Vlogging on a Budget: How to Start for Under $25

vlogging on a budget

We’ve all seen the vloggers who have the latest and greatest gear, live in the McMansion, and have intricate lighting setups that make their faces glow and their rooms bright and vibrant.

However, when you ask them for tips for starters, they never say that having the most expensive equipment is the key to success.

When you’re getting started, and you don’t have the sponsors, endorsements, ads, or following to generate an income from vlogging, you might not have the capital to invest in fancy vlogging gear.

Guess what? That’s ok!

Today, we’re going to talk about vlogging on a budget. Let’s take a look at how all of you can-be vloggers out there can leverage your already existing equipment and lighting, and grab the essentials for little-to-no money.

This is all you need to get started:

  1. Your phone’s camera
  2. A cheap selfie stick
  3. If your audio is too bad, get a cheap $25 lavaliere microphone
  4. Use a free editor (check the options below)

Use Your Phone

If you’re on a budget, overpaying for a camera could break your entire budget instantly.

Nearly every smartphone on the market — Android or Apple — has a 1080p camera on it. Sure, it’s not going to be quite as good as an actual camera, but it will undoubtedly get the job done.

You can absolutely start vlogging holding your phone in your hand, but a selfie stick will make it easier to show more of your surroundings. There are tons of cheap Chinese selfie sticks out there. They can get you started. Just get something with good reviews and call it a day.

You may or may not need a power bank to charge your phone while vlogging. Some smartphones don’t last for too long while recording. Thankfully, you can also find tons of cheap options out there.

Now, If you do a lot of action-packed stunts like diving, climbing, paragliding, etc. then you’ll probably want to invest in a good GoPro camera. They are not expensive; some older models can be found under $200.

Get a Cheap Mic

Sure, your phone’s camera is probably good enough to record video, but, when it comes to sound, your phone’s microphone isn’t going to cut it.

The quality of built-in phone or camera microphones is usually very poor, and they will pick up wind, background noise, and other noise pollution that you probably don’t want littering the audio quality of your vlogs.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a mic. In fact, you can grab a good lavaliere microphone for around $20.

Trust me, that $20 investment will take your videos to the next level, which is important in the hypercompetitive world of vlogging.

Use Free Editing Software

When you’re starting out, you can definitely take advantage of all of the free editing software out there.

If you’re running OSS (Mac), you can use Apple iMovie, which is included on all Mac computers. DaVinci Resolve is another excellent option for those that want something a little more in-depth. Alternatively, you can check out this post from Tom’s Guide that highlights some of the best free editing software for Mac users.

If you’re running Windows, you can use DaVinci Resolve (my personal favorite), Lightworks, or Shotcut. Windows operating system doesn’t come with any (good) editing software built in, so you’ll probably have to download something.

And if you don’t have a computer, there are other free editors that you can use on your phone. There are a lot of useful ones on the app store.


You don’t have to have a booming savings account to start vlogging, and you can probably get all of the equipment that you need for around $20 (the microphone.)

The most important part is that you get started, and you start putting out quality content. Don’t let money stop you from achieving your dreams.

As you can see, being on a budget isn’t an excuse to put off your vlogging channel.

You can still put some awesome content with your phone, a $20 microphone, a window, and some free editing software

So get out there and start vlogging!

Also, check out my post on cheap vlogging cameras, If you don’t have a phone these can be a lifesaver.