Top 60 Vloggers You Should Follow in 2024

Top vloggers you should follow

Video blogging started as a hobby for a small group of people. I’m sure most of them didn’t imagine how this kind of content would evolve and become something so popular and important a few years later.

Whether you want to become a vlogger, or just love good entertainment, hopefully this post will help you out a bunch!

Do you know more vloggers that you love and aren’t on this list? Make sure to tell me on the comments and I might update this post to feature them in here!



Subscribers: 2.500.000+

Louise is a mother, writer, blogger and vlogger. And she is incredibly successful at these 4 professions. I’d call her a variety vlogger since she talks about many different subjects and covers tips, unboxing, maternity, and much more. You can also throw in the mix of daily vlogs from her secondary channel: SprinkleofChatter.

Did I mention she is a Sunday Times Number One seller writer? If you want to know more about her and her books, you can visit the blog sprinkleofglitter.


Subscribers: 1.800.000+

This channel tells the parenting life of Anna Saccone and Jonathan Joly, a charming couple living in Ireland. They are a clear example of what is needed to succeed in vlogging: loving what you do and put lots of efforts. They’ve been uploading videos on a daily basis on their main channel for years. And they still got time to upload some more a couple days a week in their personal channels: Anna Saccone and Jonathan Joly


Subscribers: 640.000+

This channel is owned by the most artistic vlogger I know. Carrie Hope Fletcher is a singer, songwriter, actress and author that also has one of the most successful vlogging channels out there. Combine her artistic talents with a funny personality and you can understand why she’s so entertaining to watch.

Tom Fletcher

Subscribers: 620.000+

Carrie Fletcher’s brother is another natural artist. He’s also an author and guitarist. A large part of his contents are video updates dedicated to his sister, as they don’t see each other very often. Both brothers tell each other what’s new through these videos. They have been doing this video series for more than 3 years, and it’s one of the main things you’ll love about their channels.


Subscribers: 1.700.000+

If you think going on vacation to exotic places is an amazing experience, you have to also try seeing this through the eyes of a professional filmmaker. Besides vlogging his life, Sawyer Hartman makes breathtaking videos that feel like Hollywood productions about all the beautiful places he visits with his fiancé

Nicole Guerriero

Subscribers: 2.800.000+

Nicole has mainly made beauty tutorials through all her content creator career, but she has recently expanded to also making lifestyle vlogs. By her good humor you can tell that she loves doing this new kind of video, and her fans love being able to get to know their favorite beauty guru to a deeper level. If you want to get to know the life of a successful stylist, and love laughing out loud, we recommend you take a look at this channel.

Alodia Gosiengfiao

Subscribers: 220.000+

Alodia is a gamer from Manila that has been named one of the most influential women in the Phillipines. She’s an artist that has made herself a name mainly through creating amazing cosplay of her favorite characters.

If you’re wondering what is it like to be involved in gaming events, her vlogs will give you a nice idea.

Fleur DeForce

Subscribers: 1.400.000+

Fleur De Force started vlogging in 2009 and she already grew her audience to the point of becoming one of the most successful in the UK.Since then she’s been able to release her own products with the eyelash brand Eylure, and has become the author of two books. She is basically one of the main online authorities when it comes to beauty and fashion.

Jake Boys

Subscribers: 345.000+

If there’s something Jake Boys loves is doing challenges, and who doesn’t love watching them? If you like seeing other people doing crazy and slightly painful stuff, then Jake has the kind of videos for you.

Warning: his laugh is highly contagious!


Subscribers: 1.000.000+

There are many gaming channels out there in YouTube, but almost none of them also record vlogs to enrich and diversify their content. This isn’t the case for KOSDFF. This guy owns an esports organization called Team Kaliber, plays on livestream and still has time to record video blogs of his life on his second channel. It is definitely something you should check out if you love gaming.


Subscribers: 710.000+

Catrific is probably one of the most experienced YouTubers out there. She’s been making vlogs for almost 10 years now, so don’t feel bad when you see that her new videos have nearly perfect illumination, editing and content.

Her video about “The Truth About YouTubers” is a real goldmine if you want to become one yourself as it will get rid of some myths you might have being an online content creator. All those years of experience has made her an amazing entertainer, and one you wouldn’t want to miss.

Chelsea Crockett

Subscribers: 1.500.000+

Chelsea is a young video blogger that grew most of her channels when she was in high school. She’s the kind of vlogger that gives a lot of beauty and life tips, but also shares a lot of her personal life with her audience.

This is why she has a rare connection with her followers, and has managed to grow her channel at such a young age.

