer morning/night routine

Summer implies a complete change of routine. Let your viewers know how a typical summer day in your life looks like.

135- Pool party snacks

Nothing like a pool party for summer. Give people some ideas for pool party snacks so they can have the best party pool ever.

136- Summer outdoor sports

People have plenty of time on their hands during the summer. Tell them about some summer outdoor sports you like playing with your friends. You can even vlog yourself while playing so viewers can see you in action.

137- Summer: How to keep cool

Summers are humid and hot. Make good of a bad situation by sharing your tips on how to keep cool during the hot months.

  • Best Summer drinks
  • Where to go in summer in your city
  • Summer tan treatment
  • Summer beach body tips