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The 3 Best Tripods for Vlogging in 2020

Manfrotto Evo Pixi 2 - One of the best vlogging tripods

The most efficient way is to have a tripod that you can use also as a vlogging stick. That’s what you’re looking for in a tripod for vlogging. You will see on the internet unlimited lists of tripods because there are so many options. However, for vlogging the selection is a lot smaller. There are […]

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The 5 Best Sony Vlogging Cameras 2020

Sony cameras are one of the most suitable for vlogging. They manage to bring together the best of DSLRs and compact cameras in a single product. Their capacity to record DSLR-quality video in a small body makes them good vlog cameras. This is why Sony is turning into the favorite, not only for vloggers, but also for professional photographers. Here you will […]

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Top 5 Best YouTube Starter Kits 2020

best youtube starter kits

Are you finally ready to start your journey into YouTube vlogging? Great! This could be the start of your next hobby or even career. But, before you boot up your computer and create your YouTube account, you’re going to need some equipment.Best YouTube Starter Kits 2020To start on YouTube, not only you need a killer camera, but you’ll […]

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Top 7 Best Vlog Editors for 2020 (Paid And Free)

When you’re planning to start a vlogging YouTube channel, there are so many things you need to look into: cameras, lighting, microphones, editing software, tripod, lenses… And not only that, but you also need to learn to use all these things like a professional. I know, it can be overwhelming.But don’t worry! that’s why we exist. ​Here you […]

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Top 6 Best DSLR Cameras for YouTube Vlogging 2020

nikon d7200 - One of the best dslr cameras for youtube vlogging

Digital single-lens reflex cameras are really popular between YouTubers. Some of these have really nice features for vloggers, and their recording quality is the best. Their performance in low light makes them great for indoors and they’re highly adaptable. That’s why I’ve made this list of the 6 best DSLR cameras for YouTube vlogging. Comparison […]

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