Samantha Maria

Subscribers: 1.800.000+

On her main channel she’s a style YouTuber giving tips for makeup and fashion, but on her second channel she uploads lifestyle vlogs. She’s now also a bit of a maternity vlogger, as she just gave birth to her first baby a few months ago and has shared all the process with her audience. A lot has been going on since she started back when she was in college in 2009, and you can watch it all on her vlogging channel.

Julien Solomita

Subscribers: 1.200.000+

Even though many know Julien as Jenna Marbles’ boyfriend, he is a natural video blogger with lots of entertaining content of his own. He knows how to tell the story of his life and he is consistent with his videos.

He’s also a dog lover, so you will find that a lot of his videos involve lots of fur and paws that you will probably love as much as I do.

Evan Edinger

Subscribers: 400.000+

Evan talks just about any subject he can think of, but he uses lots of ironic humor to spice things a bit. Being able to talk about almost anything while adding humor is a skill that is not easy to learn, but Evan does it naturally. This is definitely one of the reasons he stands out from the rest.He also has a second channel where he records his travels, so make sure to check it too!


Subscribers: 1.800.000+

This channel is run by Michael Green, and it’s honestly a very unique video blogging channel. Michael’s content is a combination of humor and horror boosted by his energic personality. Surprisingly, this weird mix goes extremely well together.

He’s also the mind behind some viral videos like Angry Grandpa Destroys PS4, and he has this partially fictional character appearing once in a while in his videos.

Megan Leigh

Subscribers: 360.000+

Megan Leigh is another beauty YouTubers that loves sharing his personal life on her second channel LaVitaDiMeg. Her vlogs are particularly long, as she often surpasses the 20 minutes mark. Still, these videos are pretty entertaining and she makes them look really close to a reality show from E! Entertainment Television.

Big Nik

Subscribers: 800.000+

Nik Keswani is an 18 years old vlogger that loves joking around in his video a lot. He became really famous as a Vine content creator and then moved to YouTube after its closure. Since then he’s been growing his channel sharing videos that people love because of his happy mood, even when things aren’t going well.Nik is a life example for many and he’s definitely someone you should get to know through his vlogs.

Clara Henry

Subscribers: 400.000+

Clara is just a Swedish girl that loves traveling and making people laugh. Even though her videos are in Swedish, she puts subtitles in English —which is something extremely rare—, so she’s one person you should watch if you find it interesting knowing people from foreign countries.

She’s extremely funny and likable, so what is there not to like about her?

Lazyron Studios

Subscribers: 1.000.000+

Aaron is a native of the Philippines, but he grew in the United States. He loves challenges and gets involved in funny situations constantly for the sake of entertaining his viewers.One thing I should point out is that he puts extreme effort in uploading a video blog every day. If you’ve ever recorded and edited videos, you should know how hard it is. However, Aaron always fulfills his schedule and is never late to entertain.

Amelia Liana

Subscribers: 400.000+

Amelia is a beauty/lifestyle vlogger that loves traveling, so she combines her tutorials and tips with lots of amazing cities, landscapes and beaches. She definitely has a life that most of us would love to have, so that makes her a perfect candidate to be a successful video blogger.

She also has a beautiful blog where she shares amazing photos of her travels, which you shouldn’t miss if you would love to travel around the world some day.

George Benson

Subscribers: 200.000+

George is a huge fan of football (sorry friends of the US, I mean soccer) in general. He plays lots of FIFA and follows every big tournament. His main channel is where he puts all his football-related videos and has more than a million subs.

However, his video blogging channel has a bit more variety and receives constant updates about his life and travels. Of course, there’s still a space for a bit of football there too.



Subscribers: 1.600.000+

Weylie Hoang’s channel is technically a beauty channel, but it’s at the same time much more than just that. She loves giving advices to what her readers ask, even if doesn’t have to do with style.Additionally, she throws in between the tutorials really cool videos about her life. What I love is how dedicated her vlogs are. She actually cares about explaining what happens through her mind. One example is her recent move to Los Angeles, where she recorded three videos for each stage: apartment hunting, the move and some thoughts about this new change in her life.

Hannah Witton

Subscribers: 300.000+

If you are a young woman, you will feel identified with Hannah Witton’s channel. He gives lots of sexual health advice, but she has a lot more to say about life.She recently released a book called Doing It!: Let’s Talk About Sex. Hannah wrote this book to give teens advice on how to deal with sex with all the bad information that is available in the digital age.


Subscribers: 350.000+

April and Justin is a married couple with two children. Together they share this channel to upload video blogs about their family life. You might think that the life in a normal family can be pretty boring, but this couple knows how to tell a story.

