The 5 Best Panasonic Vlogging Cameras for YouTube [2019]

The Best Panasonic Vlogging Cameras for YouTube
Panasonic is a brand that gives vloggers a lot of advantages. They don’t offer a huge amount of options, but the ones I’ll review on this list are worth considering. Here I present to you the best 4 Panasonic vlogging cameras for YouTube.

The 5 Best Panasonic Cameras for Vlogging


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What’s Good About Panasonic?

Panasonic is one of my favorite camera brands right now because they are totally different from the others. They’re making mirrorless cameras with slightly smaller sensor sizes but that are very friendly for vlogs. They’re , in general, one of my favorite choices for video recording.

Lumix LX100 - A compact camera for vlogging

Photo credit: s13n1

Panasonic’s strategy on this market is to offer mirrorless cameras with a smaller sensor than most competitors. These sensors are called Micro Four Thirds; they are really close to the size of the classical APS-C sensor, but they allow the developing of smaller cameras with more features.

This is why you’ll see that most Panasonic mirrorless cameras have an external microphone input. This makes them an extremely appealing deal for vloggers.

After all, you want the best audio possible if you want your audience to listen to what you say.

They are very similar to Sony in the fact that they are offering mainly mirrorless cameras. On the other hand, brands like Canon and Nikon are stronger in the DSLR market. Sony and Panasonic trust that, in the end, DSLRs will be replaced completely by mirrorless.

This might not happen soon, but it’s not a crazy thought when you see the numbers and compare the advantages of both types of cameras. For vloggers, I like to recommend mirrorless: they’are smaller and have the same features DSLRs have. Nowadays they only lack battery life, which is easily dealt with by getting additional batteries.

Now, let’s see the best Panasonic can offer to vloggers.

Panasonic GH5 – Best Camera for Professional Youtube Videos

I’ve said there are exceptionally good cameras for video from Panasonic. This one is my favorite choice for professional video, and here’s why.

The Panasonic GH5 is the camera I like to recommend for YouTubers that have the budget to get the best image quality.

This is one of Panasonic’s best mirrorless cameras that can compete hand-to-hand against more expensive cameras like the Sony A7 SII.

Its 4k recording quality is truly stunning, and it’s a camera made for video, so it has 5-axis image stabilization, flip-out screen, and external microphone port.

The camera can record impressively smooth video—especially when using the Dual IS, which lets you use two stabilization systems at the same time with certain lenses—and has amazing Dynamic Range capacities for situations with high contrast.

The camera is not the best for low light—although it’s the best option from Panasonic—but for a vlogger or Youtube will be more than enough, especially if you use a lighting setup at home.

It’s not the camera you should go if you want to record a lot of nightlife, which is the specialization of the Sony A7S II. However, this Panasonic is simply more comfortable to use, and it’s weather sealed and fairly portable.

Read the full review: Panasonic GH5.

The Good

  • check
    Made for video (IS, mic. port and flip screen)
  • check
    No video recording length limit
  • check
    Professional-quality 4k video
  • check
    Dual I.S.

The ​Bad

  • A bit expensive
  • As heavy as a DSLR

Panasonic Lumix G7 – Best Budget Mirrorless Vlogging Camera

While the Panasonic GH5 is a truly outstanding camera for professional video recording, the Panasonic G7 brings a more amateur approach. Nevertheless, it has everything you need for video, except for image stabilization—gladly, the stock lens comes with optical stabilization.

It is probably the best budget 4k video camera. You will have the same sensor size and recording resolution as the GH5.

The things you will be sacrificing by getting this one instead of the GH5 are: that it doesn’t have as good slow-motion, 29 minutes continuous recording limit, lower battery life (around an hour and a half of video shooting) and no headphone input.

Also, of course, the camera doesn’t have nearly the same Dynamic range as the GH5. But taking into account the huge price difference, the tradeoff is well worth it.

You’re also getting a touchscreen, flip-out screen, focus peaking and time-lapse recording.

That’s why I don’t hesitate to say that it’s a great offer for YouTubers looking for a practical, high-quality camera to use to record from home but to also take out on trips.

Oh, did I mention it’s a lot lighter than the GH5?

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The Good

  • check
    4K recording on a budget
  • check
  • check
    Flip-out screen and external mic port)

The ​Bad

  • No image stabilization

Panasonic LUMIX G85 – Best Mid-Range Vlogging Camera

If you’re willing to spend a bit more money that you need for the G85,  but don’t want to go all-in with something like the GH5, the G85 is the perfect middle ground.

It’s a kind of successor to the G7, as it’s very similar but it adds image stabilization, so you won’t have to invest in a lens with OIS.

It is also environmental sealed and has a few more improvements mainly for photography (new shutter and EVF, for example).

The only real downside is that it doesn’t have any battery life improvement even though it’s more expensive. Also, it weighs a bit more, although it’s still lighter than the GH5.

It’s overall a really good camera for the price that can record as good 4k video as you can get for the price.

I’d recommend you go for it if you got the money, as it’s a camera with overall better technology and just the IS makes the price difference worth it, since you would need to pay extra money for lenses with IS.

Read the full review: Panasonic G85.

The Good

  • check
    4K recording
  • check
  • check
    Made for video (IS, mic. port and flip screen)
  • check
    Environmental sealing

The ​Bad

  • Lower battery life than the G7

Panasonic Lumix LX10 – Best Daily Vlogging Panasonic Camera

The Lumix LX 10is Panasonic’s best offer for vloggers that need to carry their camera around. It is light and pocketable. It’s definitely the camera you should go for if you want to record 4k with a high-quality lens for a really fair price.

This camera is one of the Canon G7X Mark II main competitors. It’s available for a cheaper price even though it can record 4k video.

The main reason for this is that it is not as reliable as the Canon in other aspects. For example, I don’t like using the autofocus and the image stabilization is not as good.

However, it does achieve beautiful colors and has a f/1.4 lens, which is even more luminous than the f/1.8 from the Canon.

Go for this camera if you want a pocketable option that can record 4k, and you don’t mind using the manual focus from time to time.

The camera will do just fine as long as you record your own, but it starts to perform worse when you are trying to change your focus subject often.

Read the full review: Panasonic LX10

The Good

  • check
    Amazing lens for a cheap price
  • check
    Pocketable vlogging camera
  • check
    Flip-up screen and IS

The ​Bad

  • Worse for low light than the previous cameras
  • Unreliable autofocus
  • No external mic port

Panasonic HC-V770 – Best Backup Panasonic Camera for Vlogs

I normally don’t recommend camcorders unless they are truly outstanding, and the Panasonic HC-V770is one of the few.

Even though it’s a camcorder, it performs well in low light. This is the most important flaw these cameras have. They have smaller sensors so it’s natural they aren’t as good in low light. But this one does come out between the top ones in the market in 2016.

It comes with a mic input (no phantom power), 20X zoom, a flip screen and long battery life for continuous shooting. It is comfortable to carry around and it’s fairly light.

It comes in three versions:

The first version performs just fine for vlogging and more. Its zoom lets you record multipurpose video, which means you can use it to record basically anything as long as you can hold your camera with your hands or a tripod.

It’s a camcorder you can use for almost any kind of video you want to upload to your channel. This reliability is enough to consider it a good camcorder for video blogs.

The Good

  • check
    Made for video (IS, mic port and flip screen)
  • check
    4k version available
  • check
    Small, lightweight and easy to hold

The ​Bad

  • Small sensor, so it performs the worst in low light
  • Doesn't have as many creative options as a mirrorless camera

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