7 Reasons Why Vlogging is So Popular

Today we see vloggers everywhere, talking about anything, at any time. We can find video blogs about travel, fashion, makeup, lifestyle, health, education, and… pretty much everything.

Vlogging is so common nowadays that there are even people who make a living out of it, and kids who dream of being YouTubers.

Who would have imagined that 15 years ago when YouTube was created?

There’s something really engaging about vlogs. We love to watch them, and some of us love to make them too! 

But… why? Why are we “obsessed” with them?

Well, to help you understand the magic behind the phenomenon, here’s a quick list of 6 reasons why vlogging is so popular.

Spoiler alert: no, it’s not easy money… but sure you can generate income from it!

1. It Connects People From Different Parts of the World

One of the main reasons why video blogs are so common is that they’re an easy way to connect with other people from different countries and cultures.

Vloggers share a part of their lives with the entire internet. And, regardless of the topics they talk about, there will always be like-minded people out there that will enjoy (or learn from) that kind of content.

Vlogs generate conversations, create bonds, allow people to discover new places, share thoughts, share experiences and knowledge, and much more.

Connections are powerful, and the fact that anyone with a camera and something to say can reach a universal audience is simply amazing.

This is how large communities are formed, and with it, new possibilities and economic benefits are opened for content creators, but we will talk more about this later.

2. Entertainment, Education, and More!

Some people might think that a vlogger it’s just a person talking about him or herself, and maybe that’s how it was many years ago.

But now, vlogs are a widespread format to communicate a lot of things besides stories about your personal life.  

Some vloggers create educational content, others talk about their professional experience to inspire and motivate people, some others like to do interviews, and the list goes on.

And, of course, some vloggers create fun content about their lives, challenges with their friends, or just videos to talk about current events for pure entertainment.

The point here is that vlogs are not just to talk about yourself. They are a way to entertain and communicate many things while showing your personality and maintaining a close relationship with your audience.

Vlogs are the perfect channel to express your ideas and knowledge, to inform, educate, and even help others feel good.

You’re free to talk about what you want and how you want to.

This diversity makes vlogging very appealing to both creators and consumers. People feel free to express themselves while at the same time they feel close and connected to others.

3. It’s Relatively Easy to Start

Another big reason why vlogging is so popular these days is that anyone can do it. You just need the courage to post your first video.

You don’t have to be an expert in video editing or have the most expensive equipment to start vlogging. You can start whenever you want, using your phone and any other tools you already have at hand.

It’s as simple as that.

However, some people worry too much about having first-class equipment from day one.

And, I know that quality is important for growing up on YouTube or any other platform, but the truth is that you can do a lot with the basics.

Most famous content creators started alone with limited gear and now they have a big crew and professional equipment for their videos. It’s a matter of perseverance and trust in your ideas and skills.

Oh, and also a matter of understanding your audience and how you can reach more people!

4. Relatable Content

A key aspect of vlogs is that they often show and/or discuss things that people can relate to, which makes them appealing and shareable.

All of this “relatable content” includes everything from funny anecdotes and jokes to very serious personal stories or illnesses.

We love to laugh at ourselves by sharing embarrassing things that we’ve all done at some point in our lives… but we also love it when someone talks about a personal issue that we can identify with.

This is because, in general, we all like to feel accompanied, and we like to know that we are not the only ones who have been through something.

Especially if it’s something we don’t usually talk about.

In the end, all of this makes everything more human, which is essential to creating strong bonds with your audience.

5. Big and Powerful Communities

Something amazing about vlogging is that, eventually, you’ll create a beautiful relationship with your audience, and you’ll form a big community of people who share the same interests and thoughts.

These communities are great. They build a nice atmosphere in the comments section, generate conversations, attract new people, and give honest feedback so creators can keep growing and making good content.

Plus, it’s crazy how much vloggers care about their audience. As corny as it sounds, it really feels like a family.

Now, let’s talk about something really important that comes with having a lot of views and interactions: money.

Besides all the love and support, having a large audience opens up the possibility of generating some income, and who doesn’t want that?

For example, many brands want to work with vloggers and YouTubers to promote their products or services because they know that their community trusts them.

But that trust takes some time to build.

So, if you’re interested in growing on YouTube or other platforms, you need to be active and listen to your followers. It’s a give-and-take process.

6. Money!

As I said at the beginning of this article, there are a lot of people who make a living out of vlogging. This is probably the main reason why it has become so popular in recent years.

Everybody wants to be a YouTuber or vlogger because they want to live from it. I mean, some famous YouTubers even generate millions of dollars, like Mr. Beast or PewDiePie.

But getting to that point it’s not easy. It takes time and hard work, but it’s totally worth it.

There are a lot of ways to make money with vlogging. Here are the most common:

  • Sponsorships
  • YouTube ads
  • Selling merchandise
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Patreon

Sponsorships, selling merchandise, and having a Patreon page are probably the best ways to make good money with vlogging. They are better than YouTube ads because you can get more income from them.

Besides that, some vloggers offer courses, educational resources, or additional services related to their areas of expertise.

However, there’s no magic formula to make money as a vlogger.

Every content creator gets revenue in different ways. It will depend on what they offer to their audience and what they feel comfortable with.

For example, let’s talk about Mr. Beast for a while.

He started many years ago in his own room, with a camera and a bunch of random ideas. Today, he’s giving away money, houses, cars, and even private islands:

How did that happen?

Well, he focused on creating content and learning about YouTube to grow inside the platform. Remember that there’s no money if you don’t have an audience.

After one of his videos went viral, he started gaining popularity and making money on YouTube. Money that he reinvests in more videos to get more views and keep growing.

In addition to traditional YouTube ads, he makes sponsored videos and sells merchandise to maintain his YouTube channel.

He has created a whole business now.

Of course, not all vloggers generate millions of dollars every year, but it is possible to live from it if you take the time to build a community.

7. Connection is the key

To summarize everything we have talked about in this article, vlogging is all about getting closer to people. And that’s why it’s so popular.

That’s the magic behind it: connection.

Once you understand the value of connecting with an audience and how you can please them while still being yourself, new opportunities open up for you.

So, you want to start vlogging? Awesome! Just remember:

Focus on the content you want to share.

How can you make it attractive to viewers? What is the best structure to organize your ideas? What do people like and dislike about your content?

These things don’t depend on the kind of camera you’re using or how good your microphone is. It’s about the value you give, so don’t worry too much about your budget when you’re starting.

After you have some experience and presence on the internet, you’ll have time and money to invest in your YouTube channel or website.

Think of vlogging as a long-term project that will improve over time. Baby steps!

Oh, and don’t forget to take time to promote your channel and learn about the technical side of YouTube.

Remember: no one becomes a successful vlogger overnight!