April also has a cooking channel and a beauty/lifestyle third channel. I don’t have to say that she loves making good videos, so you will certainly enjoy all her tips and recipes if you’re interested.

Kate La Vie

Subscribers: 100.000+

Kate Johnson might not have many followers in YouTube compared to other vloggers, but she has a very well-established blog that proves she makes great content. Just take a look at the pictures on her blog; they look like taken for Elle Magazine!

Her videos are a bit of an extension of the awesome style content she puts on her blog. She also covers her travels and records lots of video about her interesting lifestyle.

The Anna Edit

Subscribers: 420.000+

The Anna Edit is also a blog/YouTube channel with many recurrent visitors. Its success comes partly because of the great minimalist style tutorials you can find and partly because of blogger Anna’s unique personality.

It is worth to give a follow to The Anna Edit on all its social networks; her content is highly shareable and likeable.


Subscribers: 500.000+

Keren and Khoa is a young couple that started their vlog channel to document their family life. They have two really young kids that are just starting to learn about life. You can follow them to see how their life together develops through its ups and downs.

You can also follow their personal channels: Keren Swan and Khoa, although he hasn’t updated his channel in a while.


Subscribers: 850.000+

Whitney has built her reputation on YouTube through the making of awesome tutorials for girls with curly hair, which is a type of hair particularly hard to handle if you have no knowledge. Her infinite amount of hairstyles proves her amazing creativity.

She has a dedicated vlog channel called DearNaptural85 where she documents her life with her husband and child.

From Head To Toe

Subscribers: 1.200.000+

This YouTube channel/blog has built a lot of reputation since Jen founded them in 2008. That’s a lot of time and effort, but it was well worth it as it stands as one of the most successful beauty blogs out there.

On her channel she combines many tutorials with some personal vlogs just to keep her followers updated. She is the kind of vlogger that prefers giving her viewers more useful tutorials rather than personal life videos, but she still keeps them updated, which is a good balance.

Arielle Scarcella

Subscribers: 500.000+

Arielle made this channel to help people in the LGBT culture. However, she also has some tips for heterosexual people. You can learn anything from relationship, sex and just life in general. She loves bringing in guests to hear their opinion on diverse subjects.

Sadly, there aren’t many channels like this out there, so we can only thanks Arielle for stepping up in helping this culture get included in society.


Subscribers: 3.000.000+

Nadeshot was a professional Call of Duty that won several first places between 2011 and 2015. Since then he’s been dedicating full time to his YouTube channel and he has made it big there too. He loves vlogging and videogames so you can expect a mix of both in his content.

It is one of the YouTubers you should be following if you are a gamer or are into competitive games.


Subscribers: 7.400.000

Casey Neistat is just a guy that loves creating and telling stories. He started getting really famous after making short films that caught the attention of the public and even some big companies like Apple and HBO.

His unique filming style can easily be recognized in his vlogs. If you watch one of his videos without knowing the author, you will instantly recognize it was made by Casey Neistat, if you know his work. The way he leaves his brand in his vlogs is something you should study if you are an aspiring vlogger.

Codee Yount

Subscribers: 400.000+

Codee is a car lover that also enjoys recording highly entertaining vlogs. He loves to bait his audience with sometimes gross thumbnails and attractive titles that make you click without thinking twice. However, he does know how to entertain his followers and certainly knows how to deliver something worth watching after that click.


Subscribers: 5.000.000

What to say about Shaytards? If you don’t know them, you probably haven’t been around YouTube for too long. This vlogging channel documents the life of a big family of 6. They look like a happy family that loves joking around a lot, especially Shay Carl who handles the channel as a kind of a “host”

It really isn’t hard to understand why this channel got so big. You can basically see how a typical American family grows while sitting on your couch.


Subscribers: 4.000.000

Yousef Saleh Erakat, also known as Fousey, is another really big vlogger. He loves pranks and cars, but in his core he is an artist. Yousef started as an actor majored in theatre arts.He then started making fitness videos but found real success in his prank videos. His main channel fouseyTUBE stands strong on 10 million subscribers and it doesn’t seem like it will stop growing any time soon.


Subscribers: 12.000.000+

With that amount of subscribers is easy to grow an enormous ego. But that’s not the case for Roman Atwood. He was one of the first pranksters on YouTube, but he abandoned that first channel —even though he got it up to 10 million— to dedicate to document his life with wife and children.

Needless to say that to get so famous he had to do some really heavy pranks to go viral. That might not be something he is proud of, but it did earn him fame and lots of money for his family.

