7 Things More Important than Camera to Have a Successful Vlogging Channel

7 Important Things to Have a Successful Vlogging Channel

The first thing you need to do when starting a vlogging channel is to stop worrying so much about getting the best camera. There are many things that are more important than that.

We need to ask ourselves, what do all the successful channels have in common?

Well, here it is.

Having a Passion about Vlogging

It will take a long time to have a successful channel. You will need to be consistent and make a lot of videos. This is why, if you’re not passionate from the start, you already lost.

You will get exhausted after a while if you don’t really like it.

Liking your Topics a Lot

You need to choose a main topic. The best way to build a successful channel is by making it niche. This means, choosing a particular topic where you can be one of the main gurus.

You will need to like your topic because you will be talking about it a lot. Nobody likes watching someone who is not passionate about what he talks about.

You can also choose a topic based on your skills. You might know how to do something a lot of people are interested in learning.

Remember this.:

Don’t worry about not being that good in that skill; you will always be an expert for people that know less than you.

Posting Good Videos Regularly

You should be vlogging at least every week. This is the only way to build momentum and to be taken seriously by new viewers.

Having an updated channel is a good start to getting subscribers.

Making a schedule helps a lot with this.

Forgetting About Money

Worrying about how much money you will be making can destroy the possibilities of having a successful channel. You won’t become rich from one day to another when vlogging. Knowing this and embracing it can free you from the pressure of making money.

Do it like any other passion; do it because you like it. With this mindset you will make better videos and end up making money eventually.

Having a Good Channel Image

This includes having a logo and a banner for your YouTube channel. When someone likes your video, they click on your channel. If you channel hasn’t at least a personal logo and banner, it won’t look serious. They will lose interest pretty quickly after seeing this.

To get a logo and a banner, I recommend using Fiverr. You can get each for $5.

Being Yourself and Building a Brand

The best way to build a brand is by giving it a personality.

In this case, your personality will be your brand. Make vlogs the way you like it. Be crazy your own way. This personality will transfer to your channel and it will make it stand out from the rest.

Every successful channel has a personality. However, don’t build it artificially. You can’t “build” your personality. If you’re natural enough, it will come out in every video.

Having Good Sound

This is the only real technical thing you will need to worry about.

Sound is more important than image quality when vlogging. Nobody will keep watching a channel that is hard to listen to. If your voice doesn’t sound natural, or if it’s overexposed or underexposed, your audience will lose interest.

This is why, when choosing a vlogging camera, you should get one that allows an external microphone. Built-in microphones are not good for vlogging.

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