Sony A7 III: is it Good for YouTube and Vlogging? Review

Sony a7 IIISensorFullframeImage Quality4kp30Weight (No lens)650g / 1.43 lbFlip Screen External Mic Port Stabilization Our RatingPrice buy on amazon The Sony A7 III is a very popular mirrorless camera. It has been in the market since 2018 and it’s simply amazing, but… is it good for vlogging? You should know that not all cameras work for vloggers […]

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The 10 Best Microphones for Video Conferencing

best microphones for conferences

It’s no secret that video conferences had become extremely common nowadays. And if you’re here, you probably understand the importance of audio quality for these meetings. I mean, you can’t have a conversation if the other person can’t listen to what you’re saying, right? That’s why you need a good mic. A high-quality microphone will make you look more […]

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VidIQ vs Socialblade Comparison: Which is Better?

You finally decided to start a YouTube channel and you’ve already spent hours learning how to create and edit good videos so you can share engaging and valuable content. You’re happy with everything you’ve done but now you’re wondering how do I get more people to see it? Well, I’m here to talk about two great […]

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The 11 Best FREE YouTube to Mp3 Converters

Do you like and need free music on all your devices? Why not download it directly from the ultimate source of all music and videos on the internet, YouTube? If you want this option, you will need the best free YouTube to mp3 converter, software that allows you to convert the entire video and get only […]

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30 Ways to Make Money on YouTube (No Adsense Required)


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make money from your YouTube channel. I mean, if you’re going to spend hundreds of hours recording, editing, and promoting YouTube videos, you should at least get paid for it. That’ why I’ve compiled this list of 30+ ways to monetize your YouTube channel. But before we start… One […]

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21 Questions Game: The Best Get to Know You Game

The game of Twenty-one Questions is pretty much like truth or dare, except there is no “dare,” and the “truth” questions are less revealing. Table of ContentsHow to Play 21 QuestionsFollow-Up Questions21 Questions for First Dates21 Questions for Groups  How to Play 21 Questions The mechanics of 21 questions are very straightforward. One person asks […]

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