Alex Wassabi

Subscribers: 2.400.000

Alex Burriss is one of the most successful YouTubers out there. He hit it big when he published a parody song of the song Call Me Maybe when it was massively popular. His parody video was so funny and so on time that it went viral and has now an incredible amount of 120 million views.

Since then he hasn’t stopped posting funny videos on his main 8 million subs channel Wassabi Productions. Alternatively he has a video blogging channel that even though it is a lot smaller, it is also very successful.


Subscribers: 9.000.000+

Boyfriend versus Girlfriend became really big as a prank channel where —you guessed it— both partners were making pranks on each other in an infinite spiral of funny vengeance. This channel was run by Jeana Smith and Jesse Wellens.

Sadly, they split up and now the channel is managed by Jeana Smith. Jesse has his now also hi own vlogging channel, which was previously a prank channel that has now turned into more of a personal diary recorded in video blogs.

Both channels are between the top video blogging channels with most subscribers.


Subscribers: 2.000.000

Louis is one of the first travel vloggers. Even though he began with a food channel, he made it big recording travel vlogs. He is an adventurous guy so he is always doing exciting stuff in his videos. But one thing that really makes his videos unique is that he has really good recording year and does know a couple of filming tricks to make some eye-catching shots that truly add up value to his content quality.


Subscribers: 4.600.000

If you’ve been in YouTube for some time now, you must have heard about Zoella. She is one of the biggest content creators on the internet. Since the beginning she didn’t only record beauty and style tutorials; she’s always used her channel also as a personal diary. She built a faithful audience from the beginning by letting them know her through her opinions and curious facts about her life.

Her main channel stands at 11 million subscribers and she has expanded into writing young-adult novels and releasing her own beauty products.

Mo Vlogs

Subscribers: 3.600.000+

You don’t always find a vlogger that drives a different super car every day. He is a young 21 years old guy that is currently living in Dubai. He is from a very rich family and found a passion in making video blogs. And we have to say: that’s a nice career choice for him, since money attracts lots of viewers.Still, not everything is about money. Mo definitely has that spark that is needed to build a vlogging channel, and he is also consistent with his uploads.


Subscribers: 3.900.000+

PointlessBlog is run by Alfie Deyes. This channel has a huge amount of fans. If you ask them why they follow Alfie, most of them will tell you that they do it because he cheers them up with his happiness and good attitude. He also loves gaming with his girlfriend Zoella and has a dedicated channel for it.

He used to make videos doing crazy things on his main channel, but he got kind of tired of them and decided to work more on his vlogs and gaming channels.


Subscribers: 3.500.000+

Thatcher is another YouTuber that loves pranks and gaming. He is also a skateboarder, although it´s not something he shows a lot in his videos. His main channel has already reached the 8 million subs, which is pretty close to her sister Zoella’s 11 million.

Joey Graceffa

Subscribers: 7.800.000+

If we could describe Joey in one word, it would probably be colorful. If you don´t believe us, just look at his videos’ thumbnails. Either way, he is a really energic guy that uses his YouTube channel for his own creative expression. He combines some vlogs with just about anything else you could imagine: from pranks to a fiction series.

We can all agree that Joey doesn´t lack creativity and spark to entertain. And that’s why he has so many followers.

Logan Paul Vlogs

Subscribers: 7.000.000+

Logan was already famous thanks to social media before hitting YouTube. He had a huge Facebook page that allowed him to grow quickly in YouTube. However, working on this platform definitely allowed him to grow much more than Facebook would have allowed.

He is a vlogger that loves making his —mostly young— audience laugh. He’s also recorded some music videos and has worked with big brands thanks to his social media influence.

Jake Paul

Subscribers: 7.000.000+

Jake and Logan are one of the most famous brothers in YouTube. Just like his older brother, Jake has a huge influence in social media.

Jake’s story shares some things in common with that of his brother Logan, with the difference that he got big making Vine videos before going to YouTube. After Vine was shut down he moved to this new platform where he experienced exponential growth through the years. His style is similar to his brother’s.

He was even hired by Disney to be one of the characters for the Bizaardvark sitcom.

Lucas and Marcus

Subscribers: 3.600.000+

These two brothers make a similar couple to Logan and Jake Paul. However, they do share the same channel and do all videos together. They love making pranks and doing crazy stuff like using a grocery store as a gym for Olympian gymnastics.

Like Jake Paul, they started growing a fan base in Vine and then moved to YouTube. They are both good dancers, a skill they sometimes show in their videos.

