Top 6 Best Webcams for YouTube Videos

Best Webcams for YouTube Videos

The easiest way to start vlogging right away is by using a webcam. Getting one is a really good option if you’re going to do all your vlogging in front of your computer. Normally, webcams lose a lot of recording quality in low light and show a lot of grain. Nevertheless, the ones I’ll show you here still do a really good job. These are 100% the best webcams for YouTube videos you could get.

Now, before starting, listen:

You need to know that all webcams have terrible sound recording. Even though these are the best webcams for YouTube vlogging, they are not free of this issue. Nevertheless, some of them make a better job than others.

Either way, what I want you to know is that you will need to buy a good microphone. You can get a decent one for a really low price, so you don’t have to worry much about it.

I’m telling you, if you really want your vlogging channel to be good, you will need a good microphone. Don’t hesitate in investing in one; webcams are really cheap, so it shouldn’t be a problem to get also a good mic.

Now, let’s get down to it.

Best Webcams for YouTube Vlogging in a Simple Chart

CameraImageRecording QualityMac Comp.RatingPrice
Logitech HD Pro C9201080p30No4.6$$$
HP HD 43101080pNo4.2$$$
Logitech HD Webcam C270720p30No4.5$
Logitech C930e1080p30Yes4.3$$$$
Logitech C310720p30Yes4.3$
Genius WideCam F1001080p15Yes3.9$

Review of the Best Webcams for YouTube Videos

All the webcams reviewed here are compatible with Windows, but not all can be used on Mac.

This is why I’ll show the MAC-compatible webcams separately. I will start with the ones that are only compatible with Windows. You should check carefully before buying one of these webcams to see if they’re compatible with your specific OS.

Best Windows-only Webcams

Logitech HD Pro C920

It really does not matter where you look; the Logitech HD Pro C920 is the best camera for the price.

This is due to its impressive recording quality for a webcam and zoom. This is a really good combination, so you should really look it up.

If you’re a Windows user, it’s probable that you will end up choosing this camera; there are not many reasons not to, unless you really need to pay a lot less.

Its focus is automatic and it can record 1080p at 30fps.

The only bad thing is that its sound recording quality is not very good.

If you decide to go for this camera, please use another microphone. If not, you will sound equalized and robotic. You will also need to speak really loud for the camera to pick up your voice.

Still, it’s a great choice because of its good price. It can tilt and pan and it does deliver good quality.

If you combine this camera with a good USB microphone, you can start recording high quality videos for a low cost.

If you have Windows, you are in luck because this one is the best deal you can get for a YouTube webcam.


HP HD 4310

This webcam should be your main option if you’re looking for a cheaper YouTube webcam for Windows.

It does not have auto-focus. However, setting the focus manually can be really useful for vlogging. You will most likely keep the same distance from the camera, so a manual focus is not a problem for this kind of camera. Having a webcam with manual focus can allow you to have a more reliable focus.

Finally, it can pan and tilt. It’s still cheaper than the C920 and comes really close in image quality, but can’t zoom in.

It has tilt and 360° pan, which you might find useful.

It is one of the best webcams for YouTube yet available.


Logitech HD Webcam C270

This is technically then lowest quality camera here, but it is also the cheapest. It is the best deal you will get for a 720p webcam for vlogging.

Its resolution is still really good for vlogging, especially if you’re starting. Not everybody will notice a great difference between 720p30 and 1080p30.

It will also depend on your YouTube channel.

For example, if you run a channel about gameplays, recording 720p will not matter at all since you will probably show yourself in a small frame at the corner of the video.

It is one of the best-seller webcams thanks to its low price. This should be your main option if you don’t mind not getting 1080p video.


Best Webcams Compatible with Windows and MAC

Logitech C930e

This one is the best camera you could get as a MAC or Windows user.

This one is a small upgrade from the C920, but it’s still a good upgrade. It has UVC H.264, which means that all the encoding process will be done by the camera; it doesn’t need to use your PC’s resources.

It also includes the 4x zoom and has a wider 90-degree pan.

It is more expensive than the C920 but it’s also compatible with Apple’s OS. Sadly, you will need to pay a little bit more as a MAC user to get a high-quality 1080p30 webcam for YouTube.

Nevertheless, you will get a better camera than the C920.


Logitech HD Webcam C310

Just like the C930e is the alternative to the C920 for MAC users, this one is the alternative to the C270 for MAC users.

It can record 720p at 30fps in a moderately lit room

Its microphone comes with noise suppression and it’s pretty decent for the price. Its image quality is also really good for this cheap.

Its lens isn’t quite that wide. You won’t be able to show too much of your surroundings, but this is something I like. It will depend on what you want to achieve. I prefer not to have a fisheye lens because the perspective distortion it creates is uncomfortable for viewers after a while.


Genius WideCam F100

I included this last webcam because there are a lot of people that need an ultra-wide angle lens camera.

This is useful for people that need to record really close to the computer. An ultra-wide-angle lens will allow them to show more space around them; it’s really useful when you need to show a wide shot of your surroundings.

Technically, all webcams come with a wide-angle lens. Nevertheless, the Genius WideCam F100 goes a step further.

Don’t pay too much attention to the camera’s relatively low rating. This is due to a lot of people thinking they would get an ultra-wide-angle lens that can record 1080p30 video.

This camera does NOT record 1080p at 30fps video. It can record with the quality of any other fish-eye lens, which is not really high.

Also, bear in mind that the ultra-wide-angle lens makes this camera worse in low light. Make sure you have good lighting when recording with it.

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