The 5 Best Nikon Vlogging Cameras in 2024

Best nikon vlogging cameras

It’s undeniable that you will find more options for video recording from other brands. This is especially true for vlogging, as Canon, Panasonic, and Sony have more experience and they love making small cameras that perform well for video.

However, Nikon has been stepping up their game these last few years, and now they’re offering pretty nice mirrorless cameras that you might want to consider.

I still like to recommend Nikon mainly for people that need a camera for their Youtube channel but that also need to take a lot of pictures.

For example, makeup artists will get a lot from these cameras. They can deliver great video, but they excel at taking pictures. Food vloggers will also find these cameras really useful.

But I think we’re in an interesting time for Nikon, and I believe they will soon start releasing amazing vlogging cameras. But for now, here are the options they offer.

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Nikon Z 30

Nikon Z 30 with Wide-Angle Zoom Lens | Our most compact, lightweight mirrorless stills/video camera with 16-50mm zoom lens | Nikon USA Model

The Good

  • 4k recording
  • Made for content creators, so it has all you would need for this job
  • Good autofocus

The Bad

  • No in-body stabilization

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The Z 30 was Nikon’s first camera finally aimed directly at content creators, and that means that it’s pretty good for vloggers too. And they were serious about it.

It has all the things that you would desire as a creator:

  • Eye-tracking autofocus with touch AF
  • 4k recording
  • Flip screen
  • External mic input and stereo built-in recording
  • Recording light so you’re sure that you’re recording
  • Transfer images with ease
  • Non-stop recording for over 2 hours (it might still stop before if the camera overheats)
  • Constant power when connected to a power source

It’s just missing a built-in stabilization, which they decided to include only in its kit lenses. This is understandable when they wanted to make an affordable and portable camera, so I don’t judge them.

However, this is a weak point still because Nikon’s selection of lenses for vlogging is much smaller than other brands.

Regardless, if you are a fan of Nikon, and you’re looking for a vlogging camera, this one is a no-brainer.

Nikon Z fc

Nikon Z fc with Special Edition Prime Lens | Retro-inspired compact mirrorless stills/video camera with matching 28mm f/2.8 prime lens | Nikon USA Model

The Good

  • 4k recording
  • Flip screen
  • Mic jack
  • Good eye autofocus

The Bad

  • No in-body stabilization

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Even though this camera wasn’t specifically made for vlogging, it can still work like one. It’s a mirrorless APS-C camera with a flip screen, external mic jack and that can record video in 4k —surprisingly— without crop.

And what’s even better, the eye autofocus is pretty good. This is a surprise coming from Nikon, so it basically makes this a pretty decent vlogging camera.

It also supports live streaming and the connectivity with social media is great. You can upload to your phone or directly to the cloud without any trouble.

The only real disadvantage is the lack of in-body stabilization, but this is common even in Canon mirrorless cameras. It comes with electronic stabilization that will add a small crop to the image if you use it. It’s worth using if you want to improve the stabilization, but you still will want a lens with optical stabilization.

It’s not the lightest mirrorless camera either at 445g, but it’s still easy to carry around and its vintage look will surely be something many people will like.

Nikon 1 J5

The Good

  • Great price
  • Easy to carry around
  • Flip screen
  • Good sensor size

The Bad

  • No 4k
  • No in-body stabilization

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The Nikon 1J5 is the only affordable mirrorless proposal from this company, but it is a good one.

This mirrorless is a small camera that has better sensor than point & shoots, has interchangeable lenses and a flip screen.

It is as light as the Canon Powershot G7 X, even though it comes with a larger sensor, which improves its low-light performance.

It can record up to 1080p60 and it offers time-lapse and slow-motion recording.

These are quite good things to have in a vlogging camera. But the best thing is that it’s all available for a good price.

It’s a shame that Nikon didn’t build an APS-C sensor for it, and this is the main reason why people prefer Sony or Panasonic for mirrorless. However, this would have made this camera a lot more expensive.

Either way, it still is a good vlogging camera thanks to the good stabilization system included in the stock lens and its good price.

Nikon D5600

D5600 DX-Format Digital SLR w/AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR

The Good

  • Great DSLR for both video and photography
  • Great battery life for the price (600 shots)
  • Great in low light
  • Flip screen and mic input

The Bad

  • No 4k
  • DSLRs are heavy to carry around

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Here we enter the DLSR territory. This camera has an APS-C sensor, which is the largest you can find before full-frame.

This makes it better in low light than most cameras in the market.

They can be quite big, but they also perform the best. They offer the best dynamic range, colors and performance in low light. That’s why while the previous cameras are the ones you need to get if you want to record vlogs outside, these ones are great options if you want to record mostly from home.

To begin with, the D5600 is the first camera that comes to mind when introducing someone to DSLRs.

It’s cheap for a DSLR, but it offers everything that makes these cameras unique. The Nikon D5600 comes with everything a YouTuber needs to start implementing real high quality to their channel.

It has a flip screen, WiFi, timelapse recording, good focus and fully manual mode; all this in a camera that delivers great colors and can take professional-looking pictures for a good price.

A cheaper good alternative is the Nikon D3300, which is basically a D5600 without the extra useful things like WiFi, flip screen, and timelapse recording. Its autofocus isn’t as good either but this is not important if you want to record from home

Nikon D610

The Good

  • Affordable full-frame sensor
  • Outstanding battery life (900 shots)
  • A lot of helpful features for photographers
  • Microphone input

The Bad

  • No 4k
  • DSLRs are heavy to carry around

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If you want to take it one step further, the Nikon D610 DSLR is an outstanding camera combining both photography and video.

I recommend this one if you are truly serious about photography and vlogging at the same time.

It isn’t the most comfortable camera to carry around, and it’s much heavier than the D5600, but it’s a camera that any photographer could love.

It performs extremely well in low light for the price. This is because it’s a full-frame DSLR that won’t cost you an eye watering amount of money.

This camera has environmental sealing, a top LCD screen that helps changing settings easily, can shoot up to 900 pictures without depleting its battery, and its viewfinder is extremely good (pentaprism and 100% coverage).

I could say this one is worth getting only if you are planning to take a lot of shots together with your vlogging, but the truth is that having a full-frame camera for this price is good for any kind of job.

You don’t need to worry about lighting with this camera, and that is enough for it to be considered one of the best cameras for YouTube vlogging (although using good lighting will make your channel stand out).

Just remember that it’s quite heavy.

It is a camera that comes in handy to few people, as most vloggers will be satisfied with any other cheaper camera from this list. But if you’re the right person, you will find this camera really useful.