Tessa Brooks

Subscribers: 2.000.000

Tessa is a professional dancer that started vlogging not so long ago. Her channel’s growth has been incredibly fast for the short time he’s been doing it.She started dancing at a very young date and she still performs. She is part of Jake Paul’s Team 10 so often make videos together.

Mr Ben Brown

Subscribers: 600.000+

Ben Brown is a professional filmmaker and photographer. It’s needless to say that he achieves absolutely stunning shots. He doesn´t just have the equipment, but also a lot of knowledge that allows him to do high quality work. The best thing is that he has combined this with vlogging, so if you are looking to watch vlogs that include traveling to surreal places, you should follow his interesting story by subscribing to this channel.


Subscribers: 4.600.000+

Devin Graham is a professional filmmaker that loves recording stunning video for his YouTube channel. Because of this, he is not like the typical vlogger. Most of his videos are just music and amazing shots of his adventures and incredible places. He is not too much into talking about what he’s doing; as a natural photographer he is, he prefers showing us.

His YouTube channel is incredibly original. You will find from travel videos to parkour with videogame characters.


Subscribers: 17.400.000+

Jenna was definitely destined to be a big vlogger. As soon as she released her seventh video she went viral. That’s an incredibly fast way to go big. However, at that time YouTube was just starting, so besides recording funny videos, she did it at the right time.

She’s known for making people laugh in her videos often disguised as life tips. Her humor, consistency and being one of the first doing this made her channel one of the top best.

Tanner Braungardt

Subscribers: 2.900.000+

Tanner is a really young guy that already owns a very successful channel. He is just turning 17 and loves doing just what any other young person would: enjoying life to the fullest. He loves cars, trampoline diving and gaming, although you will see a lot of different activities in his channel.

He went viral with some trampoline trickshot videos that allowed him to start making regular vlogs to build an audience of followers that love him.

Tanner Fox

Subscribers: 5.200.000+

Tanner is 17 years old professional stunt scooter rider. He already has a huge fan base. For the first few years of his channel he only did scooter trick videos, but he has now established himself as a vlogger and that has helped him grow his channel exponentially.

Now, as a teen he loves driving powerful cars and owns a popular instagram account with 2.7 million followers.


Subscribers: 300.000+

Alex and Marko Ayling are two brothers that love exploring exciting places that have unique landscapes and history. They share this travel vlog channel since 2013. And although their channel isn’t that big yet, it has everything to become huge, so I know it will grow a lot more soon enough.

If you want to know more about the world, this YouTube channel is one of the most entertaining ones you can watch. You will find their videos very educative as they teach you a lot about the places they visit, besides showing you amazing shots of these landscapes.

Exploring Alternatives

Subscribers: 300.000

Mat Dubé and Danielle Chabassol own a YouTube channel made for people looking to enjoy life at its fullest for the minimum requirements. This channel is a bit different from the others on this list because it doesn’t exactly work like a typical vlog. This is more about the life of others rather than the life of the channel owners themselves.

They have dozens of interviews of people within the minimalism culture. You can learn from people that have lived in small trailers for years to couples that basically live on a boat travelling around the world.

Hey Nadine

Subscribers: 300.000+

Nadine Sykora shows you the world through her travel vlogging channel. She doesn’t only loves making videos about the interesting places she visits, but she also helps you giving you a lot of tips for traveling —and she even talks about food!

You can follow her videos, but you can also visit her blog under the same name: to find her videos in a more organized way —it’s an impressive amount of videos, so I highly recommend you use it to find the places you want to see the most.

Mark Wiens

Subscribers: 900.000+

Similarly to Nadine, Mark Wiens will show you the world while traveling, but all the stories will be told through food. This is a kind of a travel channel whose main focus is food; from giant squids to giant coconut crabs, Mark has seen many different kinds of food, and he loves sharing it in his vlogs.


Subscribers: 900.000+

While Mark Wiens focuses more on traveling and eating street food from different countries, Emmy tastes food from all around the world but without moving from her comfy home. She receives snacks sent by his fans from everywhere and she tries them out.

It’s really interesting seeing her reaction to food. She also does reviews of new released local snacks. So, if you are looking for a tasting expert, Emmy is probably the person to go to.


Subscribers: 6.000.000+

Lauren was so obsessed with the Do-It-Yourself culture that she decided to create her own channel around that. And now it stands as one of the most successful YouTube channels. She has combined her tutorials —that go from creating a gumball machine Halloween costume, to a tiered jewelry stand— with lots of lifestyle vlogging.

She updates her channel around 3 times a week, so there is a lot of content to follow if you like her colorful lifestyle.

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